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Gulag Therapy
by mantoid_being
Citation:   mantoid_being. "Gulag Therapy: An Experience with 5-MeO-MiPT (exp105806)". Oct 2, 2015.

  oral 5-MeO-DiPT (powder / crystals)
    smoked Tobacco  


I am guy in mid-twenties, 80 kg.
Previous experiences: Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, Mapacho, LSD, LSA, DMT (Changa), ketamine, methoxetamine, marihuana, Salvia, 2C-B, 2-C-C, 2C-D, 2C-E, 2C-I, 25I-NBOMe, 4-ACO-DMT, 4-HO-MET, 4-ACO-MET, 5-MeO-MiPT, DOM, DOB, DOC, DOI, MDMA, Peyotle, N2O, opium + poppies + codeine, Kratom, DXM, …

Recently, we discussed with a friend P. (guy of similar age), that it wouldn't be bad to try a threesome, because we share our excitement about giving a woman the maximal pleasure and love. One candidate (a woman close to P.), who seemed to be very apt for this after a methoxetamine session a week earlier, was unavailable, so my ex-lover was chosen. I have never really loved her, we were more sexual. I haven't been in touch with her for a long time, but I knew that she is sexually open and probably wouldn't be afraid.

Personally, I wanted to spice this experience with a substance called 5-MeO-MiPT, a psychedelic tryptamine, the creation of Sasha Shulgin's genius, a substance famous for its aphrodisiacal properties, which I, regarding its sexual effects, took a fancy to. (One of the best aphrodisiacs I have tasted.) The friend P. had a several psychedelic experiences before, he's a close friend of me and one of the few people I can imagine a threesome with. The lover A. had experience only with marijuana, she's an atheist, older than us, very intelligent, but, as I confirmed for myself later, she has some gaps in emotional intelligence. I was unsure, if such woman wants to take drugs. We invited her on a Friday evening to P.'s house, that we shall see there, according to our mood, how things are going to proceed. So on Friday 10PM I picked A. up near the house and introduced P. to her.

We drank a glass of wine and explained her our plan to take 5-MeO-MiPT. She agreed. The scale was malfunctioning, so I had to measure this substance, which works in doses as low as few milligrams, by sight. A. got a little. P. more and me, being a psychedelic hotshot about a double of their dose (maybe around 20 mg?). We lick it from our hands, winking at each other roguishly with P. :-)

We move from the kitchen to a very trip-friendly room with bed and a psychedelic chandelier and painted walls. We sit on the bed. It's taking on pretty fast, we talk about various things, some chillout and nice dubstep is playing. At one point, A. is telling us, that she's not very emotional and that she reads about the terrors that have happened in gulags. “It's just numbers” she says. I ask her, why she has decided to study such a difficult field and is not making music, that she had studied before since she was a child and is very talented and has success. That makes her very passionate and she starts to explain, how she cannot do something just half, that she doesn't want to end up in some stupid choir, that she's either the best or won't do it at all, waving her hand in the course of her speech. It seems to me like the fanaticism and enthusiasm of the Germans during WW2. Because this topic is close to me and from the past I know that she had Germans in her family, I try to get more out of her and ask her about her German roots, because I anticipate a connection of this topic with this trip and myself.

She begins to tell about her German ancestors, about one of them being a very evil Nazi committing crimes and another who was developing a bomb for Hitler in Norway. I begin to melt and breathe heavily. I am not thinking about fucking yet, the internal world is more interesting and I don't yet have enough integrity in this respect. I would be more glad seeing the two getting to know each other more and watch them in the beginning, until I'm more functional. They are already starting it up, kissing and caressing each other and I watch it from some distance. Occasionally, we glance at each other with P., telepathically saying something like “dude, do you see which direction this is taking” and our mouths twist to cheerful, devilish smiles. He begins to undress her, later A. is laying naked on the bed. A blonde with typical Aryan features, velvet-soft skin, accurately made, brown eyes and beautiful boobs and ass.

She has always turned me on, but purely physically and her slutty manners, she has that in herself can be immersed in that (its worse with giving, but passively, she's open to everything). On the spiritual level, there's no good connection, that's why I wasn't in touch with her lately and we had to do with this absence of emotions and depth today.

P. rubs his hands and begins to massage her whole body – an artwork – from face, over those beautiful boobs down there to thighs. Beautiful. A. has her eyes closed like a kitten, breathing deeply and showing that she's experiencing pleasure and enjoying it. I watch it for some time, spaced out like an astronaut, and then go to sit next to A.'s head, P.'s near her feet. I begin to firmly massage her breast and caress her face, sometimes I choke her a little the way she likes it and kiss her around the ears and suck her nipples. Her body's hot. P. kisses her on the belly, then going down and lick her crotch. We both feel how she likes it, she's receiving maximal care.

P. is calling: “Should I already take out the ropes?”
“Yeah, you can take it out, this whore needs to be bonded.” I reply. I know her and I know what she likes.
“Is this ten meter long hemp one enough?” asks P.
“Could be.”

So P. takes out a rope good for anchorage of the Titanic and we bind her legs and arms. She opposes, she likes to fight and has a kind of energy I haven't seen before in a girl, but she's helpless anyway. I know she likes it and I slap her beautiful face a few times, in which I see an adult, purposeful woman, who knows what she wants and goes for it – even a little cold-bloodedly – and a small cute girl at the same time. Lovely.

When we feel in the atmosphere, that its about time to thrust it into her, we compete by gestures in giving each other precedence, but neither of us really feels like it. Not that we would be shy, we're way too big pigs for that, but there is certain blockage nevertheless.
P. destroys it by the sentence: “And now it's time for the pipe.”
So we smoke a pipe of tobacco and chill on the bed.

Then the scene comes to higher sexual frequency, when on the peak of it P. gets into a weird mood and standing above us shouts something like: “So you little whore, you like real gulags, don't you? Just wait, I'm gonna show you gulags you won't forget!” and other similar wisecracks.
At that moment his tone and perverted style seems over the line even to me, because it can easily frighten hard a woman chained in a room with two tripping guys – one of them seeing for the first time. And in fact it did frighten her.

I give him a glance meaning “hey dude, this is a bit too much, calm down.”
“If this is supposed to be a joke, it's not funny,” says A. timidly, and begins to untie herself from the ropes as she wants just to get out of here.
There is silence in the room for a while and the atmosphere is really dense.
P. realizes what he has done and begins to apologize, saying that he didn't mean it and I also reassure her that it wasn't serious and stroke her back.

This was a turning point of the entire trip. I understood very clearly the lesson following from this, because it wasn't like inviting a whore when drunk (not that I'd do it, I only had a girl for one night once in my lifetime, I'm a decent boy), but here we were on a psychedelic and the intentions of everyone involved were clear to see. Furthermore, I know P. and I know that he's no pervert and appreciate his kind of sensitivity and maturity, otherwise, I wouldn't do such a thing with him. Sure, he made a “mistake”, but I knew why it has happened, it was a lesson for A., who comes to bed probably with almost anybody, that's why I
couldn't have fucked her, because there was something important missing. The weekend before with the earlier mentioned friend, who had psychedelic experience for the first time it was different, I had a boner in my lust-flaming dick during half of the night. That's because it was a more complex connection. Man attracts situations to his life, and here it was clear, where sexuality disconnected from deeper feelings or intention, like A. had. Well, and P. simply played the important role here.

After some time of talking of it passed away, but the energy in the room was different and P. went somewhere else. I was taking care of A. About half an hour later, I went to the toilet and found P. in another room lying head-down and discovered that he's dealing with his conscience about his wisecracks. So I calmed him down that it's nothing and it doesn't matter, because it's over. Sensitive boy, I tell you, no idiot. So P. came back and the atmosphere got better, because we have explained all to each other. Thus the sexual play continued and we got again into the situation just about to thrust into her, where we felt that A. is waiting, but neither of us wanted. I went again to the toilet and tried to masturbate a little to get an erection, but I was completely withered, the subconsciousness was saying a clear no (normally 5-MeO-MiPT is perfect for sex and I have a huge boner). I came back and watched P. cuddling with A. So I unfastened my belt and in an attempt to masturbate, I began to pull my withered miniature dried apple (the exact opposite of the megapowerful hard swollen penis I had once when I made love to a woman I truly loved on 5-MeO-MiPT.)

At that point P. looked at me how I pull my tiny dick trying to get boner, we both exploded in laughter. :D At that point I resigned, because I simply didn't want it. It wasn't really about some thrust, but there was something in the air like “now it's the time when we should fuck”, but the whole experience was about something else, to show this woman a different level of lovemaking, tenderness, and to pleasure her. I could hardly describe sexual transfers and non-verbal communication that was going on, but it was truly an awesome lesson. I had the feeling of a karmic connection from the times of WW2 and took this as a sort of reconciliation and energy balancing. I think that with P. we nicely mirrored things that were apparent regarding A.'s character.

For me the entire trip was a nice lesson in work with sexual energy and sexual magick and various other topics, I had no strong feeling of superiority during the trip, it was more like pleasant work, than some orgasmic pleasure. I had more pleasure from the dissolution feelings and music and nice evening. Sexuality is a frequent motive in my trips and I consider cultivating my sexuality one of the tasks in this life, since my karma is burdened by certain traumas connected to sex, both in the role of the attacker and the victim. I would like to cultivate the archetypal lover the right way and that needs sensitivity, intuition and capability of connection. Then we can do miracles and heal each other.

For the rest of the evening we were chilling in the bed, smoked and couldn't fall asleep, so at 5:55AM, we were standing in front of a gas station longing for bottle beer that would help us fall asleep. We drank the beer and fell asleep.

When we woke up in the morning, A. was already gone. We said that it's a pity that she didn't wait and talk about it all and didn't say goodbye, but that's just her. And it doesn't mean that she didn't enjoy it. So what, we did our best for her and I accept it as the end of contact with her. I consider this session to be successful and it gave me lots of inspiration and themes to ponder. I will continue in this research of sexuality and space.
Travel safe...

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105806
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 2, 2015Views: 2,538
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5-MeO-MIPT (287) : Sex Discussion (14), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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