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Piracetam & Choline
by ProffD
Citation:   ProffD. "Control: An Experience with Piracetam & Choline (exp104610)". Dec 22, 2016.

T+ 0:00
2 g oral Piracetam  
  T+ 0:00 1 g oral Vitamins - Choline  
  T+ 1:15 8 g oral Piracetam  
  T+ 1:15 4 g oral Vitamins - Choline  
  T+ 5:00 12 oz oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 5:30   repeated oral Alcohol  
  T+ 8:00   insufflated Piracetam (powder / crystals)
  T+ 8:00   insufflated Vitamins - Choline (powder / crystals)
  T+ 20:00 5333 mg oral Piracetam (liquid)
  T+ 20:00 2667 g oral Vitamins - Choline (liquid)
  T+ 20:00   insufflated Piracetam (powder / crystals)
  T+ 20:00   insufflated Vitamins - Choline (powder / crystals)


I feel obligated to start by briefly describing my past experience with various substances. I have smoked marijuana before, but it induced epileptic fits so I refuse to smoke it anymore. I am a heavy and frequent drinker, often consuming 10-12 beers a day and finishing the night with a few cocktails or glasses of cheap wine at a local bar. I also smoke heavily, maybe a half-pack of of cigarettes a day. I tend to be very sensitive to all other drugs, recreational or prescription, so I try to limit my daily usage to cigarettes and beer.

This is to document the last 24 hours of my life, of which I have spent the majority on piracetam. My 250-gram order of piracetam came in the mail yesterday around 3 in the evening, along with 125 grams of choline bitartrate as a supplement. I immediately took a 2 gram dose of piracetam with a 1 gram dose of choline. I have heard of other stacks in different ratios, but I simply mixed the two substances in a 2:1 piracetam:choline ratio.

I felt nothing from the 2 gram dose for over an hour. I hadn't eaten and developed a slight headache. Before eating dinner around 4:00pm the same evening, I took a sizable dose of piracetam approximately equivalent to 8 grams, followed by around 4 grams of choline. I proceeded to eat dinner thinking nothing of the piracetam I had taken. Within the next two hours I had cleaned my entire apartment, taken out the trash, washed the dishes, finished my laundry, and written a letter to my girlfriend. When I sat back down to my laptop I realized what I had accomplished and how out of the norm it was for me to have done so much so quickly.

I thought hard about whether this was a placebo effect or not. The scientist in me wanted to say yes, but the feeling I was having suggested that it was not. I felt warm, energetic, somewhat light-headed, and very, very focused. The most dramatic effect was in my auditory senses.
The most dramatic effect was in my auditory senses.
I felt like I could hear the fleas on the squirrels outside my window passing gas. I was so tuned in to everything that was happening around me.

To sum up this experience report, I will add a more detailed description of what doses I took and how they affected me, along with a report of how I felt the night of my first dose and the following day.

Approx. 3:00pm - 2 grams oral solution piracetam
1 gram oral solution choline bitartrate
4:00pm - slight headache, upbeat mood
Approx. 4:15pm - 8 grams oral solution piracetam
4 grams oral solution choline bitartrate
6:00pm - Had performed housework for the entire week
Felt warm, energetic, exceedingly happy, and extremely focused
Noticed hearing beginning to sharpen and become clearer
7:00pm - Effects became less noticeable
Headache persisted
Began urinating frequently
Approx. 8:00pm - 1 can of beer ingested orally
Approx. 8:30pm - Arrive at local bar
8:30-10:30pm - 5 beers ingested orally and two mixed shots ingested orally
Approx. 11:00pm - Arrive at my apartment
Snort two small bumps of piracetam:choline 2:1 mixture
Immediately noticed sobering effects and clearer vision
Throughout the night - Repeated waking for urination
Incredibly vivid nightmares and tear-inducing fear
Following morning – 11:00am – Still gripped by paranoia and fear
Still urinating frequently
8 grams oral solution of 2:1 piracetam:choline oral solution
4 small bumps of 2:1 piracetam:choline mixture snorted
Immediate headache and fear relief
11:30am - Began writing this report but stopped to walk to store
4:00pm - Finished writing this report, still focused and thinking clearly

The previous timeline offers insight into when and how I dosed. The following few paragraphs will describe the latter half of aforementioned timeline in closer detail.

My experience with piracetam was subtle at first, then very suddenly noticeable after larger doses. The reports of clear thinking, warmth, visual and auditory acuity, and razor-sharp focus were all very true in my experience. The reports of long-lasting focus (8+ hours), hallucinations, and time distortion were not true for me. The reports of piracetam exaggerating the effects of alcohol were very accurate, but only to a certain extent. I still felt very drunk much faster than I normally would, but I did not stumble or slur my speech. In fact, my speech (even within just a few hours of ingestion of piracetam) became much clearer and more articulated. I would not stutter or stammer over words, my vocabulary was more readily available, and my sentences seemed to flow together like they had been sewn in my brain that way.

At no time did I feel “smarter” from taking piracetam. This drug did not give me any knowledge that I did not previously have. It did, however, make the knowledge that I had previously accumulated more accessible. I felt like I had accessed the deepest memories that I had ever recorded. Everything I knew about anything in the world was accessible to me. Clouds, tables, soda, pot roast, sticky notes… I could recall facts about every single item in my field of vision that I thought I had forgotten. There was no limit to the knowledge that I could recall.

The nightmares were the biggest downside to my experience with piracetam.
The nightmares were the biggest downside to my experience with piracetam.
I would wake multiple times throughout the night absolutely gripped with fear, unable to move and on the verge of tears. My dreams were filled with deep psychological choices that I was forced to make, such as whether to kill or save one person in order to kill or save another. At one point in my dreams I was forced to stab and shoot multiple people to stay alive, unsuccessfully prevent a serial killer from escaping, dissect a human skull, and watch hundreds of people die after I failed to defuse a bomb. It was as if this drug was controlling my dreams, forcing me to fail. I felt guilty and paranoid when I woke up the next morning. I feel that I should also add that these nightmares were very, very vivid. If they had been good dreams they would have been rather satisfying compared to a normal dream. The fact that they were so incredibly real, vivid, and lucid only seemed to amplify the terror I was feeling.

Below are my pros and cons list of taking piracetam and choline:

Pros: Very focused and energetic
Constant surround sound hearing
Enhanced colors
Overall happiness and contentment combined with mood overstability
Unlimited access to previous experiences, memories, and knowledge
Increased ability to understand difficult concepts quickly

Cons: Persistent headache
Frequent urination
The most frightening nightmares of my entire life
Increased susceptibility to other drugs, such as tobacco or alcohol

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104610
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 22, 2016Views: 6,172
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