Near Death
Citation:   Dazer. "Near Death: An Experience with Kratom (exp105426)". Sep 7, 2016.

4.5 g oral Kratom (leaves)
Near Death by Bali

So today I almost died using a substance I originally thought was harmless.

About me: I am a 210 pound (95 kg) 23 year old male, I have recently been discharged from the Navy after a 4-year tour, so I am in excellent health and until very recently, I spent a fair amount of time body building.

Set and setting: My wife and I, feeling particularly good this morning decided to do our stims of choice. I wont be discussing her use of stims, as she is a private person. We Live in rural Alabama, there is no phone service out here and cell phone signal is lost as soon as you enter the forest. This is important later in the report.

So I measured out 4.5 grams of ground Bali Kratom, my favorite because I hate edgy stims, and bali has a very smooth high. Normally. I used a digital scale accurate to .001 g. I put my dose in 11 '00' gel caps and swallowed them down with mountain dew.

After about 30 mins, my wife and I were feeling great so we began walking in the woods, we got to about half a mile out and we started getting playful, so my wife began giving me a standing ovation. Very near climax, my heart began pounding VERY hard and VERY, VERY fast. I was unable to climax, to both of our disappointment, because I felt light headed and needed to sit down. I found a fallen tree nearby and sat on it, conversing casually with my wife, still light-headed and not feeling good at all. This is the last thing I remember. The rest of this report is based on my wife describing what happened after I blacked out.

After a brief conversation, I collapsed, falling off the log and laying on the ground, completely unresponsive. My wife felt my pulse, and my heart was basically fibrillating, I was still breathing, but barely. I do remember hearing my wife's voice, but I don't know what she was saying. She was trying to comfort me while slapping me, performing CPR, trying to sit me up, and hoping I wouldn't die. She was afraid to leave me, as she had no idea where we were, and our cell phone was at home. Not that it would do us much good out here. She said she pulled my eyelids open and my eyes were rolled to the back of my head. After about 30 minutes of CPR, I began to come to, and for about 10 minutes after 'waking up' I was so weak the best I could do was breathe and make eye contact with my wife. After a short time of rest, my wife helped me walk home, gave me a cigarette to calm my nerves, and I began writing this report.

In the end, I think I'm fine, but I'm just glad my wife knew what to do to keep me alive. I will never try kratom again.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105426
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Sep 7, 2016Views: 19,757
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