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Fake MDMA Followed by Panic Attacks
bk-MDEA (Ethylone / Sold as MDMA)
by Thomas
Citation:   Thomas. "Fake MDMA Followed by Panic Attacks: An Experience with bk-MDEA (Ethylone / Sold as MDMA) (exp105421)". Apr 30, 2016.

  repeated   bk-MDEA (powder / crystals)


I took some of, what I thought was MDMA, at a party, being quite merry at the moment I made the decision to add some excitement to the evening. The substance was sold as MDMA and looked as two large lumps of brownish crystal. (Here is a photo of what was left actually

The experience was pleasant. I took 1/8th of the purchased amount and repeated it in 2-3 hours. After 4 hours I also took 'a little bit'. A pessimistic estimate of the total amount of substance I consumed is thus about 500mg. A few friends took only 1/8th of the volume, and nothing of the following happened to them.

After getting home by 7 in the morning I immediately fell asleep which was a bit surprising, but I decided that it must be due to alcohol.

The interesting part of the story started 2 days later, when I went to work and had a coffee. In an hour time I developed a massive anxiety attack - something I never had before. I also felt some tension in my liver area, so I was completely sure of two things: 1. I screwed up my liver, and 2. I am going mad. The anxiety was unbearable mentally, with all physical symptoms present as well - problems with breathing, pounding heart, inability to eat, etc. Eventually, I was about to give myself in to an A&E, but prior to that I decided to have a phone call with my GP.

After our conversation, I somehow calmed down. I also got some liver tests, which I did the following day, feeling almost no anxiety at all. A day after that (T0 + 4 days) I had a tea in the morning and went for a walk. In an hour panic came back. It was so strong that I had to evacuate from a cafe where I was sitting with my wife without even starting to eat. It was extremely unpleasant and scary.

T0+5 days brought some good news - my liver was ok. My mental condition was also getting better and I felt really optimistic. In fact, for a good two weeks after that I felt pretty much normal. However, on T0 + 19 days (days!) I thought I could have a tea. That was a mistake, anxiety came back in force
on T0 + 19 days (days!) I thought I could have a tea. That was a mistake, anxiety came back in force
, staying for 3 days. At this time I finally got the substance test results back and learned it wasn't MDMA, but ETHYLONE! Needless to say, it was extremely scary. I am not thinking well about RCs, especially from the cathinone group, or as they are also known, 'bath salts'.

Since then I had a few conversations with various doctors. Unfortunately, it seems the state of the art in medicine does not allow to diagnose and fix my condition. Staying away from coffee and tea helps a lot and I feel pretty normal, without any significant anxiety incidents. However, the overall situation is quite uncomfortable to say the least. The damage I did to myself is unknown and might quite well expose itself in the future in a much stronger form.

[Reporte Dose: 'Approx. 500 mg']

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105421
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Apr 30, 2016Views: 3,047
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bk-MDEA (346) : Post Trip Problems (8), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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