Not What I Expected, Very Potent
by Lionheart
Citation:   Lionheart. "Not What I Expected, Very Potent: An Experience with AB-PINACA (exp104567)". May 12, 2015.

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I obtained this as a free sample from an online vendor and seeing as it was a cannabinoid and I am a daily weed smoker for the past decade. I was in an experimental mood that day so I decided to give it a whirl that evening, once I had finished a house spring clean.

AB-PINACA is also known as N-[(1S)-1-(aminocarbonyl)-2-methylpropyl]-1-pentyl-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide, it's a highly potent synthetic cannabinoid.

My sample was a blend made of Damiana leaf infused with AB-PINACA, mixed with rolling tobbaco in a 1&1/4 rice paper skin.

After finding no previous trip reports about this particular cannabinoid blend online except for AB-FUBINACA which I foolishly assumed would be similar, I decided to proceed with caution, by adding it to a joint which aparently does verry little with the AB-FUBINACA cannabinoid. I now realise to never ever make assumptions about a cannabinoid being in any way similar to annother for dosage. I hadn't smoked anything all day not even a ciggarette, and I had not eaten much either but about an hour prior I had a healthy portion of good old beans on toast with a coffee.

I ground and used 0.23g of the blend in a small skin joint with a roach and I layered it in between two thin layers of rolling tobbaco. The time Was around 1:30 AM, I went outside with a friend in good spirits, no nerves or bad thoughts at all.

I lit up, and started smoking it like a regular joint, it tasted a little harsh but not massivly so, I have smoked worse tasting thai in my time. After 3 or 4 tokes, I became aware of my muscles relaxing and specifically aware that I may now need the loo, I took maybe a annother 3-6 tokes before I started feeling a very unsettling tingle, this all happened in less than two minutes.

At this point I immedeately put it down in the ashtray where It would stay for the rest of the night. Aware that I was definitely coming up very quickly, I feared I had already bitten off more than I could chew. I became anxious, immedeately I tried to rationalise and explain my feelings to my companion who only found this to be hillarious, I went deadfaced and was generally not impressed with the buzz at all.

I continued to become ever more anxious for the next 5-10 minutes. The only way I can describe it was like a very intense poppers rush really. Almost immediately, I was aware of a dull pins and needles sensation throughout my entire body, from head to toe. And a slight rise in body temperature and blood pressure.

I started to sweat a little, my hands became clammy and the whole initial come up definately made me very anxious about my bowel control. So I thought it best to sit down and just concentrate on my breathing. Throughout all this I stayed fairly rational and coherent but I definately did not enjoy this stage. I remember insisting that it was not as funny as my companion chuckled at my reaction.

Watching me sweat it out, I think I must have been talking more than I was actually aware of. I felt mildly dizzy at the worst point, but nothing really unbearable. I am sure now I was just anxious due to the uncertainty of where it was taking me, this was nothing like smoking bud. After maybe 5 minuites more the tingling sensation started to subside. I became aware my mouth was dry and starting to feel like the worst had past and it was wearing off. I decided to go inside and make a coffee.

By the time I had made my coffee all feelings of anxiety were starting to dissapear, the tingling and slight disorentation were leaving me in waves. Imagine the tide going out, and each time it washed back in in slightly it would leave even more seconds later untill finally and I came to a joyful realization! I was feeling really, really, really stoned! Like I had just smoked about 3-4 full king skin joints of high grade skunk in one after the other, except without any of the monged body load, except aparently serious red-eye and a head stone feeling. My mood immediately lifted now being in much more familliar state, and I proceeded to wizz through 2 more cups of coffee, one after the other, I made a note of the time it was 2 AM exactly.

I decided that the world should know of my discovery and so I powered up my computer, to write my very first trip report. I put some tunes on and started to write this very report. As time went on my mood just got better and better all the bad initial side effects had past completely and I think I had just had a little bit too much, too quickly.

I would like to try AB-PINACA again, however I am almost certain maybe one or two tokes would be all I need to take me to a nicely stoned state hopefully without the unsettling come up. By about 4.30 the effects had pretty much worn off and at the end I felt completely Clear headed and back to my usual self. The last two and a half hours were thankfully a familliar if not the same stoned buzz I get from smoking really strong skunk, and of course I now have a serious case of the munchies!

Armed now with my last Ami spliff I intend to have a slice of toast, a glass of water and then head to bed.

Some time in the not to distant future I will to try this again however I feel next time I will start with two tokes, then wait 20 minuites before taking annother hit, and feel my way slowly into the best dose for me. Being a research chemical I want to leave some time before I try again as obviously long term affects are definately unknown.

Who knows some may even enjoy the initial rush and come up, at the dose I took, but I personally did not enjoy the first half hour, however after that... I really enjoyed myself!

I accept no responsibility if anyone uses this as a guide, this is just a report and ideas based on my own experience and trip. Everyone's body reacts differently to everything and I am in no way a medical proffesional. I highly reccomend staying away from all research chemicals period. But if anyone should choose to get involved with research chemicals, I can only advise that I found AB-PINACA to be highly potent and any instance of human contact to be treated with extreme caution.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104567
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: May 12, 2015Views: 7,975
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