The Gathering
by Jim
Citation:   Jim. "The Gathering: An Experience with LSD (exp10450)". Feb 26, 2007.

T+ 0:00
3 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:00 1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
It was summertime, and a few friends and myself were at a music festival in the appalachian mountains. I had used lsd and mushrooms several times in the past, and enjoyed the experiences. We found a campsite, set up our tents, and proceeded to make a few puchases. I found a ten-strip of what the girl described to be really good hits. I walked back to the campsite, and ingested three of them. I sat back and relaxed, as was my normal pre-trip ritual.

The effects came on much stonger than ever before, the effects were more potent than any other trip in about one hour. I became really anxious and started to fidget with the dried up pine needles on the ground. My one friend asked me if I was feeling alright, I told him I was thirsty. We walked up to the check-in/store, it was really crowded in there. My face began to tingle, and my hands became cold and sweaty. The number of people in there made me nervous, so I was relived to walk out of there with my soda.

We got back, and decided to walk the trails with three other friends. When we started to walk I became much happier, and the visuals were unbeliveable. After what seemed to be and hour or two of intense laughter and distortions we arrived back at the site. I then walked down to this swampy pond to listen to the echos of these bullfrogs calling with another person. I think it is there that I totally lost contact with reallity.

He later told me that I ate another hit down there started to shake a tree, and walked off. The next thing I remember was arriving at these peoples campsite saying hello, and sitting down at the perimeter. I then began to think about how limited I was by my three dimensions of physical movement. Proceeded by trying each and every combination back then forth at different speeds.

After that the strangers there became nothing more than symbols of my emotions. I became fixated on the fire, then stuck my face very close to the burning wood. My emotions then proceeded to pull me away, I then began to try to get past them using every movement I could think. I would get past one then another would stop me. I cant remember how long I tried for, but I eventually ended up in this circular parking lot with many people.

I began to look at the licence plates on the back of the cars, and every single car was from a different state. I wonder how I made the the licence plates appear all diferent, because I know that it was not likely that they were all from different states. I looked up and saw and heard three different scenes, one of a back tire of a dirtbike kicking dirt up, another of firecrackers poping, and the third of different groups of people walking around.

This excitment made me very paranoid, and then began to distrust every single peson in the area. They were there for me, and I had to keep them away. I kept them away with a geometrical game of equations, which makes no sense to me now but did at that moment. I made a mistake and they all began to close in very fast. I became very afraid more afraid than I can remember being since I was a child. I blacked out, and ended up on some trail flat on my stomach.

I was diging into the ground with my bare hands, the smell of the moist black dirt was beautiful. Someone picked me up, and put me on thier shoulder. I couldn't speak so I just kicked, I feel bad now cause I did hit someone. They dropped me and I belived for some reason that I was 'doomed', I reached in my pocket without thought. I pulled out my keys and slid them across my throat. Luckily they didn't even scratch.

I thought about what I just did, and was able to gather my thoughts. I then realized that it was pitch dark out, and I needed to get back to my campsite which I had no idea how to get to. I walked up to these guys camping, and asked one if he could show me back to the store he did, which wasn't too far. I found a couple friends standing near my car, whom I was very glad to see. They told me I had been gone for eight hours, and they had been looking for a bit.

I was still off for an hour or two, which I spent listening to music in my tent.

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 10450
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 26, 2007Views: 5,952
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LSD (2) : Difficult Experiences (5), General (1), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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