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Not the Molly I Was Looking for
bk-MDEA (Ethylone) & Nicotine
by NotMolly
Citation:   NotMolly. "Not the Molly I Was Looking for: An Experience with bk-MDEA (Ethylone) & Nicotine (exp105714)". Apr 29, 2016.

  repeated insufflated bk-MDEA (powder / crystals)
    repeated vaporized Nicotine  


I've had approximately 20 experiences with ethylone, from the same batch, over the last year. I bought a considerable amount of 'molly' from a source I knew and trusted, expecting MDMA. After some initial tests at 100mg, 150mg and 250 mg (three experiences), I realized it wasn't the molly I was looking for and decided to send it to EcstasyData to test. It came back at 1 part Ethylone, no MDMA or Methylone (which I suspected it might be). The experiences were never bad, but they weren't what I was expecting either. Nonetheless, I have some feedback on the number of tests I've ran. I'm an experienced psychonaut with approximately 500 MDMA uses over the last 20 years, substantial use of mushrooms, LSD, other research chems, etc.

Knowing now what this batch is, I've delved into several controlled sessions since. I've found that taking it orally (gelcaps), it takes about 250mg to 'feel' anything. The feel tends to come on slowly (about 2 hours from dose), I feel what I call almost rolling (similar to the comeup of MDMA) and then no peak. It's pleasant, distracting, a bit euphoric, but nowhere near the MDMA I was expecting. I've found the better way to take it is through snorting/insufflation, typically from a powder bullet. The chamber of my bullet holds about 25mg, so I typically take 4 to 6 back to back initially (3 in each nostrils) (100-150mg) and I get an initial burst within 10 minutes. This burst is wildly euphoric, similar to the comeup of methanphetamine with a bit of the MDMA roll starting. From here, it's generally a smooth slide down, over the course of 2-3 hours.

I typically re-dose within 2 hours, get a near-peak again and then coast back down. I generally don't dose more than 2X in a session, but a few times I have. Here's a log of the last time I had a prolonged session with multiple re-doses

Last food before: 11:15AM - Chicken salad sandwich. Drank nothing but water leading to this experiment.

3:27PM - Left work. Had the bullet in my pocket, so did 4 bumps as soon as I got in my car. I had a 15 minute drive home, so this would make traffic more manageable.

3:34PM - The first twinges of the experience. Colors become slightly more saturated. Light is a bit diffused and I'm getting some glare off things that don't normally glare. The radio is playing a song that suddenly sounds far more aurally grand. The sounds were slightly sharper and the bass notes had more 'umph' to them, even in my crappy car stereo.

3:38PM - I feel the first real come-up effects. I feel my heart beat a little faster. I get a slightly sour feeling in my stomach. The drip from this stuff is caustic and it gets annoying fast, so I wash it down with some unsweet tea. I take a few puffs of my ecig (3% nicotine) and I stop at a traffic light. I feel the heavy feeling of my muscles tensing and then relaxing, telling me the come-up is on the way. As I sit at the light, the aural sensations become more distinct, I start to get the stretching urge in my fingers and toes and I can feel the hairs on my neck standing on end.

3:44PM - Arrive home. Feel very peaceful. Senses are elevated and when I open the door to the car, I feel the warmth of the sunshine and it's radiant. The serotonin buzz is starting to come up nicely. It's subtle in a lot of ways, compared to the crashing rush of MDMA or Methamphetamine, but it's a good feeling. I feel light on my feet as I stride into my house.

3:51PM - Sour stomach seems to be getting worse. Drink some more water. Chew on two pieces of Extra Spearmint. The taste is remarkable. The one thing I do like about ethylone over MDMA is that tastes are generally very bold for the first 2 hours of use, before the raw mouth feeling kicks in. Decide to play some Call of Duty while I settle in.

4:22PM - This is what I'd call the 'peak'. Full body stretches. Not a lot of dance energy but I'm very social feeling and am having good conversations over the headset while I blast some dudes in COD. A bit of lightheadedness and I noticed I'm chewing a bit harder than usual, but nowhere near the teeth grinding I'd get from MDMA. Play the game until 5:03PM and get annoyed with it. I'm easily distracted on this stuff, so decided to go outside.

5:05PM - Outside, it's in the mid 80s so I jump into my pool. Water feels very warm. Check it to see that it's 82 degrees and feels like bathwater. The tactile sensation of the water around me adds to the pleasant nature of the ethylone. Blow my nose a few times as the salt water is mixing with the ethylone left in the nose and irritating it.

5:41PM - Get out of the pool, dry off and sit outside for a bit. Take 2 more approximately 25MG doses, one in each nostril. Within 10 minutes, feel a slight elevation in the experience. Colors are brighter again. My skin is really feeling the breeze from being wet. Feel my back and neck crack as I stretch them a bit. Overall, cool, but I never did truly 'roll' and I don't think I will.

5:55PM - Go back inside, sit down on my couch with my legs up and puff on my ecig for a while. Over the course of the next hour, I find myself alternating between chewing gum and puffing away, and it's a nice mix. The flavor of both is notable and the nicotine gives the ethylone a bit of a curve, like a relaxing downturn. Still feel the full effects, but now it's slightly changes to be more relaxed.

6:22PM - Starting to feel the come down. It's a smooth coast, and I make the judgement call to do two more bumps.

7:17PM - Watching TV, laying in bed, feeling comfortable and serene. Decide to masturbate. As with most stimulants, difficulty achieving erection, but it's kind of on and off. After 31 minutes, I gave up and found myself just kind of pulling on my cock and stretching a lot.

7:48PM - Take two more bumps. At no time do I feel like I'm ever going to hit a top, so drink some more water and decide to go for a walk.

9:08PM - Come back from the walk. It was about 2 miles at a slow pace, just kind of walking around as the sun went down and gazing into the moonlight. Take two more bumps. I'm now at about 250MG total at about the 5.5 hour mark. Realized I'm kind of sweaty and feel a little out of it, so took a hot shower. The hot water feels amazing. I'm in the shower for longer than I expected.

9:42PM - Exit shower. Lay naked for a while under the ceiling fan on my bed and take in the chill of the air. Watch some Cartoons while I lay there, just enjoying the falling waves of the ethylone runoff.

10:38PM - The feelings of euphoria and the 'high' are gone. Feel a bit wired, a bit tired. Drink some more water, chew some more gum, waiting for the comedown.

11:14PM - In this kind of state of half-sleep/half-wake. A bit anxious, but not bad.

12:10AM - Kind of fall asleep, but not a very deep sleep. Wake up a few times between now and morning, never really get to REM sleep. Weird sort of dream-state for a bit.

7:15AM - Wake up feeling alright. Not well rested, but not bad either. A bit of an afterglow. Overall, a decent little break from the normal.

[Reported Dose: 300mg, total]

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105714
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34 
Published: Apr 29, 2016Views: 9,732
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bk-MDEA (346) : Retrospective / Summary (11), General (1), Alone (16)

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