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I Did Go Higher Than Her
Citation:   Moon Man. "I Did Go Higher Than Her: An Experience with Methylone (exp104849)". Apr 30, 2020.

T+ 0:00
160 - 170 mg oral Methylone
  T+ 3:00 100 mg oral Methylone
  T+ 6:00 80 mg oral Methylone
Methylone and My Love

Previous experiences related to this drug include MDA (1 time), Mephedrone (6 times) and Methylone one other time.

Mephedrone never seemed to be a very good replacement for what MDA produced. My girlfriend would be rolling on the floor loving it while I was coming down from the mild high I experienced with practically the same dosage. Tonight was the complete opposite.

I don't know what exactly causes us to have such different experiences with drugs that were meant to simulate MDMA, and work on most people. Maybe metabolism? Maybe expectancy? I really can't work my way around it, but we both experienced strong effects (for her with Mephedrone, for me with Methylone) that the other didn't experience that were practically identical to what we felt on 160mg MDA.

I had a day off the next day that I had practically forgotten about, and we so happened to have 3g of Methylone waiting for ingestion. I guess what pushed us to actually do this was that we haven't done it or anything like it in a while, and just wanted to feel it again. I stupidly didn't have anything to eat after lunch, while my girl had dinner while I was at work. This was the first indication that I'm going to feel this stronger, but halfway into the night I didn't even think of it.

So around 7pm we drop the initial dose. The first time we tried methylone we did 100mg followed by another 100mg. It was a pretty interesting experience despite being what most people may consider a low dose. This time we decided to try and go a little higher. We dropped around 160 to 170mg each. Our scale is good enough for this drug
We dropped around 160 to 170mg each. Our scale is good enough for this drug
, but I wouldn't try anything that requires a lower dose.

The first 20 minutes or so, anticipation kicked in. I sat on the bed waiting. Not sure if I really wanted to get high on this again. Not sure if it was actually worth the high I might get. Pretty stupid thoughts really considering how awesome the night ended up being.

40 minutes or so in, I started feeling real effects. I was excited to have done this again. It was just that pleasant loviness and acceptance I expect to feel. Very mild, but somehow powerful too. Maybe just because that mental state is so hard to obtain normally without negativity. I started chatting with my mom online, letting her know I had had a few drinks. Yes, I lied, but its more acceptable and would generate the same openness and love somewhat. My girl and I were chatting about politics. At this stage I was feeling a little negative. Politics can do this to me. I was under the impression that its just how Methylone is. I get the good of MDMA for the most part it's just not quite as strong, so I get a little bit of negativity with it, and I get a less intense high. At that point I had felt great, but not phenomenal.

Anyway 2 hours after effects start, the high starts to decrease gradually. We were fully aware that this would happen, and it's not really bad like when Mephedrone comes down, just not really worth it to end the night yet. At this point I was ready to do more, just to level the effects back up. I didn't necessarily expect or want to feel more intensity from it, because I was having a good time. So we took approximately 100mg each, hoping to maintain what we were feeling and thinking that the potency by now would be decreased.

This was somehow a better high for me.

The effects that seemed to be perceived negative turned into me fully understanding and loving my girlfriend's point of view, rather than before when it felt annoying to think about politics while I was in this state of mind. It was literally the same discussion because when she gets on a topic on these drugs she will talk all night about it. It was more than okay though this time. I felt really good. I guess that's just the best way to put it, it was a lot like the first high, but all of the negativity I ended up feeling turned out positive. The vice president at my job told us all in a meeting that they will be doing layoffs, and I was extremely worried and anxious that I may be let go. Which is part of the reason I needed this escape, actually. At this point when I thought about it, I realized I have my girlfriend and my roommate, who will work and support me until I can find a new job, even if that does happen. I started chatting with my roommate, who was out of town during our experience, online. I started really discussing how I was feeling. Thinking at this point that he would be so interested in how I was feeling on this drug. I suppose that's the problem with empathogens. I feel a strong acceptance from others, even when it isn't really there. However, it's also a lot of the fun of the experience. Prior to this we were scared to tell him that we bought some of this drug. Worried he might be mad or judge us in some way or other. My girlfriend and I were both chatting to him about the experience we were having. That made me feel connected to her and him. That's exactly what this drug is supposed to do. It's such a stereotypical experience, and yet while I'm in it, it's just amazing. It envelops my world with how much I like these people who live with me.

Unfortunately this good time had to end. Or rather peeter off. Still feeling okay, above normal really, but wanting more. I decided to take another mid level dose, still not grasping that it doesn't decrease in potency. This is where I believe methylone could be addictive... I already had a great time for approximately 6 hours. But I wanted more. Granted Mephedrone gave me less and it felt like I NEEDED more for it to even be a fun night. They're very similar here. Methylone is just more manageable in my opinion.

My girl wasn't into it, because usually she feels the effects longer than I do, even if less intensely. She wanted to sleep at some point. I took approximately 80mg.

Around 20 minutes later I had this overwhelming euphoria. I had to rub my face, and my girlfriend's dog's fur. And especially my girlfriend's legs and body. Visually everything was in slowmo, and any movement was met with slight tracers. It was extremely like rolling on MDA. Everything was so comfortable. Life was so wonderful just because I was alive. This amazing feeling completely took over, and was practically all I could think about at that time. At this point, time seemed to stand still. I was worried that I had been feeling the effects too long, and my girlfriend informed be that it had only been 10 minutes. It increased and decreased as the night progressed but never really reached a level of discomfort. By the time I was down I was glad that I had experienced what I had experienced but in no need at all of more. We discussed it but ultimately decided it'd be a bad idea. It was sort of moreish but ultimately isn't as necessary feeling as what I would expect addiction feels like. Unfortunately at this point, because my girl didn't take more until it was too late, when I was feeling the intense high, she was jealous of my profound experience. I feel a little bad now that it's over that I went to that level without her. It wasn't intentional, it was literally an attempt to make the effects last longer, stupidly not realizing that redosing will increase effects over and over again, from what I experienced this night. Still, it was exceptional and hopefully some day she does feel it again.

As a side note, as the feelings of the empathic side of the drug left us a little, we felt what I can only assume is the effect one would feel from amphetamines. We were still talkative, but we were focused on more than just pleasure. My girlfriend was asking me questions about my education in biology and I remembered a lot of cool stuff that I had done and learned. The most interesting thing was mutating paramecia with cigarette juice and them correcting this by injected their genes into each other and reducing and eventually removing the mutations entirely. Which my teacher told us she had never seen before. It was really cool to remember that kind of stuff. I wondered how but, I had nearly forgotten all of it for whatever reason. Probably just not using it at my work but it was nice to have a refresher on it all, and actually be able to recall it. It felt like my recollection was facilitated by the drug, but its very possible that it was just on the backburner in my mind, and the amazement of the experience just added to how interesting all of this was. We also discussed the potential that this drug could become addicting. Especially for me. It wasn't annoying like a parent coming down on me, but just general concern that it could be possible. We realized we need to watch out for each other to make sure we never go down that road. And also have to come to accept that the drug is going to affect our desire to do more. Which inevitably will cause addiction by definition, but we believe we can manage it and refuse to take more.

The day after, my jaw was killing me and I still couldn't sleep. This is usually what happens to my girlfriend when we do Mephedrone, but unlike Mephedrone for both of us, mentally I was still above normal to a degree. I guess I'd consider it an afterglow. I'm glad my girl and I were able to experience this drug again, and that I was able to see its full potential. Even if it was slightly annoying later that I did go higher than her. Next time my roommate might join in the fun, but we're going to try to be responsible and allow some time and make sure he actually understands the implications before we try that.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104849
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Apr 30, 2020Views: 3,050
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Methylone (255) : Addiction & Habituation (10), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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