Comparison to Cannabis
Citation:   Iopzan. "Comparison to Cannabis: An Experience with Damiana (exp105647)". Dec 22, 2022.

1 tsp oral Damiana (tea)
My previous drug experiences include cannabis, methylphenidate, alprazolam, zolpidem, MDMA, lsd, mushrooms, amphetamines, various herbal teas and nootropics.

I have no other substances in my system except a coffee and probiotic supplement I had this morning. Cross tolerance should not be an issue as I have not used any substances over the past few weeks.

Dosage: one level teaspoon in tea form.

T + 0:00 - I begin to drink the tea, made with one teaspoon of Damiana, it has a bland herby taste, which is fairly nice as someone familiar with a range of teas.

T + 0:08 - Almost half way through the tea, I'm sure I feel something although it is subtle enough to not rule out possible placebo effect. My music sounds somehow more mellow and 'dreamy' than usual, with separate parts of the song standing out amongst each other, not unlike cannabis. I feel mildly tired but it is late anyway. I feel ever so slightly jittery and restless, like part of me wants to move but I also want to stay still.

T + 0:13 - I feel slightly slower than usual, and lose track of my thoughts sometimes yet also feel mildly stimulated. This is fairly similar to sativa cannabis with tobacco, but there is more of a body high, I'm unsure if I like the body high but the music enhancement is very positive. I've just finished the tea.

T + 0:17 - I start I playlist of songs that work well stoned. The songs are almost as good as on an equivalent dose of cannabis, however they seem less 'warm', the bass is more punchy and there is less of a psychedelic 'distance' to the notes. My coordination is mildly impaired, making typing arduous. There is a mild shift in head space, somewhere between cannabis and zolpidem. I feel more distant from my surroundings, a sense of living in the present, and everything feels less real. This is equivalent to around 5mg of zolpidem or 200mg of smoked cannabis. Emotionally I feel relaxed, but in no way euphoric, I'm uninterested in doing much as everything seems a bit bland and lacking in character, however this doesn't bother me.

T + 0:25 - I'm now feeling more lethargic, and my thoughts are slowed more so than on cannabis, the songs sound slightly quicker than usual. My memory of the last 25 minutes is rather vague. There is very marginal visual snow, like on cannabis. I feel slightly more aware of my sense of touch than I would sober, ie. what each part of my clothing feels like against my skin, this is also equivalent to on cannabis

T + 0:29 - I feel as if effects are getting slightly milder.

t + 0:35 - Effects are around two thirds of peak effects. They have been consistent throughout with the exception of the energy that subsided later on. I'm feeling slightly peckish, despite having eaten. I get food.

T + 0:42 - Textures are significantly more noticeable than sober, popping candy was very fun, I'm very aware of what each point within my mouth feels like, this effect is stronger than on cannabis but milder than on mushrooms or 2C-B. However, I can barely taste anything, flavours are weaker in the way they would be during a cold.

T + 0:49 I'm just about close enough to baseline to act sober but would struggle with mentally challenging tasks. Effects are around a quarter of at peak. Drowsiness was definitely due to the Damiana as I now feel quite awake again.

T + 1:04 - I go to bed, now feeling very close to baseline.

To conclude, Damiana was rather similar to a cannabis and tobacco combination, in its shift in perception, sensory changes and intoxication. However, coordination was impaired more, sense of taste was reduced, and the headspace was a bit more dreamy. Emotionally Damiana was calm, yet lacking the character of cannabis, rather than a fascination in my surroundings, they seemed rather bland and unimportant. The duration was also significantly shorter than cannabis. I enjoyed the experience, but find Damiana inferior to cannabis.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105647
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Dec 22, 2022Views: 1,457
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