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Immersed in Beauty
by Xen
Citation:   Xen. "Immersed in Beauty: An Experience with 1P-LSD (exp105672)". Oct 14, 2015.

100 ug oral 1P-LSD (blotter / tab)


(I planned to write as much of a live report as I could, ended up only writing for one hour, the rest is written the following day)

I thought Iíd share my experience with this substance since I have minimal psychedelic experience, since 1P-LSD is being compared very closely to LSD, which I have never taken, I thought Iíd be able to give you my account of it without having much of an idea what to expect.

Previous experiences worth mentioning: 20mg 2c-b, bk-2c-b, MDMA

All Iíve eaten is a slice of toast this morning. I have meditated for 20 minutes in preparation.

00:00 Swallowed 100ug tab at 11am. Put on a David Attenborough documentary for the comeup.

00:20 I feel like there is something different around me, but I canít put my finger on what it is.

00:30 Feeling a little nauseous. Feeling very happy, I keep smiling and wondering why.

00:40 Nausea is intensifying and so is everything else. Iím not sure what but Iím so curious. Visuals are beginning, everything looks like it's breathing, similar to 2C-B. Some things look kind of fluffy. My hands look amazing I feel aware that Iím within myself. Very smiley. my hands are shimmering.

00:50 Not sure I can write this report, the words are all moving together

01:00 Well damn this is crazy

(The rest of the report is written the day after the trip)

As the trip began to intensify I decided I needed to get outside to a nearby park. I was a little anxious about this as I knew I had to walk through quite a busy area in order to get to the park. I headed out and it was certainly a little unnerving, I kept telling myself I was tripping and that all I had to do was act normal and keep walking. Catching peoples eyes would make me fear they knew I was tripping, but I was okay. I made it to the park and when I did I knew the journey had been worth it. Pure beauty.

I went in to a little gardens area and sat on a bench alone, a large tree was morphing and swirling within itself in front of me. I found that sitting down gave me pretty bad nausea and at one point I was sure I was going to throw up and I remember being horrified at the thought of vomiting in the middle of nature.

I would look at the floor and be like ďhey, those two areas of dirt are identicalĒ then it would multiply until the whole ground was a pattern of marks. The visual aspect to this drug was mind blowing, the most incredible I have ever witnessed.

I walked further through the park where there were more people, I had this feeling as if everything I witnessed was straight out of a movie. The most vivid of these moments is when I saw a family riding their bikes ask an old couple to take a picture of them. I was amazed, ĎIs this real life?í I could not comprehend that this would be anything other than a hallucination.

I came to a huge open area of the park and looked at a row of trees, each one symmetrical and fitting perfectly into the grid that was my vision at this moment. I wanted to stay here forever but the headspace had intensified since I got to the park and my paranoia had increased. I had to get home now, I wanted to be alone and safe again. Coming home was much harder than going out but I just kept walking, knew I would be home soon. I felt like I could control the trip at times, I could make it all stop so that I was able to act Ďnormalí but then Iíd just laugh to myself and itíd return to the swirly mind fuck.

04:30ish I made it home and I had been out much longer than I realised. I spent a good while drawing, putting ink on paper felt like I was painting on water and I couldnít get enough. I remember I also sharpened a pencil and I looked down at the sharpening and saw what appeared to be a little universe. I was really amazed at the beauty in all the detail around me, it wasnít just about whole walls morphing. I also lay in bed for a while and let my mind wander, just letting myself be engulfed in the trip. I had started chatting to people online once I got home, it was nice as I felt incredibly happy.

07:00ish I would say things had somewhat calmed down at this point but it was by no means over. I spent the next few hours chatting to people, writing thoughts and feelings down, and getting lost in my carpet for a while.

I just spent my time doing various things: watching videos, playing around with trippy websites, eating food as I was very hungry now, writing more things down. Just generally enjoying myself.

11:00 I think itís over? I have been quite confused for a while, in between tripping and normality. Colours still feel quite vibrant. My thoughts are somewhat abstract. I notice a plate of crumbs and it reminds me I am still tripping, each crumb appearing to grow and then shrink again.
It calms down further but I still feel a sense of confusion.

13:00 I try to sleep but canít, my mind feels very active. Being in the dark has also sparked up the visuals again somewhat.

14:00 I finally fall asleep.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105672
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Oct 14, 2015Views: 3,449
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1P-LSD (682) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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