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Thought It Was Coke
Unknown (Ketamine?)
by Spoonman
Citation:   Spoonman. "Thought It Was Coke: An Experience with Unknown (Ketamine?) (exp105765)". Oct 2, 2015.

  insufflated Unknown (powder / crystals)


So, to keep a long story short, I had just broken up with a short-term girlfriend sand was very distraught by it. I ended up in a bar/restaurant owned by a friend and having some beers. There were two rooms in the bar and I met a good friend there and we sat and chatted for a couple minutes until he says:
“Hey man, do you want some coke?”

Already quite tipsy and experienced with the cocaine I met his friends, three guys who couldn’t speak English, and we all huddled in the small bathroom. Someone poured about a gram of white powder lengthwise over a dollar bill. They wanted me to go first, which I thought was strange at the time but I did take about a quarter, there were four of us, through the nose. They made the motions for me to have more, and were a little pushy about it, I dismissed this as a language barrier issue and snorted half of the stuff. It had no taste or feeling in the nose. It surely wasn’t cocaine, and I thought it was fake or really weak. So as they beckoned me to take more I took my straw and snorted everything on the bill and their eyes filled with shock. I had snorted many, many things in my life and II was smug and walked out and sat next to my friend.

“I don’t know what that was, but it ain’t no coke” I sat and sipped my beer.
“I have never had it before, they offered me some earlier” I wouldn’t have trusted this guy if I was sober.
The rest of the story is what I have been told I did.
I stood up to dance and then fell flat on my face, breaking my lip open. At that point the guys who gave me that left the building. People tried to wake me up but they couldn’t and I would punch at people if they grabbed me. I rolled out to the middle of the room and ‘slept’ for 3 hours and some checked my pulse regularly. I only remember a little of this, my mind’s eye showed me a giant rabbit and I could sense that I was on the ground after a while. I woke up to a different friend, carrying me around, trying to make me walk. I thought I had been poisoned by the datura plants outside I was yelling ‘datura’ over and over again. There was blood on my clothes from my lip and I was all ragged from rolling on the ground.
My friends told me it was most likely ketamine that I took, and way more than anyone should take. I ran into those guys the next day and they apologized.
I was obsessed with death for a very brief week after this experience.
Lesson Learned: Don’t show off

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 105765
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Oct 2, 2015Views: 1,556
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