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Slightly Undervalued
by Krakowoshch
Citation:   Krakowoshch. "Slightly Undervalued: An Experience with Glaucine (exp105736)". Jul 17, 2015.

160 mg oral Glaucine (pill / tablet)


In Ukraine where I live Glaucine is a legal, anti-tussive, over-the-counter (!) drug. It is available in a form of dragee containing 40 mg of Glaucine hydrobromide each and produced by “Sopharma”, Bulgary. Thanks to Hatter's report which helped with choosing the dosage. I've decided to take 4 dragees at once which were 160 mg of active substance. I thought it would be more efficient to grind dragees in a mortar, mix it with water and then ingest the mixture.

First thing I've noticed was the significant bitterness of the content of that dragees. The first signs of effect appeared in 30 minutes after ingestion. I felt a little numbed and relaxed then the effect continued to go on. Although before taking Glaucine I was a little bit excited at the 45-th minute after ingestion I felt pronounced sedation which was quite pleasant. At that time I felt myself cold, though I was in a warm room. At the 60 – 65-th minute I could feel slight visual effects; for example when I looked at paintings I could see numerous people's faces inside the brushwork: they cried, smiled etc. Respiration was somewhat depressed. When I had closed my eyes I've seen colorful dream-like images. After more than one hour after taking the dose I felt extremely cold and roll myself in a blanket. Pupils were slightly dilated in presence of bright light source. Skin covers remained unaltered. I lied in a bed and closed my eyes: colorful images appeared. Phases of relaxation were followed by slight disturbance.

After some time I've decided to go outside and walk on the streets, despite that there was an evening and the weather was cool. I noticed that it was not comfortable to stay close to and interact with people because of mine increased suspiciousness. However, I started to notice slight changes in people's emotions, I might even say, I've detected when they could be insincere (however, this may be very subjective). The process of thinking wasn't altered: I could concentrate on definite thoughts. I also could focus on and comprehend different unremarkable details of the environment. Appetite wasn't altered when I had a snack but the process of taking the food was complicated due to a lack of coordination. After more than three hours cold sensation had decreased so I could walk on the streets quite comfortably. City lights looked enjoyable and cozy, visual sensation at that time wasn't altered. After more than four hours after the dose had taken I returned home and felt myself drowsy. Pupils remained dilated even under the light exposure. I lied in a bed and still could see colorful images combined of city lights when my eyes were closed. Soon I easily felt asleep.

My conclusions:
1. The effects are pleasant, especially sedation, numbness and visuals but disturbance may also occur sometimes.
2. Do not even think about driving or trying to make precise actions under the Glaucine.
3. Pupil dilation could not be due to anti-adrenergic or anti-dopaminergic action as it proposed for Glaucine. More likely it is due to activation of alfa-adrenoreceptors of iris dialator muscle or muscarinic receptors blockade.
4. Pronounced feeling of cold could be due to contraction of peripheral vessels in the skin or even thermoregulation centre disturbance.
5. To my opinion the effects of Glaucine could not be explained completely by literature data. This needs further profound study.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105736
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 17, 2015Views: 4,982
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