The Devil in Crystal Form
Citation:   Dave_F. "The Devil in Crystal Form: An Experience with a-PVP (exp104449)". Apr 30, 2015.

  repeated insufflated alpha-PVP (powder / crystals)
First off, I have never been addicted to a drug, not even cigarettes-I smoked for 4 years and quit cold turkey-this is an extremely terrifying experience for me.

I came into possession of aPVP while searching for an alternative to methylphenidate (I go to school full time and run two businesses, I MUST always be on top of it) I purchased 1 gram from trusted source, its form was light-tan crystals. The first two days I would insufflate around 15-25mg in the morning, I loved the feeling, I was instantly ready to go into everything and felt like I did with my previous methylphenidate come-up. But after about an hour I would become unhappy and anxious, but for some strange reason (this drug alters my logic) it was around day 4-5 I realized it was the aPVP causing it. Days were ruined, I would begin working on my daily errand, and just blow through the first 1-2 hours, and then spend the next 7-8 feeling completely hopeless, unhappy, and incoherent... So by day 10, I was redosing every 2 hours just to maintain myself...

The terrifying parts are: it created this vicious cycle. I would be wide awake at night and completely incapable of sleep... and when I did sleep I had the worse thoughts. So the next morning I felt so bad-but had so much to do-I would take it again the next morning... And my strung out brain could not talk myself out of it, I would always dose it no matter what I promised myself the night before.... And I was extremely upset with myself at the end of the EVERY night for taking this stuff, and would promise myself I would sell it to my friend and get my money back the next day... But the next day I NEVER HAD ANY COMPREHENSION OF AN ADDICTION. I was constantly searching for anti-anxiety drugs and supps., and trying to confide in friends for the recent extreme anxiety I was involved in, I literally was in denial of an addiction for the 8 hours after a dose, because my mind was so paranoid and irrational...

It's day 20 now, and I just now finally forced myself to go out to my work truck and flush it down the toilet. Because I fully knew there was NO WAY I could throw it away tomorrow. I cannot believe this could be possible, I went from being responsible and happy, to a strung out mess CHEWING HOLES in my tongue, and getting severe facial ticks. I was even experiencing visual hallucinations (shadows moving across the wall, lights flashing, dizziness) by day 3... AND I COULDNT EVEN COMPREHEND aPVP WAS CAUSING IT!

This drug is illegal, and one of the few I fully 100% understand why. I lost 13 pounds in 20 days, lost friends, and even ruined 2 major class projects. The way its effects work on logic made it incredibly difficult to understand all the negative effects caused by the substance itself... I was falling apart, and found myself blaming everything but the drug that I knew made me feel horrid.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104449
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Apr 30, 2015Views: 48,100
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