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I Almost Apologise for the 'Noise'...
by Piers
Citation:   Piers. "I Almost Apologise for the 'Noise'...: An Experience with Ethylphenidate (exp105785)". Sep 11, 2016.

  repeated insufflated Ethylphenidate (powder / crystals)


Ethylphenidate - a Warning

I felt compelled to write this report after my first time trying ethylphenidate. I am 46 and have been enjoying various substances since my early 20s. I was a very heavy MDMA user up until my early 40s when the come down just became too much for me. Looking back I believe I have not suffered any damage to my body or mind as a result of the years of fun/abuse -until now.

Anway, I bought a gram of ethylphenidate and one night decided to give it a go. I started off with an allergy test and then a few hours later insuflated about 20mg. I continued redosing through the night -- some doses as large as 75 mg -- and I have to say I loved it. I thought I'd found a new amazing substance. Overall through the evening I consumed about 250-300mg.

At one point, I remember thinking, 'wow, there is so much noise going on inside my head, that I must be truly mashed', and there starts the problem.

I woke up next day with really loud tinnitus in my left ear. When I say loud I mean like a high pitched transmitter going off inside my head. This has continued now for 2 weeks. It is so loud that when I sit in a quiet room with other people. I almost apologise for the 'noise' I'm emitting.

I searched online and found there are many articles linking methylphenidate with tinnitus. I am assuming ethylphenidate must be closely linked to methylphenidate.

That night I did not subject my ears to any loud noises, I have not damaged the physical parts of my ear, what we are talking about here is brain damage.

I have flushed the rest of my ethylphenidate down the sink. I am giving this substance a wide berth. I now have to hope and wonder about the regenerative capacity of my brain's aural centers.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105785
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 46 
Published: Sep 11, 2016Views: 1,842
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