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Nice Energetic and Talkative Night
Citation:   Magic_Raver. "Nice Energetic and Talkative Night: An Experience with 3F-Phenmetrazine (exp104896)". Nov 4, 2015.

  repeated vaporized Nicotine  
    repeated insufflated 3F-Phenmetrazine (powder / crystals)
Experience: I'd say I'm a pretty experienced user. I like most psychedelics, empathogens and stims. Don't like Cannabis. Dissociatives and sedatives. Only use benzo's if it's important.

Mindset: Good, pretty excited to try something new
Setting: At home, in the Office
Supplements: E-cig (with 12mg nicotine per 10ml, vaped 0.7ml through my experience)

Background info: Young male, 175cm and 76kg. Have a mild form of ADD/ADHD, according to my former psychiatrist. If you ask me, I'm just a guy full of energy, and high on life.
No tolerance, 1 month ago I did great quality cocaine, and before that ethylphenidate (eph) and methiopropamine (MPA) think it's 5-6 months ago.
Had a medium sized meal 1 hour prior this experiment.

Disclaimer: My english isn't the best, but so far on a UK-based forum, they seemed to understand my trip report properly.

Appearance: White powder with a few kitchen salt sized crystals.
Taste: Salty

16:25 - Allergy test, licked a bit from a needle. No bad reactions

19:00 - Insufflated 15mg, and oh my tits. This stings worse than eph.

19:02 - Pain is gone, hands feel a bit sweaty and my feet is cold. Watching Avatar and surfing the internet at the moment.

19:15 - Feels like a cup of coffee, nothing too exciting right now. Decide to redose with 25mg. It stings so bad, my left eye teared up. God damn ninjas cutting onions! But the pain is gone surprisingly fast.

19:25 - Definitely stimmed up now, hands are getting colder. Also becoming more active on a Danish HR forum. Heart rate is elevated. Right now I'm feeling good, talking comes easy. Pupils look normal, my nose isn't running. But feels a bit wet.

The stimulation is very caffeine-alike. My head is clear, not that nasty eph cloudiness.

19:35 - It seems like the duration of the peak isn't that long.

19:40 - Decide to redose with 35mg, just to test the waters.
I'm sorry nose, OUCH! Again it stings only for like 10-15 seconds. When the pain is gone I feel motivated. I actually want to do something, but I don't have any projects to do. Decide to play some browser games.

20:00 - Took a piss, and realised I've been sitting down for an hour. Legs were tight, and yeah uhm got the usual stim dick...

My mind feels clear, jaws a little tight. And little to no anxiety, it's not bad. But it's there, but compared to eph this is heaven. Oh and the drip, it just tasted like salt, kitchen salt. Not bad at all actually.

20:10 - Decide to redose with 45mg
Not burning nearly as bad as the first doses. Think my nose has hardened itself.

20:12 - I'm back in my place, jaws tightning up. Got some chills.

20:15 - Have to chew on gum, my mouth won't sit still haha. There is an adrenaline feeling to this, pretty natural. But it is moreish, I'm glad I don't have more than 250mg.

20:20 - Ramble alert, so the chem feels like the first dose of eph. But I can redose and extend the feeling, and get right back to my place.
Duration for the peak is about 15-20 minutes, and then I want to redose again. This could either be a good or bad thing, I know I'm a guinea pig. But it doesn't feel toxic. I look forward to how long the residual stimulation is.

Could really use a beer or a whiskey, but that's only for special occasions. :P

20:30 - Redose with 50mg, split in 2 lines.
The burn gets me every time...

20:32 - Back in the zone, omg I love this chem. The clean energy boost.

20:35 - I really recommend getting some chewing gum if you're going to dose high with this. It's not that bad, but relieves the jaw tension.

20:40 - My nose is running, I'm sniffing constantly. Not that discreet to be honest. But I like it.

20:47 - Just took a piss, I naturally have a small bladder. So nothing unusual here. Extremities still feel cold, but my body is fine. I'm not sweating which is a BIG plus.
My sweat on stims smells like ammonia..

21:00 - Chatting on facebook with a couple of friends. Usually don't chat this much.

21:05 - Redose - 50mg
Guess what it felt like?

21:10 - But I'm getting some gas in my stomach, burping here and there.
Still no more than a little anxiety. Nothing a beer couldn't kill.

21:22 - Still enjoying chatting on various forums.

To sum up effects as of now:


*Clear head
*Mood lift
*Increased Empathy (to some extent, nothing like psychedelics but it's there)
*Increased Energy (feels natural, not the 'I'm HIGH' kind of feeling)
*Feeling Alert
*Increased Concentration




*STINGS intranasal
*Cold extremities
*Mild/Medium Jaw tension (easily relieved with gum)
*Wet nose
*Little to no anxiety (comes and go, but nothing I worry about. Although still mentioning it, as I know some people are really prone to anxiety on drugs. I'm one of them, but this is not an issue so far)

21:35 - Insufflate the last 30mg and lick the bag. God it's tasting salty!

21:37 - Energy is coming back, but not that strong.

21:53 - Slowly sobering up

21:57 - Just noticed the powder is drying up in my nose. Should have had a saline solution handy, didn't think of that.
Not feeling far from baseline.

22:20 - Still sobering up, but slowly. Have cold feet and some residual stimulation.

23:30 - Almost sober, call it night.

So far I'm impressed by this chem, it's right up my alley. Not much anxiety, clean energy, mental focus and talkativeness. I also dig the short duration, have no problems with having to redose often. Although it could be annoying when out and about.

It really does feel a bit like the first dose of eph. And I can extend it, instead of feeling shit while on a binge.
Personally, I think this is the best stim on the market at the moment. I know for sure what to buy, next time I go shopping chems.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104896
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Nov 4, 2015Views: 8,985
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3F-Phenmetrazine (678) : General (1), Alone (16)

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