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Low Expectations Full Value
by Pfaffed
Citation:   Pfaffed. "Low Expectations Full Value: An Experience with 5-MeO-MIPT (exp105265)". Jul 17, 2015.

4 mg sublingual 5-MeO-MIPT (powder / crystals)


Age: 30
Sex: M
Weight: 145 lbs.
Drugs: proton pump inhibitor, NAC, vitamins. No tolerance expected.

Positive or neutral experiences with: BZP, TFMPP+BZP, salvia, mescaline, 5-MeO-DMT, DMT, ketamine, kratom, ghb, adrafanil, psilocybin, amanita muscaria, lsd, bufotenine, ayahuasca, nitrous oxide
Negative experiences with: 2c-C, HBWR, MDMA, cannabis

Mood: content, a little hungry
Setting: home
Food: ate 1 cup greek yogurt and had some hot cocoa and a tiny bit of coffee two hours earlier. Had already had a normal bowel movement.

Material sold as 5-MeO-mipt weighed at 4+ mg +/- 2mg was placed beneath tongue at 12:04pm. Taste bitter, but not bad. Very very slight cooling, stinging effect noticed after a few minutes. Swallowed with water at 2:24. Still tasted bitter, but was tired of keeping it in my mouth, as it was dry.

12:11 Minor alerts noted (very slight energy increase, clear headedness, sharper vision, head pressure.) Typical alerts for me.

12:28 Slight mood lift.

12:36 First real sign of psychedelia coming on mentally and physically. No nausea (still hungry), but gonna hold off on the food for a while. Onset about the same subingually as orally at this dosage, it seems. Maybe if I had: a) brushed my mouth and gums, b) rinsed with an alcoholic mouthwash, or c) basified it to improve absorption through oral mucosa it would have been different.

12:40 Some pressure at back of head, like it wants to be a tension headache forming. Some tactile sensations are starting.

12:43 A little jaw tension starting

12:46 Effects prominent. Color enhancement, chest tension, inner world compelling, suggestion of CEVs. Stronger effects than anticipated. HItting hard almost like E.

12:49 Heavy, difficult to characterize somatic effects. I guess they could be considered pleasant. Kind of like a permanent push from a tryptamine rush. I would be very entertained if this had a visual component. somatic rushs present but weak high dose needed for enjoyment, but worry about diarroea, cold, weak, shaky, attenuated hollow rushes

chewing gum

it's like the body high of high dose mushrooms with nothing else

1-15 interesting, pleasant and diverse psychedelic effects have developed. Good cev color detail and journeying some oev activity est 4-6mg dose is good range

Realize that vitamins, NAC, yogurt, and chewing gum not the neutralest of stomachs

no erotic interest. I like this space better than LSA or 110mg bk-2C-B

harder than usual to achieve erection and orgasm, but possible. Colors vivid and shifting with eyes open, neons prominent, as are reds and greens. Threads.

Juicy fruit gum a great idea.

Strong CEV patterning

Strange aural effect the entire time that is nondescript, like I'm wearing ear muffs. It never actually manifests in the way sound is perceived, only felt

Music sound big, encompassing. Could see myself getting caught up in narratives.

1:30 - Ate some hummus and pita without difficulty. Tryptamine stomach gas complaints are minimal.

Light looks great. OEV visual enhancement is excellent!

I can see how this is called the tryptamines answer to MDMA. Pleasant, colorful, subtle OEVs (a pleasant surprise!), subtle positive mood shift, relatively clear headspace, tactile enhancement, possibility for euphoric rushes at high doses. No empathogenesis noted whatsoever, though. Not demanding on the consciousness. I like it a lot. Seems like there's potential to take it in a lot of different directions--going to be a hard material to characterize. Seems like mushrooms but without the confusing psycholytic properties. You stay much more clearheaded. Probably much less potential for growth, then of course.

1:54 For the last half hour I've been snacking, listening to music, making ht chocolate, etc. Time dilation is quite noticeable. Cognition is still quite clear. I feel the familiar dark ('sinister') behind the tryptamine. I am familiar with it and find it familiar, comforting, but it's something to be aware of. This is not a trivial material. It should be thought of as a psychedelic first, with entactogenic qualities that lend themselves incidentally to eroticism. It is not to be used lightly by people unfamiliar with psychedelics. Wonder about duration and other ROAs. There is a certain restlessness with this that is different. Also, I can detect the faintest hint of anxiety or paranoia edged away in the background. Fortunately, the material is clear headed enough that it could be rationalized away if it manifest itself.

2:08 Yup, time dilation. Also, empathogenic heart opening now present.

Thinking that the tryptamines offer a way for those oriented towards the lunar, the shadow to take back something to benefit the rest. Chocolate mixes well.

2:19 Definitely still good material for going inwards and getting productive insight. Surprised. Glad I have music guiding the experience. My experience has been so very positive so far, in no small part due to the music. Much stronger than I anticipated, and much more psychedelic. This is what I expected from 4-ho-mipt, enough that I would suspect a mixup if it weren't for the low activity (4mg). Very engrossing. Can just listen to music and journey.

.... see phone log

2:25 Thinking that the peak was at 1:45. Acid is not visual for me, an mushrooms are only barely. This is FAR more visual than either. The visuals are varied, as if they are being drawn from a grab bag of other chemicals. Thin neon cords of rainbows and intense color enhancement like mescaline; creeping, cartwheeling wall patterns and breathing carpets like mushrooms. Others are new to me, like the colorful Dr. Who time vortices that appear, quite small, at the focal point of my visual field. Objects also have a shuddery, stuttery, strobey quality to their movement, which is also new to me. Closed eye visuals are patterned, with whites, reds, blacks, and pinks more dominant than other colors. They are quite unusual, with rounder edges than DMT patterns. They feel more organic and animalistic. I have been at ++ the whole time, I believe, as I could probably socialize with others comfortably. If there the effects come in waves, then they must be more subtle than that of psilocin. Food is delicious.

2:34 Note a decline in effects for the first time. Once settled into the space, I find it very warm, unlike the cold brought on by psilocin. I am quite content here. It's earthy, which I find comforting.

3:00 Come down is rapid, easy. Still very visual and valuable if you go deep and engage it. It's not superficial, but it doesn't push you to explore. My mind feels clean, bracing, like it stepped outside on a crisp winter morning and took a deep breath. Very refreshing. I also Just noticed some echoey, deep, voice-like aural hallucinations. Never had those before. The don't recur. More shuddery, shuttery visuals. More focal point vortices.

3:15 Some genital stimulation. First time. It's like the tryptamine energy surges that had been shooting up and down my legs during come-up finally found my crotch.

3:47 Approaching +.

5:21 - Gassy comedown. Not at baseline, just slightly altered. Typical gassy, bloated, uncomfortable guts, but no cramping.

5:49 - Stony aftereffects lingering, making it hard to engage enjoyably in games or other, more demanding tasks.

No pupil dilation noticed throughout

9:00 - Still feel weird. I had a beer around 6 to try to mellow out the comedown further. It just made things cloudier and more confusing -- bad plan. Also, when the effects wore off, it aggravated my ability to go to sleep. Couldn't sleep until 1am, which is several hours later than I usually sleep.

Following day: Definitely do not feel refreshed mentally nor do I have any of my post-mushroom afterglow. It's probably the sleep loss.

Next few days: Definitely no post-mushroom refreshed afterglow. Bummer. The positive effects on my mood and life outlook that persist for weeks afterwards are what I enjoy most about psilocin. Maybe I'm desensitized after having 4+ psychedelic experiences in the last 4 months? Not sure. I was really hoping that this would provide the same benefits to mood through downstream effects on the glutamate system in the hippocampus that psilocin seems to, though, as this is a lot less disorienting. I don't feel like I've taken a lot of the insight with me or integrated it much into my psyche or life, which is a bit of a bummer. Psilocin seems better for that.

Conclusion: Well, apparently your mileage may vary! I was expecting some enjoyable tactile sensations and little or no visual or entheogenic character. Instead I got an enjoyable visual experience with great inward journeying and headspace Totally unlike what other people have reported experiencing. I have idiosyncratic responses to drugs, so I'm a terrible test subject. I hate MDMA and cannabis with a passion; find LSD, 2C-Xs, and ayahuasa to be dull; and I quite enjoy 5-MeO-DMT and salvia, to give you an idea. This was easily the most visual substance I've ever taken orally, and I took it at a low dosage. I had no erotic interest and typical psilocin-like tactile sensations, although it wasn't anerotic. I'm happy I didn't take a higher dose to try to get a psychedelic effect. 4-6mg seems just right for me. Negative gastric side-effects were minimal, but I could see them getting out of hand quickly at just another milligram or two, particularly diarrhoea. This was an absolutely top notch experience. If future experiences are of the same character, this will be one of my top three favorite substances. My only disappointment is that my experience is so different from what other people can expect, that I can't really extrapolate from it what other people can expect if they were to take it with me.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105265
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Jul 17, 2015Views: 8,406
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5-MeO-MIPT (287) : General (1), Alone (16)

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