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Had Me Floating
Mugwort & Cannabis
by Toby B
Citation:   Toby B. "Had Me Floating: An Experience with Mugwort & Cannabis (exp104618)". Jun 20, 2020.

2 joints/cigs smoked Mugwort
    smoked Cannabis


I was first introduced to mugwort through browsing online threads regarding cannabis alternatives. One particular paragraph I read stated that mugwort substituted as a sort of “poor man’s cannabis”, often used by sailors some time ago! (Time period not specified); This excited me, as what I was looking for was a herb that would deliver a recreationally satisfactory high! Mugwort was the first herb I discovered in the category of a “low key psychoactive”, and of course it was perfectly legal meaning I had means of obtaining it through a local store. I was keen to try this herb for myself, recount its effects, and enjoy it with my friends!

The first time I decided to try Mugwort, was six months ago. I had purchased a fifteen-gram (approx. Half Ounce) bag for a gathering that my friends and I had planned in an abandoned house, and the first thing I noticed when inspecting the bag of herb was the smell. Indeed some sacred herbs have strange smells, some even enticing! This is the way I would the initial scent of dried Mugwort, enticing; It had a strong sage like aroma and as a dry herb, I could well imagine why one may assume that it fell into the divine or consciousness-altering category of horticultural ritual and recreation. It emits a rather “dreamy” or “oriental” aura on first inhalation, with notes of pepper, sage, rosemary and a hint of oregano. Overall, very nice, definitely a deep entrancing odor in my opinion; the smell in likeness to cannabis is quite similar (although that would depend very much on the strain of cannabis), and as opposed to the sweet aroma of cannabis sativa bud, it is much more savory and bitter.

I was set to experience mugwort smoked for the first time with one of my closest friends who had also helped me to organize the event scheduled for the evening. We prepared to start smoking Mugwort by grinding about four grams of the herb in a metal grinder and making/rolling some roach filters. I rolled four (straight Mugwort) joints, two for myself, and two for my friend. My mindset before smoking was slightly nervous yet focused and excited, as I was unsure of how the night would pan out and was keen to make it a success. These feelings would fade however, and a subtle relaxation and realization of our freedom would take their place on first drag of the rolled herb. The approximate time of consumption was 10:30pm, AEST (GMT+10).

Both my friend and I smoked in a local park, made very serene by the lack of people and the moonlight; Casting a beautiful blanket dull snow light over the trees and shrubs, adding further aesthetic appeal to an overall pleasant and enjoyable experience: When we were done smoking, the first affects/manifestations of Mugwort’s psycho-footprint I noticed were not unlike alcohol, although much milder, and to some extent, more enjoyable. These effects were semi euphoric and slightly dizzy, the initial notes of the mugwort high; my friend had also noticed this physiological reactions. The next development in the intoxication to come to my attention was the exaggeration of shadows; everything had become slightly more abstract, and fascinating; slight feelings also of dissociation and content as normality was ever so slightly inverted. As we took our route to the train station to meet our friends, (who would be joining our evening fun), the effects had mostly worn of, (to the train station with detours may have taken around half an hour to forty-five minutes), meaning that the majority of effects had subsided at approximately 11:15pm, AEST (GMT+10).

In the course of the evening much cannabis was also consumed
In the course of the evening much cannabis was also consumed
, along with more mugwort, rendering further report and review of the mugwort herbs intoxication invalid. But it was certainly an experience, the Mugwort married quite well to the cannabis (indica) causing a second envelopment or another more intense platform in the high. I may also add that the two herbs when combined made for a particularly enhanced reality and feeling of extreme disassociation!

In conclusion Mugwort is a great herb as a smoke. As for its supposed dream enhancing effects, I am yet to have a night without vivid dreams! Rendering me a bad test subject for these supposed reactions to the herb.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104618
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jun 20, 2020Views: 2,128
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Mugwort (292) : Combinations (3), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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