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Long with a Harsh Comedown
by highlane
Citation:   highlane. "Long with a Harsh Comedown: An Experience with DOC (exp105438)". Oct 13, 2015.

7 mg oral DOC (powder / crystals)
    repeated vaporized Cannabis (extract)


This will be my first ever trip report so bear with me as I may not use the best format. Albeit, I have read countless reports on many different substances so don't be discouraged by my lack of experience in this subject.

I'll begin by giving you a little background into my experiences with psychoactive substances. Since the age of 14 I smoked weed almost religiously. I also have had many... Many drunken nights so I'm not new to the world of being fucked up. As far as hard drugs go, you name a class of drugs and I've had at least one experience with the chemical (or plant). Drugs like mdma, meth, coke, heroin, lsd, dxm, any pharms under the sun, salvia, shrooms, and many research chems.

The drug I've chosen to be my first to report on would have to be one of my absolute favorites... DOC. I've only had one encounter with this substance and it takes place in November and it is now January of the next year. So obviously my memory might be rather vague but I will write to the best of my ability.

(12:00am) My best friend and also my guide through the land of hard drugs who we'll call Bert, arrives at my house to wake me up with some terrific news. A new psychedelic with amazing power (as described by Bert)! Now, normally I would NEVER do a research chem without first researching the drug until I could practically synth the stuff myself. Another red flag would have to be the fact that it was the middle of the night. This in mind I knew the next day would be rough. Luckily we had a steady supply of fire bho to help the come down.

Bert pulled out 3 doses of the drug. 2 were 7mg and one 9mg. He put 2 doses into separate parachutes (the 3rd will come into play about an hour later when our other friend lando would arrive after his late night shift at wendys). I took a look at mine and noticed it was a very small amount which made me think 'damn he's right this shit obviously packs a punch'. Regardless I twisted it up and down the gullet it went.

(10-20 mins the come up)- The first sign of intoxication I felt would have to be a slight change in perception. Not the kind I get on LSD or mushrooms but an almost MDMA-like rush. I was still very much in contact with reality.

(45 mins- an hour)- The amphetamine rush and excitement started to become more colorful or psychedelic. The mindset or thought state remained rather baseline but was definitely changing. I began to notice a electric sensation under my skin which wasn't too overwhelming but very noticeable and pleasant.

(1- 1:30hrs)- I remember the euphoria like a slap in the face. One second I was wondering whether or not this will be as powerful as it was supposed to be to being thrust into an amazing psychedelic mind state. I was so happy I almost didn't notice the tears of bliss running down my cheek. (This is where things become blurry for me) I remember lying down on my king sized bed adjacent to Bert. Both of us silent and examining the room as we started to hallucinate. The patterns on my wood door began to melt like oil. The swirls of paint on my white ceiling were much more noticeable almost as if coming at me in a 3D like manner. One of my walls is covered in quarkboard and my mind was putting together patterns in the grain. I was smiling ear to ear, in a state of total beauty. For the first time ever the world meant something. Everything from the simple patterns on the wall to my best friend sitting next to me. At one point I remember the two of us making eye contact and bursting out into laughter. Not one word was said but it was like a confirmation that the other was truly experiencing the same thing. Bert's golden wavy hair all over the place and his black cartoon eyes said it all...'holy fuck'

(2-3hr)- By now things were very crazy and I can't really put together the pieces of what happened in my memory. Reality was a very distant and alien thing. Almost as if this is how things should be. Even though I was in the middle of the most intense experience of my life I kept extremely calm. Something about the amphetamine aspect of the drug put me in an absolute state of euphoria and happiness. Hard to explain.

Around this time Lando arrived to my house from work. Me and Bert were basically blacked out. From what Lando said he entered the room to see Bert sprawled out on my bed and me in the corner laughing hysterically laughing at my hands saying 'everything is movinggg' in a childish voice. The only thing I can picture of this time period was Bert popping out the 9mg dose for Lando. I was in no mind state to consider what he was doing.

(3-4hr)- Lando had ingested his dose expecting for a quick come up but became increasingly disappointed because he 'couldn't feel anything at all.' I believe this was because the drug takes a while to manifest its self. The classic psychedelics enter the brain much quicker. Eventually my perception became more and more clear as me and Bert had reached peak already. The first sign of this was seeing Lando sitting on my couch looking for a cig to go smoke. He grabbed a blanket to go outside as it was a very cold Montana winter night.

While he was outside me and Bert began to communicate for the first time since peak. This is where the fact that Lando took such a high dose really struck me. We both laughed very hard until we heard Lando coming. He ran down my hallway and entered the room. Looking like he just saw a ghost he murmured 'guys, I'm high' continued by him going face first into the couch.

(4 - 6hr??)- Still very much high, me and Bert ended up on opposite sides of the bed at some point. Lando directly across from us on my small couch wrapped in a blanket. After the face plant he sat up in his current position. His face had completely changed. The facial expression was the most terrified look I've ever seen. We asked him how he felt and this is were things got out of control for him. He got extremely tense and red. The facial expression went from terrified to angry. So much sweat was coming off him that his hair was standing straight up like it was gelled. 'I feel like a fucking werewolf like I could kill anything that came in my way' came out of his mouth in the most guttural and angry tone I've ever heard. Comparable to the singing death metal bands have. He was completely out of his mind. I know this is very fucked up on our part but we told him to snap out of it before we tie you up. We were worried things would get out of hand. Soon after this he ran out of the house and began puking off my porch. The whole time this was happening me and Bert were completely manic, laughing to the point of almost suffocating. My mom had been sleeping through the whole night until this point. She barged In and I saw Bert hide under his blanket. She asked why Lando was puking off the deck and I assured her that he was merely drunk.

(6-7hr)- Lando came back in the room completely intoxicated but calm. I assume puking brought him back to reality. He was calm almost happy. He left the room for at least 20 to 30 minutes and after it was all over he explained that time as coming face to face with fear itself and crushing it to pieces. The remainder of the hour was spent reminiscing the amazing experience we had just went through as Lando lay on the couch going for the ride in silence.

(7-10hr)- As Lando came back to this world me and Bert sat there contemplating the universe basically. You know that feeling when coming down on psychedelics where you can bull shit like your life depends on it. We through some mac miller on and just let out minds pour out of our mouths. Eventually Lando could talk but remained quiet. His ego was ripped out of his spirit and shattered so he wasn't up for conversation much.

The sun had been up for at least 2 hours by now so we knew sleep was out of the question. We were still very high. I kinda got scared and anxious because it wasn't wearing off. This drug lasts years it feels like.

(10- the rest of the day)- it felt as if ten thousand years had passed in the course of a night. I felt very hung over and had a residual high almost the rest of the day. My vision was still psychedelic until night fall the day after. Nothing was moving but colors were just very intensified. We were all mentally and physically drained. We tried to eat but nothing seemed to go down. I puked a couple times because the hang over high and potent chemical still in my body left me nauseous. I drank what seemed like gallons of water. We dabbed all day in hopes of getting some shut eye but it was a failure.

This drug has a harsh come down. Anyone not prepared for a 24-hour high should avoid this like the plague. That night I was completely back to baseline and very fatigued. I slept for at least 12 hours that night. After it all I give this drug a 4/5. The only reason it's not the most bomb drug out there is the hangover. I don't think I'll ever injest this drug again or any rc's for that matter. Previously I had done 4-ho-met, nbome, and 5-mapb. They just take it out of me. If I was to give anyone advice on drugs is to stick to what's known and safe. Putting a chemical very few have taken let alone researched is like putting your life on the line to get fucked up.

Currently I have been sober from all drugs for about a month after a shroom trip gone bad. After my experiences I have learned to enjoy my own reality almost as much as the drug-induced.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105438
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Oct 13, 2015Views: 2,038
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