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Dont Freak Out. Unknown Tryptamine
Unknown (NBOME series?)
Citation: "Dont Freak Out. Unknown Tryptamine: An Experience with Unknown (NBOME series?) (exp105305)". Nov 4, 2016.



[Reported Substance: 'Unknown Tryptamine I believe or nBome or similar']
[Reported Dose: 'a few grains less than 4 mg']

itís important to remember, to recall, that these memories, and thoughts, of suicide, and love and lust, they are only that: just memories. Chemicals that connect us to things we canít describe. Explain it away anyhow you try to. Iím fine. Recall : this trip is just a voyage on eternal seas that collide in a place that is both all of Cosmic and Electric, and Bio-Chemical.

There is no in or out. Inner is the way. Pace yourself or move in spurts, youíll get there anyway.

I forget this so many times, thoughts of genocide and suicide abound in my twisted mind. How and Why and who am I? A lowly Psychonaut.

My story is not important.

My History is of the utmost inner Sanctum Space or here and Now is.

Look and you will see, but what is it youíre looking at you may find out too soon or late there are No Absolutes.

None whatsoever.

So what I ingest is how I am is Who Iíve begun to be.

I am only here in all this chemistry..

The drugs are thoughts, the thoughts are drugs, the implications interactions, to a place I canít quite know without receiving a reaction.

Iím not always sure where I am, who I am, or what Iíve been up to

So I want you all to know, that you can find it too.

It isnít easy, and it isnít sweet. Itís a Bitter Reality. But its the truth, and it is freeing, like what youíre on right now.

The Best Stuff.


Dreaming inside of your own Little Universe within that Skull of yours. Itís so quite that simple.

This is Where we are.

Take the pill. Itís All Ready in Your Head.

Iíts All Ready; in your head/

Lunar facilities, extensive abilities, impressive agility; the way I feel when Iím on You. Get it in your orifice, pick one, any one will do; I think you wouldnít be here if you didnít already knew.

You knew this entire time, and we knew you did, too.

Admission isnít of guilt, but equilibrium. Spectrums are hazy, but thatís their definition. There isnít any happy medium, when youíre looking at a particle whose wave is the same thing.

Deeper in Still

Deeper instill.

The way out is In.

Like me?

Love me..

And we begin again.

Find me, and shove me, canít we begin again?
Meander to a pace thatís rounder than your skin
and softer than that little plane that youíve been liven; in. Exhaustion is the only way that youíll ever get me In.

Iím halfway there but every song that ever had a rhythm or a lyricís on my lips and in my head if not literally, then in spirit.

I canít explain describe the Truth, I canít say Iím familiar, But when I take those little tabs I know itís what iím infer.
Infer anything you like from this the substance takes itís shape

I canít be shure of what I took, but hello, cant you tell itís here with me?

Iíll be sitting next to you right now, youíre reading this report. I can taste your sweat and chemicals, Iím there and thatís just all that i can suppport

truth is something relative within you
and yet still itís ultimate

and intimate and lush, secure, like a one=computer internet;

itís you.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 105305
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Nov 4, 2016Views: 1,328
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NBOMe Series (539), Unknown (120) : Not Applicable (38), Poetry (43), What Was in That? (26)

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