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The Head and the Heart
Citation:   Tryptofan. "The Head and the Heart: An Experience with Methylone (exp105042)". Jun 15, 2018.

T+ 0:00
130 mg oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:30 1 hit smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 1:30 60 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:35 1 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 1:50 80 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
Previous experience:

Ketamine, Cocaine, Benzos, Opiates, Cannabis, MDMA, MDA, DMT, LSD, Psilocybin, Amphetamine salts, Methamphetamine

Other participant:
TS2 is male, approximately 300lbs, and also an experienced and educated drug user.

A friend purchased this substance as MDMA and asked myself and TS2 to take a look before anyone tried it. Upon visual inspection TS2 noticed the combination of small crystals and powder were very white and did not smell at all like root beer. In the past we have tested and consumed plenty of MDMA and the color and lack of root beer odor we took as warning signs that what friend had purchased may be an RC, not MDMA. The following day TS2 and I tested the substance with Marquis, Regent [sic], and Mandelin. Our Mandelin test appeared to have already been through a reaction during storage, so we were unsure of its reliability. However, all three tests showed this substance to be bk-MDMA, or Methylone.

Friend was not too happy about being duped into buying an RC from a 'reliable source' in lieu of MDMA, but it seems this kind of thing happens a lot. (Always test your drugs, kids! )

TS2 had tried Methylone previously and was interested in another experience, so we acquired a bit and went home to do some independent research. I discovered a number of experience reports warning about increased heart rate on Methylone which were concerning. However, being experienced and curious users, TS2 and I decided to subject ourselves to an experiment with this substance.

Set and Setting:
We decided on a day and time and planned to stay at home alone. We ate lightly all day and hydrated well with filtered water. Neither TS2 or I take any prescription pharmaceuticals and neither had consumed any drugs or vitamin supplements in the previous 72 hours. Our neighbor friend was aware of our plans and nearby if needed. Both TS2 and I were in good spirits, a bit tired, and sober when we began. The set was our home. Clean, comfortable, soft lighting, space to move around, music, incense, and a calm vibe.

T:00 TS2 has weighed out 130mgs for me and 230mgs for himself using an accurate scale and he has prepared parachutes. I have opted to start with what appears to be a reportedly low dose many users because I am concerned about the reports of increased heart rate. I have not used this substance (to my knowledge!) in the past, so I will take a conservative dose. Both TS2 and I have used MDMA a handful of times in the past year and as recently as two months prior, so we take our possible tolerance into consideration when determining appropriate doses for ourselves. We plan to bump 30-50mgs in about 45 minutes once we have come up a bit. We are aware of and discuss the possibility of compulsive dosing that has been reported with this substance and agree to monitor our supply with this in mind. We both ingest our doses orally at 8:25pm.

T:10 I feel calm and mostly normal but I am suddenly very thirsty. This has also happened to me in a recent experience when taking a combo of MDMA and MDA. I learned then that guzzling water now is not advisable as it leads to vomiting. I sip a little water and TS2 puts on a pleasant David Attenborough nature documentary for distraction as we wait to come up.

T:20 I am feeling altered but barely. It definitely feels like I am coming up on MDMA.
It definitely feels like I am coming up on MDMA.
There is a sense that something more is coming and this creates a slightly excited or antsy feeling. I can feel the tension in my jaw that is common with MDMA. I have no expectation that I am going to roll like I do on Molly, but I'm curious to see how this unfolds. I am starting to feel a little amped and notice I am getting up and walking around a lot.

T:25 I am noticing some short term memory loss already. I go into the bedroom for Chapstick but can't remember why I am there for what seems like several minutes. Perception of time is also altered. Time seems to be going more quickly now, but I cannot tell if I am just feeling this way because I keep getting distracted and forgetting what I was doing or thinking about. I am keeping a close watch on the clock to gauge how long we have been coming up so we can decide if we need to increase the dose.

T:30 TS2 comes into the living room with a bowl of cannabis. He takes one hit and so do I. Immediately after he states that he remembered reading some users do not like the combination of marijuana and Methylone, so he thinks he will wait a bit to see how the initial substance affects him before smoking any more marijuana. I agree and neither of us smoke any more at this time.

T:35 I feel like my heart is beating faster than it should. Heart rate increase is expected with MDMA (about 30 additional beats per minute, according to DanceSafe's website,) but this feels different. As I am feeling my pulse, TS2 asks what I am doing. I tell him I am taking my pulse. At this point we are aware, although slightly altered, (+) and able to function normally. I am not actually looking at a clock or stopwatch so while I feel my pulse racing, I don't know what the rate is. Again, I get distracted. TS2 considers if he should bump before a shower or after and ultimately decides to go take a shower first and mentions we may consider a bump after as we will probably have come up completely by then.

T:40 With TS2 in the shower I am in the living room alone and decide/remember to check my heart rate against a clock. Using a stopwatch online I record my pulse at over 130bpm. This is alarming. My normal resting heart rate is 60bpm. I have walked around a bit but I am in no way exerting myself. I am not experiencing any shortness of breath or pain but am fighting some anxiety about my heart rate. I lie down on my back on the couch and practice deep abdominal breathing for about 10-15 minutes, continuing to hold my fingers to my neck and feel for any changes in pace. I notice some slight arrhythmia. Instead of the usual bump bump I feel bump bah bah bump bump. I start focusing completely on my breathing. I am still only at + and able to focus enough to practice deep breathing. I do continue to get distracted from the pattern but with some mild effort I can pay total attention to the task at hand and am successful in reducing my heart rate to around 100bpms. While this is still too high, I feel less anxious having been able to control it somewhat.

T:55 TS2 returns from showering and I report to him that my heart is beating way too fast. He also reports that in the shower he began to feel like his heart was racing, too. He turns to go to the bedroom and lie down but then decides to stay with me. I give him the couch so he can lie down and practice deep breathing. He records his own heart rate at 115bpm as he begins deep breathing exercises.

I decide to go prepare some tea. Doing so will give me a task which may help distract me from the anxiety I still feel. I prepare a mint tea hoping the vasodilatation effects of the mint will further help reducing our heart rates. I add about a tablespoon of raw organic honey to each cup under the same reasoning and return to the living room.

T 1:05 TS2 reports his heart rate has subsided to around 100bpm. We drink our tea while discussing the effects of the drug. We both still feel like we are coming up and about to roll, but since it has been over an hour we are likely as high as we are going to get from the initial dose. We discuss taking more. I am still at + and feel more energized, anxious, and talkative than in an unaltered state. I do not feel the lovey, emphatic, openness of MDMA.
I do not feel the lovey, emphatic, openness of MDMA.
Not even a hint of it. TS2 reports feeling similar effects and notes we may require higher doses to experience any more intense effects from this substance. I am still noticing some mild short term memory loss (although far less than on a comparable dose of MDMA) and difficulty focusing. TS2 reports he does not notice these symptoms in himself. I am concerned about the physical effects of the drug. Rapid and dangerous increase in resting heart rate combined with short term memory loss and trouble focusing have me worried that if an additional dose of the Methylone further increases my heart rate that I may not be able to focus or remain calm enough to practice breathing techniques to control my own heart rate again. TS2 and I both decide that the mental effects of the drug are not worth the potential physical risk and decide to lock away the remains of our Methylone supply for tonight.

T: 1:35 I am feeling very sped up and still feel like I am waiting for something more to happen. I can see why this drug makes some folks compulsively dose. I just don't feel like I quite got anywhere but I definitely want to. TS2 and I had planned to possibly take some Ketamine during this experiment anyway so we get it out now. As he prepares it I read up on contraindications and K's effect on heart rate. I find some information suggesting Ketamine may increase heart rate and decide to check my pulse again before deciding. It is now at 76bpm. Higher than normal for me, but definitely in a safe range again. TS2 reports a resting heart rate of about 86bpm which he believes in just above normal for him. We decide we are both comfortable adding Ketamine to the experience.

T 1:30.
I consume approximately 60mgs of Ketamine via nasal insufflation. TS2 consumes a larger but unknown amount via the same method. Immediately I notice my heart rate has gone down. I check it again and it has returned to my normal range: 63bpm. TS2 also reports a similar reduction in his heart rate. The Ketamine appears to have returned our hearts to normal operation! I won't pretend to know how this worked, or if we would see similar results if we tried this again, but we are both much relieved and far more relaxed now.

T 1:35 I don't notice much of a Ketamine high, but it has increased the feeling of the Methylone. Now that I am not worried about my heart I can pay attention to the subtleties of my Methylone high. The tightness in my jaw is much more noticeable now. I do feel some sort of extra warmth or love. I notice myself thinking about the people I love and relating to TS2 funny stories or anecdotes about them. I'm very talkative and my speech is sped up and clipped. I am craving oral stimulation. I'm still not sure if the cannabis earlier contributed to the heart rate increase so I decide to go have a cigarette instead.

T 1:50 TS2 reports feeling sort of like he's rolling. He says he feels good, a mild version of that ahhhhhhhhhhh feeling MDMA gives. I do another 80mg of K by the same method as before to see if it will increase my Methylone high to that level.

T 2:00 No additional pleasurable affects from the Methylone but the tightness in my jaw and that sped up feeling are more pronounced. It is not uncomfortable though. I'm very talkative now. I start to experience some short lasting open-eye visual distortions from the Ketamine. The TV looks a little like a 3D projection for a minute or so until I refocus and then one corner of the room seems to be at a dramatic angle and comically far away. I'm in good spirits, comfortable, and enjoying the experience.

T 3:00 TS2 seems to have mostly come down from Methylone. I'm continuing to feel pretty energetic and talkative. I still have that sped up excited feeling and also an urge to keep taking drugs since I havent really gotten past this stage all night. It's feels a lot like the beginning of a Coke or Meth binge to me. The urge for compulsive dosing on this stuff makes complete sense to me in this state. TS2 notes this is probably due to the dopamine. Methylone releases more dopamine than MDMA, but only a portion of the serotonin. All of the rush of dopamine without enough of the soothing serotonin.

Eventually, at least 8 hours after dosing, I was able to sleep, although not without difficulty. TS2 had less of a problem. I was still altered and noticeable speedier and more restless and talkative for three hours or so after TS2 reported feeling sober again. While trying to fall asleep I noted this feels a lot like having taken a bunch of Adderall.

The next morning I felt a bit foggy, but woke up after about five hours of sleep and was not tired. I noticed I felt slightly more energized and anxious, as if I'd had several strong cups of coffee. Heart rate is normal. Memory and focus seem to be normal. Slightly dehydrated.

Overall I didn't particularly enjoy this Methylone experiment and I don't plan to take any more of this batch, and probably not any batch again. I know many people have bought and eaten plenty of Methylone believing it was MDMA and had an experience that was similar enough to rolling that they never even considered they may have eaten an RC instead. But for me there is no doubt. Methylone is like preparing to roll, waiting to roll, but never quite getting there. There is a strong chance that I could have experienced some euphoria and increased pleasure from a higher dose, but it would not have been worth the potential health risks. A resting heart rate of over 100bpms is serious even for the young and healthy.

Please everyone test and weigh your damn drugs. It literally is life or death these days with all the RCs out there. Test kits are cheap and available online. Scales are also cheap, small, and absolutely necessary for any RC user. At the very least do it so that if you have a bad or good experience you know which drug to thank or swear off.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105042
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Jun 15, 2018Views: 3,007
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