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Cardboard People On the Dancefloor!
Cannabis - Hash
by Chillosophy
Citation:   Chillosophy. "Cardboard People On the Dancefloor!: An Experience with Cannabis - Hash (exp10536)". Oct 2, 2015.

  oral Alcohol - Hard  
  1 oral Cannabis - Hash (edible / food)


It was the night of the school reunion. Me and an old classmate shared about half a bottle of vodka. That of course made us a bit drunk, even if we are experienced drinkers (we are from Denmark).

But as the reunion drew to a close, we wanted to continue the party in the big city. And so we did, but not before a quick trip to 'Christiania' (the 'freetown' in Copenhagen, much like a mini-Amsterdam, I guess). There we bought two nice hashish cookies. Nothing new about that, we have been eating cookies many times. But these were not the cookies we were used to.


We eat em, and went into a club in Copenhagen. The club was packed with people, and a handful from the reunion too. Well, the club is not the kind of club we normally go to. This was pop, and we prefer techno.


Then things started to get crazy (remembering that this is 'only' hashish). Suddenly I realized that I was totally wasted! I heard all the voices clearly now. It was pretty funny, I could hear conversations across the lounge-room, just being able to ignore the rest of the noise. And looking at peoples' faces, time sort of slowed down, and I had the feeling that I had known that person for a long time, knew what he/she was like, knew where they grew up, etc. They were all unique characters in a movie. A funny thing.

Then I got more and more tunnel vision, and more and more disorientated about where I was, and what to do. People from my old school (that had been at the reunion too) came over and talked to me. But I didn't understand a word of what they were saying. Not that I couldn't clearly hear them, it just didn't make sense. When I tried to speak, jibberish came out of my mouth too. I was so confused, what had I just said?!

Well, communicating with anyone but my best friend became impossible, I had just realised. So why not move to the dancefloor? The music was pretty nice. (It wasnt. It was terrible pop music, but at the time it was really nice).

Then something strange happened. Something I have never tried with cannabis before. I got sort of a hallucination! As I was standing on the dancefloor (unable to really move my body to the music by the way), the volume of the sound seemed like it got turned down, and I could only hear the bass sound, like a heartbeat. And the colors from the dancefloor light became very sharp, almost blinding me. Then my point of view got elevated to the celling, and as it did, I saw that all the people looked like flat cardboard people. Like sprites, in two dimensions, in a three dimensional room.

Then I got sort of scared, that was not supposed to happen! I said to my friend I wanted to leave now, course this was not what I wanted. And then we left the club.
I'm sure people thought I was on acid or something, I was talking jibberish about the cardboard people at the dancefloor.


We got outside, and went to get something to eat at the fast food place. Ordering was very hard, and confusing too. And eating the burgers was a slow process. I don't remember much of this myself, but I was told it took me around 15 minutes to eat a burger.


Then we took a taxi home. And I remember the street we drove down was almost infinitely long. Also pretty strange. My friend got dropped off at his house, and then there was a 5-10 minute drive to my place. Then I started getting a little worried that the driver was going to cheat me, or drive me to some remote location and drop me off. But he didnt an I somehow got home!


Fell asleep and woke up confused and disorientated a few time the next few hours.

To sum it up. I was very surprised by how fast and powerful the cookies worked on me. And very surprise to almost see a halo! But it was a very fun 'trip'... I must have had a stupid smile on my face all the time.

My best friend didnt get wasted that quickly. He got wasted when he came home, two hours after. Still very powerful, but not as heavy as I.

I think they might have been a little nice in mixing the cookies that day :)

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 10536
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 2, 2015Views: 2,038
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Cannabis - Hash (93) : Club / Bar (25), General (1)

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