I Am Everywhere and Everything
by Edd
Citation:   Edd. "I Am Everywhere and Everything: An Experience with DOC (exp105380)". Erowid.org. Jun 12, 2020. erowid.org/exp/105380

2.16 mg oral DOC (liquid)


Id been planning to take LSD and free my mind for some time. I have no prior experience of pyscadelics except what Ive seen in documentaries but I do understand through other experiences like past life regression that the real world we get caught up in is definitely not the full reality. What I mean by this is that I can clearly remember my last life and I know there is much more to the universe than the initial perception we understand. I know that through meditation and other therapies it is possible to see beyond our daily lives here, understand more about the universe and hopefully purpose. However Id have to be a very experienced meditator and therapy sessions that allow out of body experiences are expensive. I was ready to free my mind now and wanted the quick answer.

I couldnt get hold of LSD so when I was offered DOC and read experience reports I went for it. I was with two friends at my house mentioned here out as E and G. We dissolved 6.5 mg into warm water and poured into three identical glasses topping up in rounds to have the most even dose each, expected at 2.166mg each at 1.30pm.

Within an hour I started to feel the first tingles of something which developed into feeling stoned and very giggly. E and G both drunk a beer and smoked a spliff. These are depressants which affect the brain so its possible that could have dulled their experience. I began to feel more stoned and noticed slight hallucinations looking at my phone and other objects. The same was happening for E but not for G. Throughout the whole experience he felt hardly anything, just a bit nice and found it hilarious watching us. He is the least experienced drug taker out of all of us but said there is a strange juju affecting him every time he takes a new drug he doesnt feel it but the second time he does. Hes slightly heavier than me but not by much.

After an hour and a half vision and hallucinations were really becoming strong. I felt a bit not at ease being aware that it was really kicking in for me but less the other two and wed set up a couple cameras to film in case we caught something very weird. The comeup was really intense, similar to what Id feel swallowing three ecstacy pills simultaneously aged 18, there was a real buzz but obviously it differed to a feeling I was completely familiar with. Id imagine around the two hour to two and half hour mark things started to go real strange but impossible to accurately give the time. Its difficult to explain but I had arrived somewhere where time no longer existed. About eight hours in I was able to understand that I had taken some drugs which gave me this effect but at that time it was impossible to comprehend. I knew the two guys with me and could see and hear them and I recognised my surroundings but for all I tried I could not bridge how I had come to this point and time and if there was anything before or had this always been. I was aware Id moved round to sit in different seats and parts of the floor of the room recently but honestly felt like I was everywhere and everything all at the same time. I was sitting in every position simultaneously. I went upstairs to the toilet but was also still downstairs with my friends. I felt like I knew I could travel anywhere around the world in an instant and contemplated this but decided that since I was inexperienced could I guarantee that I would make it back to where I thought my body was. Having no concept of time was difficult to deal with so as we were listening to a track on youtube when it finished Id have to hear it again as the length of a three minute track was the only thing I could measure this timeless existence too. I started to grasp things a bit more as I could see it getting dark outside.

Visually there was a lot of colour, shapes and objects in the room lightly pulsing and if I shut my eyes kaleidoscopic intense patterns would build and weave in time to the music. There was quite a large sensation of needing to piss. I was drinking water moderately but not excessively. After leaving the room to use the toilet I would return finding it impossible to guarantee if Id actually left the room in the first place and had I been to the toilet when I was there as the sensation was still there. This was the same for E but I think he could grasp more whether he actually had been, he just still needed to go again. At one point in the bathroom I heard a conversation through the window of a neighbour on the phone and felt like I absorbed the whole conversation instantly and was in the bathroom for seconds. Still needed to go afterwards though. This was the only real downside as it was taking a lot of my thoughts while I could have been relaxing and enjoying the trip.

A few times E said he was bleeding from everywhere and could feel he was sitting in a puddle of blood. We assured him he wasnt and he quickly understood this. I didnt want to start to see him bleeding from everywhere so it was fortunate he was ok as I thought this could influence my trip in a bad way. G was still not feeling much but it was certainly great we had a sensible guy in the room. One of my housemates came home about 7pm and we all chatted for a bit. It was easy to have a conversation but me and E still felt like this feeling would never wear off. We decided that if we could turn it off like a tap there would be no need as this was a good feeling, only that we would have to learn to function better with it and not need to piss always. I was still for the next couple hours going to the toilet and having no idea if Id really left the room. My housemate went out and joined us again around 11pm. The DOC was showing no signs of wearing off but my understanding of it was increasing. She mentioned playing a card game and I told her it was pointless as I could see what cards she had through her mind and I would always win. Thats how I still felt so asked her to think of a card. Within a second I said it was a diamond which she confirmed and I said it was either a 4 or a 7. It was the 7 of diamonds and it hardly took a second to think of those two possibilities. So was that a pure coincidence? There was a very small possibility of being correct, but now I think that anything is possible. Later we were discussing what to do. E suggested reading some books but quickly said he could absorb all of the pages from the bookshelf instantly so there was no need. That is how it felt.

We got a taxi back to Es house about 1am, I imagine the driver was quite freaked out, we were still very giggly. We ate some pasta. Because weve had the DOC at lunchtime wed all had very little to eat so our insides were hurting from being empty and laughing too hard. I think taking DOC in the evening after 3 meals would be a good idea as I would feel better physically and then go outside in the morning and appreciate being outside, there is no way we could have safely left the house that afternoon. After the pasta having a beer and watching documentaries about soul and funk bands felt like a regular comedown and at 8am I left to go home and sleep. Waking up 5 hours later I feel much better than a regular mdma or ecstacy comedown, I certainly wouldnt write an experience report like this in that state. If I was alone I would write previously somewhere that I had taken DOC and thats what made me feel this so if I lost it I could hope to read that and feel ok.

So the question is, was I really everywhere and everything? It certainly felt that way or was my brain creating that feeling because I wanted to free my mind. Its my understanding that psycadelic drugs break down the barriers in your brain that stop you from feeling this way. The barriers that keep you safe in this dimension as its easier to understand what we know and perceive as the real world. Its scary to look beyond that through fear of the unknown but I feel just knowing that there is so much more to the world than meets the eye is just the beginning.

Not at one stage of this trip did I feel frightened. More psycadelic rehearse next week.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105380
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Jun 12, 2020Views: 547
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