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Tried Twice Liked It; Drying
bk-MDEA (Ethylone)
by Burning_Guy
Citation:   Burning_Guy. "Tried Twice Liked It; Drying: An Experience with bk-MDEA (Ethylone) (exp104518)". Apr 30, 2016.



Tried first time on a camping trip with buddies in the desert in Nevada, then at home with wife. Very, very good communication tool, very warm, nice. Only downside was I drank HUGE quantities of water, and I think I would like to monitor my temperature and heart rate next time, just to see how it compares to baseline. I would never advise using without lots of drinking water nearby. We did drink some beer afterwards, and it seemed cool, no negative effects. Very mellow the next day.

Not very long lasting, a few hours, but that was fine. Wife and I went to bed, and ping-ponged music from her phone then my phone through our audio system for at least an hour afterwards. I think we became much closer as a result, and both of us are eager to try again, but we are really conservative, so probably every two months or so.

I bet this would save relationships and friendships in trouble. I am much closer now to the friends and my wife than before, as we talked out all kinds of issues. Therapists will be using this in the future, I am sure.

Not very many reports on this stuff out there, so I am making my contribution.

[Dose: 'Small with one bump after about an hour']

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104518
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 56 
Published: Apr 30, 2016Views: 2,473
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bk-MDEA (346) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Relationships (44), General (1)

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