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Dimenhydrinate, Caffeine & Ephedrine
by Aeslyn
Citation:   Aeslyn. "Binge: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate, Caffeine & Ephedrine (exp10579)". Jun 19, 2007.

  repeated oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)
    repeated oral Ephedrine (pill / tablet)
    repeated oral Caffeine (pill / tablet)


First of all, please bear with me as this is a very long experience report, covering my eight trips on this drug. I kept a log of each trip. Second of all, I'd like to take a second to note some of my previous drug experiences: quite a bit of pot, a few trips on scattered varieties of speed, including Ephedrine, which is a really lame attempt at getting high, a few trips on hydrocodone/oxycodone, and quite a few DXM trips, the full range of first to fourth plateau.

I started doing Dramamine recreationally after having a few problems with DXM, my former 'drug of choice', namely that the hangover lasted two days during which I could not drive, I slurred and stammered everything I tried to say, and my skin felt like damp rubber. Prior to my Drama trips, I had not used this drug except for three DXM trips, during which I took 150mg Dramamine each, to prevent vomiting. At the time of these trips, I was not on any prescription drugs except for 40mg Prozac (fluoxetine) daily, which my research determined would not interact with dramamine - this might be erroneous, however.

My first high on this was dosed as follows: 17 Dramamines (850mg dimenhydrinate), 25mg of Ephedrine HCl to would help keep me awake, and 400mg of caffeine. The dramas were crushed and the powder swallowed in a twist of tissue, which, imho, is a very clever was of injesting crushed pills, as the tissue dissolves immediately in liquid. The effects started in about a half hour, and were mostly aural hallucinations; that is, I started hearing things. Mostly loud cracking sounds, though I thought I heard my name called a few times. I got a bit of spaceyness, and after about 45 minutes started seeing little black flickers across my field of vision. I started having an increased heart rate, but despite that, I was feeling very tired. Movement gave a bit of a lagged/spacey effect, and standing caused nausea.

An hour after dosing, I started to become largely incoherent in my logs - this is mostly due to the lack of attention span that dramas tend to give, combined with the loss of short-term memory. In other words, I would start to type things, but I would get distracted and type really slowly or erratically, and by the time I got to the end of the sentence, I'd forget what I was saying, and think I was saying something totally different to begin with. Many of my logs were like this after I was well into the trips, and the funny thing is that if I read back over them while tripping, they seem perfectly logical and normal comments, but when straight again, seem quite hilariously disjointed.

Around this point, I started getting very unsettling crawly feelings on my skin. Despite being under my comforter, I felt as if I had bugs walking on me, and they scared the shit out of me. Upon feeling the crawly, I would toss off the blanket and swat at my skin. Even when I looked first, and saw nothing, I still was unable to resist swatting. These crawly feelings persisted throughout the trip and were part of the reason I went to sleep a few hours into it.

Two hours after dosing, I went to sleep. Approximately 10 hours after going to sleep, I woke up literally covered in sweat. My blankets were soaked and it was dripping off my skin. This didnít really concern me at the time, and instead of being worried, I just wiped it off, switched blankets, and went back to sleep. This was pretty stupid of me. ;)

Having had a pretty good experience on this trip, though not remembering any of it whatsoever, I decided to attempt another drama trip, 15 hours after the first. This was probably a mistake, as I seriously doubt that all of the drama was out of my system. However, worrying about this at the time, I dosed only 12 crushed dramas (600mg). I also took another 25mg Ephedrine HCl and 400mg caffeine. I had only a tad of residual spaceyness from the first trip.

About an hour after dosing, I heard the cracks and saw the black streaks again. Two hours after dosing, I was under the impression that the hallucinations and spaceyness had finished, but was obviously wrong, as my log entry was disjointed. I was sort of hallucinating that I was sending an email to somebody, apparantly, instead of typing in my log. Two and a half hours after dosing, I went to sleep.

My third trip was five days after my second. It consisted of 15 whole dramas (750mg dimenhydrinate), 25mg Ephedrine HCl, and 400mg caffeine. I'm not sure exactly why I did this, but after dosing I masturbated, which was the same as regular, and apparantly gave me the impression that the drugs were not working. A half hour after dosing, I was bored and not expecting any trip at all. This was a glaring misconception, most likely due to my having crushed the pills the first two times, and thus having had a much quicker onset.

Three hours after dosing, I was quite disoriented. I had been laying in my bed, and suddenly felt the need to make sure that I was, indeed, under the covers. This reminded me that my girlfriend had bought herself a new comforter earlier in the day, which she actually hadn't - she'd just looked at one. Three and a half hours after dosing, I apparantly thought I was on IRC and typed quite a bit of incoherent stuff in my log.

Four hours after dosing, I started getting body tremors. I had not gotten these before, but had been warned about them, so wasn't too concerned. I sort of figured they were a more intense version of the crawlies I had felt before. One of the effects that did concern me, however, was a very intense feeling of paralysis/boredom. Basically, I felt as if I was sinking into myself and unable to move and would be doomed to lay in my bed staring into space forever. These would, of course, result in me tensing all the muscles in my body and thrashing about, to reassure myself that it wasn't really happening. The thrashing was at first voluntary, but then became pretty much out of my control. This didn't bother me at the time, as I *felt* that I had control. In retrospect, these were likely the same monster as the tremors, and one of the reasons I have sworn off of this drug. I'll explain in more detail in the description of my final trip.

Five hours after tripping, I made an entry in my log, where I thought I was emailing my mother about an appointment I had the next day which I really didn't have. I was telling her that I needed to pick up my car from the mechanic's, which I had already done two days ago. Immediately following my attempt at email, I took two hits off of an asthma inhaler (Epinephrine [adrenaline]) because I was afraid I would stop breathing. This was due, no doubt, to the respiration depressing effects of drama, which causes me to take very slow, shallow breaths. I would also like to add that I don't HAVE asthma or ANY breathing condition - I simply bought the inhaler just in case I had any problems on any drugs. I'm not sure whether using it was a good or bad idea.

A few minutes after using the inhaler, I thought it had stopped the trip completely. I was obviously wrong, because I thought an entire hour had passed since using it. Disappointed, I went to sleep. Might I add that though time dilation IS the first noticeable effect of dramas, I get used to it right away, and due to the loss of short-term memory, I forget what time I last checked the clock, anyway.

My fourth trip was 23 hours after the third. It consisted of 17 dramas (850mg dimenhydrinate), 25mg Ephedrine HCl, and 600mg caffeine. I was, at this point, pissed at having slept through most of all of the previous trips, which is why I upped the caffeine. Before starting this trip, I decided to run a sort of experiment. I downloaded a variety of random clipart, with the intention of writing a few paragraphs describing the objects in the pictures while tripping. I was sort of hoping for a large body of disheveled text which would be largely humorous, but which also contained a few clues as to what sort of delusional effects the drug would illicit. Unfortunately, I only got to the fourth picture before getting bored of typing, and the comments were pretty boring as well, not to mention short, ie, 'This is a banana. I like bananas because cats have fur.'

A half hour after dosing I started getting body twitches and a slight constrictedness in my throat. I got up and locked my bedroom door, afraid my father would come in because I heard him downstairs during the last trip and for some reason feared that he would run into my room and yell at me. My heart started beating faster, and my hands started shaking, to the point where I was unable to operate my trackball without using both hands on the ball, moving VERY slowly.

An hour after dosing I started seeing little black things in the corners of my eyes. I think this was simply lack of peripheral vision becoming noticeable. My tv screen, which was blank, seemed to be jiggling a bit - this is the closest I ever got to the much 'touted' 'jiggling clear gel coating the walls' effect of drama. An hour and a half after dosing I started philosophizing on mucous and throat constrictedness.

Two hours after dosing, I made a note to myself that it was good I had picked up my car earlier in the day, though I had picked it up three days prior, because if I didn't, I would have forgotten I owned it while tripping. This strikes me as rather odd because if I thought I would have forgotten it, why did I think of it? :P This leads me to the point that logical progressions of thought are basically nonexistant while on dramas. Apparantly I went to sleep three hours after dosing, as I have no further log entries.

My fifth trip was 20 hours after my fourth. It was 20 dramas (1000mg dimenhydrinate), 25mg Ephedrine HCl, and 600mg caffeine. Before dosing I was worried that I wouldn't be able to drive to my appointment five hours later, but I donít recall having any problem getting there.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

This trip has absolutely no comments in my log, save one. An hour after dosing, I started feeling people poking/brushing me. It scared the shit out of me every time it happened, despite my expecting it, but it didn't really BOTHER me. What did bother me, was the fact that I was getting cold flashes.

My sixth trip was two full days later. By this point, I had sort of started to wisen up as far as doses - I realized that I was probably taking way too much, and I also realized that the guaifenesin in the Ephedrine pills was probably largely responsible for my nausea and throat constrictions. Thus, my dose this time was 16 dramas (800mg) and 600mg caffeine. Like the previous trip, I totally failed to comment in my log. I recall having quite a few body tremors, and trying to sleep but waking up sweating a few times. 14 hours after dosing I drove to a club, and had a bit of difficulty staying between the lines, but other than that was quite fine.

My seventh trip was a reoccurance of my stupidity concerning doses. Apparantly under the impression that I was building up a resistance to the drug, and thinking that more drug = better chance of hallucinations, which I had not yet gotten, I dosed 22 dramas (1100mg) and 600mg caffeine.

Two hours after dosing, I *finally* started to feel the effects. I was seeing flashes in my vision, and twitches in objects. I started to notice that some objects would disappear, or move, while I wasn't looking, but if I checked back again, they were back where they started. Despite it being so long after dosing, I was still mostly coherent. I put on music, and listened to it for about an hour - it was a little tinny, and quite boring. Seven hours after dosing, I made an attempt at a log entry, but gave up after typing three words of gibberish which was totally unrelated to my thoughts. Afterwards I pretty much passed out.

My eighth and final drama trip occured six days after my seventh trip. It consisted, stupidly, of 24 dramas (1200mg) and 400mg caffeine. There are absolutely no log entries on this one, for a very good reason: Approximately an hour and a half after dosing, I had a seizure.

Yes, I seriously had an almost full-blown seizure. My legs started twitching first, and this rapidly progressed into a completely uncontrollable shaking and thrashing from the waist down. Afraid I would have a seizure and choke on my tongue, I stuffed the corner of my pillow in my mouth, apparantly expecting this to prevent me from choking, for some reason. Three minutes after the shaking started, it stopped. At this point I was pretty scared, but tried to just laugh it off. I was very tense for the next fifteen minutes, at which point I had another waist-down tremor fit, which lasted two or three minutes.

After this one ended, I decided to go to sleep, thinking illogically that while sleeping I couldn't have a seizure. This was a VERY stupid decision and I probably could have died from doing this. I am completely convinced that this decision was made solely because of the effects of the drug on my brain, as it was totally irrational.

Surely enough, while sleeping, I had another, full-body fit of tremors, which woke me from my sleep. I'm not sure how long it lasted but when it ended I dry heaved for a while, then tried to FORCE myself to vomit to get the dimenhydrinate out of my system. This was a good four to five hours after dosing, and the drug was, of course, mostly absorbed by then and I had no choice but to ride it out (so to speak :P). Not to mention that it's an anti-vomit drug, which made my attempts at vomiting a striking demonstration of futility in action. I went back to sleep a little after this, despite being coated in sweat and afraid I was in the process of dying. I didn't get the chance to decide whether or not I wanted to sleep this time, though - I passed out.

I don't remember much of the night or the next day, but I do remember waking up twice with seizures, and once coated with sweat. When I woke up the next morning, I was VERY surprised to be alive, and to be sitting in a puddle of my own urine.

Whenever I think about taking the drug, I get a constrictedness in my throat, a severe sharp pain in my stomach, and a strong urge to vomit. The entire time I was typing this recounting of my experiences, I was fighting with myself to retain control over my stomach. I suspect that this effect is due partially to the lasting effects of the drug on the brain, and partially to my feelings about it.

Furthermore, this drug has most DEFINITELY had long-lasting, if not completely permanent effects on me. I occasionally get flashes of non-reality, which last from three seconds to thirty seconds, during which I feel very lightheaded, spacey, and hear strange drifting music. Also, I have experienced two or three 'fits' in which I basically freak out about everything and yell at people. This is quite difficult because nobody in my life, excepting a few online friends, knows that I have been doing drugs, and telling them, of course, would be QUITE a bad idea.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10579
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 19, 2007Views: 16,754
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