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Fairly Positive
Citation:   D. Smith. "Fairly Positive: An Experience with Datura (exp104841)". Feb 1, 2019.

T+ 0:00
25 seeds oral Datura (tea)
  T+ 4:00 25 seeds oral Datura (tea)
  T+ 0:00   oral Passion Flower (roots)
  T+ 0:00   oral Coffee  
Fairly Positive Datura Experience

This experience is mostly about Datura. I wanted to touch on my trip with Diphen (done further back) as well as they were very similar experiences. Hope you can learn from me being experimentally stupid. Always have someone with you!

Firstly, twas dusk when I decided to try drinking a concentrated liquid. I brewed a big pot of coffee to use in an experiment with Datura seeds. I tried chewing them into a pulp and suckling on about 8 or so till the medicine taste was gone, icky btw.

0:00 – Ground up about 25 seeds along with a little bit of Passion Flower root. I don't really know if PF makes any difference. I put enough to fit in a water pipe bowl I'm still experimenting with that one. Didn't seem to have a great effect but subtle euphoria set in. After boiling the semi-powder in about 2 cups (250ml) of water I let it reduce to ~ ¼ cup (~120ml). Poured it into my coffee cup through a strainer to try and separate most of the pulp. I sat down in my studio to keep my mind on something while I sip coffee every now and then.

~0:20 – Finished off my “Cuppa Satans Piss”. Strong coffee seemed like a good choice. Also, I don't drink this concoction or milk with any tangy drinks or citric acid. It's worse than cranberries and milk. Tastes of bile! I don't know if the plant chemicals had something to do with it, but I often have lemon tea and coffee and don't remember it ever happening then.

~0:30 – I can feel a big change. I'm not dumb but very slow and very euphoric. I get up and feel pretty freaking fine. I felt a similar way with Diphen with a lot more conscious euphoria. The dry-mouth sets in pretty quickly compared to Diphen and is much worse. This could also be part of the Passion Flower root and it's MAOI properties. Either way...

~1:00 – I'm still pretty euphoric and decide to have some dinner and watch toons and science shows. I was pretty engrossed in what I was seeing and I laughed a lot more than I usually do at cartoons. I see Gneetchees in my peripheral sight a bit. Dry-mouth isn't too bad... yet.

4:00 – Still not crazy. Time is a little off for me but I felt normal after I unglued myself from the entertainment. It's expanding and contracting. I got even heavier. Still not crazy and I knew the Gneetchees were just figments. Still in a lucid state of consciousness but my euphoria is slowly letting me go. I figured another 25 seeds the way I did before but only take a few sips at a time. Still not crazy.

5:00 – Still not crazy. The second mug got some strange results similar to when I did Diphen. With Diphen I had a blue round spiral/checker pattern when I closed my eyes and it was dynamic, like rotating around and shimmering a bit. With Datura, I had a red noise pattern. It didn't seem to change it's arrangement but I had no way to “screen capture” my eyeballs and compare. It was very still, organic, and I suppose I can call it nice? I've done natural CEV since I was little, but this was very enhanced. I focused on the pattern and found I could see it overplayed on stuff around me. It was hard to keep up. I closed my eyes and after a few seconds had a thought dream from that point stuff started getting a bit interesting. Not scary just interesting... Finished the CoSP. Vision a little blurry close up with glasses on.

~6:00 Slurry and getting dumb. I'm talking about things but I find my mind slipping to dream land or forgetting very easily what I was talking about. I've had this happen with other things but not nearly as bad. I should probably mention that I've been teaching myself how to become more lucid in my dreams for about a decade. This let me have some really interesting thought dreams and conversations with people. I wasn't talking out loud but I was sitting up strait the whole time. I'll lay out the effects the best I can interpret them rather than keep track of the times... I'm pretty much not paying attention to time at all.

I read on Wikipedia that the Visual Noise pattern is a common CEV but it describes it more as “TV Snow”. This doesn't move... sorta reminds me of VirtualBoy graphics. But no matter how long I looked, I couldn't see the sailboat or see the noise move. I'm not disappointed since it was pretty and had other things happening, like my eye floaties started playing tricks on me too. They seem to trigger hallucination flies. Dots on the walls ceiling and floor all appear to be crawling. (I know they are not really there and closer observation destroys the hallucination in most cases, so I'm not crazy yet). Which leads to all kinds of bug hallucinations. My mission was to collect these bugs, like Animal Crossing, by trapping them under shot glasses. Turns out, 1 of 8 were real, the Brown Recluse was the only real bug...

I start seeing a lot of full view flashes. I've had this with Diphen but not quite so vivid. There are Red, Green, and Blue and a blueish white. They persist as CEV. The lights in the room also appear to dim and flicker but they aren't, sitter confirmed. Saw one hell of a crazy looking bug on my door and something that looked like a Weta. We don't have Wetas here at all.

The biggest WTF thing are the visual glitches. Like a real life data moshing effect. When it gets really wild it's something to see, probably my favorite open eye hallucination. Chunks of whatever I'm looking at move to another part of the surface I see, pixelate (but in an organic way?) then disappear or jump back into place. This seems to happen pretty early for me. Still not seeing anything wilder than that.

I woke up around noon, fairly refreshed. Kinda didn't want to fall asleep as the visuals were getting pretty nice. At the moment of writing this I had the second coffee about I'd say, 16 hours ago? I woke up with a sinus headache but other than that I slept ok, but had to wake up for a couple of bathroom times. Urination, Swallowing, and Burping seem a bit hard. But, now kids, cover your ears... Orgasms are amazing and whiskey-dick... er, datura-dick. Diphen does not do that for me. I cannot perform sexually on a Diphen trip. :( But Datura, very very easy mate! :D

I'm typing this and what looks like faded pencil marks making swirly doodles in the empty lines below what I type. This is 16+ hours after the last drink. I kinda think the movement of the text is “seeding” like my eye floaties seem to spawn flying bugs. A lot of the straight and long GUI elements in my word processor wiggle and jiggle a bit. It isn't as crazy as it was an hour ago but it's still persisting. There was more but I forgot... and that one of my least favorite parts. Forgetting things. I worry about that because if my sub-conscious takes over, my id will run wild and might do something weird. I probably shouldn't talk about him in front of his face... I think he's still up. LOL.

On that note, I should talk about a couple of other things. Way before I even started I have twitches and muscle spasms. It could just be because I never thought to look and my hands trying to keep them still but the fingers wiggle randomly. Not like shaky hands, but they sorta move independently on their own. Could be a palsy. Also, I've been getting very epileptic type spasms. I think it's because I'm tired from all the weirdness I've done to my brain and body. It's practically identical to that feeling I get just as I am about to fall asleep but on parts of my body? Dunno, worrisome if it persists. If it clears up I may or may not do more.

I think If I can get the proper dose for the euphoric state and not take another like I did, I would like it better.
I think If I can get the proper dose for the euphoric state and not take another like I did, I would like it better.
You should disregard it as a party drug and use it as humans did once for visions and helping you understand yourself better.

I haven't experimented with LSD or DMT so this is probably the most vivid thing I've done. It is a deliriant though. People do bad things on deliriants.

The vision thing worries me. A higher dosage could be very bad and I have no way to see exact potency of things. I'm going to take as long as it takes to get back to base level and I may try a higher dose, but honestly I'm happy with what it gave me. Good awake times with euphoria, visuals, and overall happy times. The Dry-mouth is terrible, though it goes away pretty quick. Going in with the idea that I would see something, writing several notes all over the house for me to stay lucid, meditating beforehand: All of these things helped me and it was a lot better than expected based on some of the horror stories I hear.

Just to add, I also take Melatonin, Valerian Root, and 5-HTP. I have very low natural Seretonin levels and I was worried about not taking them and having a bad trip. But I went off these supplements for about 3 days before the Datura experiment. I have no scientific basis for 3 days... not sure how much would be left in my system or if it would affect things at all. All in the name of Redneck Science...

Extra about the vision:
The blurry vision was pretty bad this afternoon. I also have a bit of trouble with my right eye wandering, but this only happens when looking at stars it seems. Doing magic eye and playing fast action-reaction videah games seem to help get them calibrated(?) faster an as I've written this things have improved quite a bit. This seems to be slowly correcting itself through the day. The worst was I had to take my glasses off to read a book and I usually don't have to. It is improving. Also, the stars are leaving weird geometric tracers. I think I'll go stargazing after this. :)

Still have Gneechees tonight. Little buddies. Like sitters...

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104841
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35
Published: Feb 1, 2019Views: 6,276
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