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A Psychedelic Tool
by George_Elliot
Citation:   George_Elliot. "A Psychedelic Tool: An Experience with BK-2C-B (exp104460)". Nov 2, 2015.

T+ 0:00
55 mg oral BK-2C-B
  T+ 0:30 25 mg oral BK-2C-B
  T+ 1:20 25 mg oral BK-2C-B


I ordered some online, from a reputable source, of what I believe to be good quality BK-2C-B. It was my first time trying this substance. I intended to layer the dose, so I split one of the pills (110mgs each) in half (55mgs), and subsequently split one of the halfs too in half (27.5mgs). What follows is my trip summary which I wrote during the trip.

11:00 am - consumed 55mg with breakfast.
11:30 - consumed a further 25 mgs. Definite slight visual effects already, doesn't seem placebo.
12:00 - very mild visual effects have continued, I can run with them.
12:20 - consumed a final 25mgs.
13:00 - Fine, gonna try writing. Mild visuals continue. Somewhat stronger than before, and more of a constant thing, though not in any way disconcerting.

14:10 - I'm enjoying the music, there's room for thought. Of course there always is, but with this, there's a certain immediacy to it, or a primal virtue, because I feel the danger, I feel I am on the edge and always have been, and can only be, and I've to make do. It's a reminder, I guess, of where I'm at. So dig in. Explore. Turn on some music - Joni Mitchell, Mozart, Cohen, Stevie Nicks - and get back to writing; evermore... ;)

15:00 - It's definitely kicked in at this point. It's nice. Controllable. Sometimes I'm worried at the prospect of having my parents coming home later, three hours from now I guess, and having to interact with them. But I think I can manage it. But my eyes are huge. Huge pupil dilation. Asides from that, it's back to writing for me.

15:40 - Had a piss break and discovered my face can transform in the mirror. Interesting stuff.

16:40 - It has nicely plateaued.

17:30 - My friend arrived half an hour ago, along with an unexpected twist of events. I would liken the trip to acid.

01:30 - It's still active and I'm getting kinda sleepy, but in no state to sleep. I will try to do so soon I reckon. Until then, I've returned from the night out and I'm back to writing.

02:30 - Not so productive at this point. Tired. Still capable of open eyed visuals, which are interesting, but what of it at this point when I'm tired and unable to run so freely with it in thought as I was before. I'm gonna call it a night.

It definitely lasts a long enough time. Over 12 hours. I tried a 100-110 mgs of this stuff. It was strong but good. I wonder if half the amount would be productive.

Viva la revolution

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 104460
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Nov 2, 2015Views: 4,085
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bk-2C-B (618) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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