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Anadenanthera peregrina
by Azaraii
Citation:   Azaraii. "Rapture: An Experience with Anadenanthera peregrina (exp104806)". Erowid.org. Jan 30, 2016. erowid.org/exp/104806

3 seeds insufflated Anadenanthera peregrina (ground / crushed)


This was my 3rd experience with Yopo seeds, and as a warning, the first time was overwhelming. I thought at one point that I actually died and was absolutely terrified. However in my eyes, the throwing up and initial terrifying feeling is well worth it.


I took 5 seeds, heat up a pan, put them all in and lid on top. Every time I heard/saw one of them pop, I took it out of the pan. Sadly, I didn't realize when two of them popped, which made me end up with 3, since the other 2 burned. I took of the shells, put the seeds into a pestle and mortar and ground them up. Put in some lime (calcium hydroxide), in the form of 'Raja Chuna' at a ratio of about 10:1 Yopo/Lime and added a tiny amount of water (about 3-4 drops). Basically the reason to add the lime is for the seeds to be more potent. Then I mixed it so I ended up with a uniform mass, with no white or dark brown parts in it.

Next I took a cup of water which I heated until it was boiling, put it under the plate holding the mass so it would heat up and dry the mass faster. I heated up the cup a second time when it cooled down to much. After this, the mass was hard and completely dry. I put it into the mortar and pestle again, ground it up completely again and there it was. Light-brown powder ready to be insufflated.

Set & Setting:

Since it was noon it was quite bright outside, so I closed my curtains. The indispensable bin to throw up into was ready in close range. A glass of water was also standing ready.
The indispensable bin to throw up into was ready in close range. A glass of water was also standing ready.
I also locked my door to make sure nobody would just randomly walk into the room, as well as warning my roommates not to worry should I be screaming or making any other form of noise. I also prepared music for about an hour so I only had to push a button and it would start. I was still very nervous with the powder in front of me and tried to calm me down, which didn’t really work.

The Experience:

I prepared a nice line and snort it with one nostril until I couldn’t take it any more at which point I used the other nostril until it was all gone. My eyes started tearing up and I could feel a bit of it at the back of my throat. It felt disgusting and I knew that I am gonna throw up again. So I sit down on my bed, put on the music, pull the bin a bit closer and wait.

First the feeling of heaviness sets in. I wasn’t able to stand up and probably would have collapsed immediately anyways. Then “the cure kicked in”. I threw up into the bucket and felt as if there was sand running down my arms, a tingling sensation. I closed my eyes while throwing up and when I opened them again I saw circles dancing around my vision. Sadly the throwing up wasn’t over for a good 5 minutes and every time I vomited I asked myself why I was doing this. It is the most horrible vomiting you will ever experience in your life.

When I was finally finished, I sat back down on the bad and I again realized why it was worth going through that horrible experience. My mind was racing as if I was experiencing a million things at once, I saw pictures of impossible worlds, people that did seem familiar, shapes and colors and it felt as if the pictures came in with the speed of light. I was lying down at this point because I couldn’t keep myself up. Suddenly all of my muscles contracted in my legs and I felt as if they just suddenly “broke”. I was lying there, completely unable to move.

As I was looking around there were still all kinds of shapes and colors flying around me and every time I tried to concentrate on anything, a thought or a sight, it was as if there was a different me in my body, trying to distract me. At one point I was again able to get up, even though I nearly collapsed immediately, and I moved towards my mirror. I noticed “I” was completely red in my face but then I got that feeling of unfamiliarity. This person in the mirror did look exactly like me, but it was the person inside myself, trying to distract me. I was talking at times during my whole experience and we “befriended” each other.

I felt the sudden urge to dance to music I was listening to and did so for quite some time. When I closed my eyes it was as if I was around loads of people, also dancing and enjoying themselves. But I got tired quickly and sat down on the bed again. Then I reached the “climax” of the experience. The song “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space (Elvis Edition)” came on. At the end of that song there are women singing, sounding like a choir of angels, and at this point I just felt “complete”. I guess that’s what people understand under rapture. I felt as if everything around me made sense, and it was as if they whispered the meaning of life to me. It is very difficult to describe how I exactly felt but it was the most amazing feeling I ever had. I felt as if I had become god. It was absolutely amazing.

After that I kept thinking about this, the meaning of life, the universe around me, and I just felt completely ecstatic. I went back to the mirror to discuss this with “my friend” and he told me to never forget this moment. I thought to myself, “How could I forget this?”, but I immediately took a pen and wrote my thoughts down. After this, I felt that the Yopo slowly wore off, so the entire experience took about 1 hour to an hour and a half. But still, I was thinking about it for the entire day and I felt as if there was still some of it in my body.

So far, every time I took Yopo, I had these experiences that I felt changed my life and the way I felt about everything around me. It is horrible to start with, but after it properly kicks in, I absolutely didn’t regret it.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104806
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Jan 30, 2016Views: 3,489
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