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Perpetual Kaleidoscope of Colors
by 7gramjap
Citation:   7gramjap. "Perpetual Kaleidoscope of Colors: An Experience with DMT (exp104339)". Feb 25, 2018.

  smoked DMT
    smoked Cannabis


It all started on Saturday, August 30th 2014, the day I finally got my hand on DMT. TO give some background information I considered myself to be very experienced in the world of psychedelics. My best friend and I had done numerous amounts of research on DMT, and on anything we had tried prior to this “trip.”

The evening had begun nicely with many people over at my own house. Throughout the night we had smoked marijuana so it was going to be a good night I could already tell. At the time we were trying to get ahold of some magical mushrooms, after we had been told that those were not going to be available, we were told we were able to get DMT, which actually sounded much better at the time since no one there had done it ever before. Before I knew it, the substance was at my house in no time at all. I was nervous when it arrived but also very excited.

We had begun preparation loading the first bowl with a layer of cannabis, layer of DMT, and then another thin layer of cannabis. After everything was ready to go the next question was who was going to be the first to try this new adventure. My best friend timidly but without hesitation said he would, he asked me to try it right after him and I said I would. My friend and I were by far the people who wanted to blast off the most, also we had done the most research on the matter.

We went into my basement and into my closet, we were thinking that after smoking it, the person would have my bed to sit/lay as they blast off. We were told to keep the flame out of direct contact, which we did originally, later on in the night we decided it was more effective if we had direct flame, although it was not suggested, that is what we did, and it seemed to work better that way. After a few hits my friend admitted to feeling extremely funny, and described his visuals very similar to LSD. Al my friends went before me, their dosages ranged around 50mg. No one seemed to blast off.

I had some close friends there that were not interested in doing DMT, but were eagerly awaiting my turn. Finally, after all my friends were feeling rather trippy, it was my turn. I was loading the bowl and I decided, it obviously is safe and legitimate so I was going to add quite a bit to my bowl. I would say I was near 150mg (anywhere from 100-200mg). So I knew something was about to happen, but I had no idea what, specifically.

I went outside and sat in a rocking chair next to a girl I was having sexual relations with at the time, her friend, and her friend’s boyfriend. He went to hand me one of my two lighters, a blue and a red. Instead he said he was going to torch it for me, I was using a water pipe with 6 arms in it, with water in the piece. He sparked both the lighter right in front of my face. I began to inhale. The clouds grew extremely think and I had torched the entire bowl. I pulled the bowl out of the rig and cleared the whole thing. I instantly felt funny. I tried to hold it in as long as I could, but then my lungs began to hurt. It felt like I had fiberglass in them and shards were tearing through my lungs. I exhaled, and…

Immediately after my exhalation I felt very odd. I looked down at the flower carpet beneath me and noticed my vision was shuttery. Things began to shake, and I could see trails on all objects, stationary or moving. I looked around and my last words to the people around me were “I’m so fucking high…” and they replied “Really?” shortly after there was no communicating for myself. The flowers began to wave. My body felt like it was exploding from the inside out. I felt so much pressure on my head, my brain could have busted through my skull and poured out onto my shoulders.

Colors began to become more colorful and vibrant, similar to LSD, but then it didn’t stop. The colors continued to grew into a brighter version of the world. Eventually colors were so bright they could not be conceived, and eventually everything I saw had no meaning to me consciousness because I could not understand. I shut my eyes and dragged my fingers down my face as if I was making a screaming face. I managed to open my eyes for a second, as the person in front of me leaned in and asked “Dude are you okay?”…My involuntary reply was “I’m not okay.” I said this extremely calmly so no action was taken towards me. I shut my eyes again and…

I saw only colors, bright colors, such as neon greens, oranges, purples, pinks, all the colors of the spectrum, but they were perceived as so bright, I couldn’t say I’ve ever seen these colors before in the real world. I saw the person who had asked me if I was alright. They were tinted green, and then they shuttered. Then he spiraled around and there were multiples of him. His voice went on repeat “Dude, are you okay?” …”D-d-d-d-d-dude, a-a-are y-y-y-you, okay-y-y-y?” Then his voice would almost warp, oddly similar to the stereotypical hearing of a person on drugs in a movie, where it would fluctuate between very high pitched and deep. It was absolutely terrifying. Colors were exploding all around. Every time it was repeated I continued to reply “I’m not okay”, once again I said this in a very calm matter. I heard in the background “He keeps repeating himself” And I had realized there were other life around me. I continued to go into this weird void of colors and spirals. It felt like it had lasted for days, I thought something was wrong. I had no idea where I was. Sometimes I would asked “How long is this going to last?” but I never received a reply. I knew I was somewhere other than my back porch. At some points I felt like I was the only being ever, I felt like I was dying. I came to the conclusion that this moment in my trip was ego death. I visualized a darkness and I could vividly go through all the memories in my life. I almost spoke to myself about these moments. This was a very enjoying time of my trip. My memories seemed to slideshow by my point of few and there was almost another physical being of myself there to talk to me about what I did. I had been doing well in life at the time and I kept reflecting on very recent moments in my life, but occasionally I would reflect back to a very older memories.

I finally opened my eyes and I realized that whatever had happened, happened on the back of my eyelids, but I immediately forgot everything. I saw all these creatures around. I came to find out they were all my close friends.
I saw all these creatures around. I came to find out they were all my close friends.
I realized I must have been doing something crazy because when I closed my eyes there were only 3 people near, and when I open them I was now surrounded by about 15 of my closest peers staring at me. At this time I could barely recognize any of them though. They all seemed to be strangers to me. As I gathered my thoughts, I started with the people around me. I went through and slowly but surely established who everyone was and what they were doing at the moment. Next concern was where was I? I actually had to ask someone because of how disorientated I was. Last main issue I had with coming down was, WHAT THE HELL DID I DO!? I had no recollection of what I actually had done prior to this endeavor. I was thinking to myself, trying to avoid asking another stupid question that all seemed to be answered so easily. By that I mean, the second I had received an answer from someone I felt very ignorant to not know where I was, nor who I was with. I was experiencing a high like no other still, with very strong visual effects, and definitely some disassociation to everything around me, most likely the result from have such an intense blast off, which was without a doubt an out of body experience, with no concept of reality.

I was so unaware of what had happened for a brief moment I actually thought I felt this way because I smoked some marijuana. I was making connections in an order such as, “What did I do?” ….”What do I do?”….”Why am I feeling so weird?”….”OH YEAH !!! I smoked weed!”….then about a few moment later after making that very incorrect connection I realized I did something else, I realized I was not “high” I was tripping. And very hard at that. I looked to the girl to my left and asked her what I did and I didn’t understand her. Eventually I found out I had smoked DMT. I felt very detached from reality. I was actually hosting a very large get-together at my own house. I had trouble recognizing people. I struggled understanding what I was doing for the next hour but I stayed busy nonetheless. When I closed my eyes I could still see very vivid colors and I could still tell that there was a decent amount of this chemical active inside of me. It was extremely enjoyable to close my eyes. Sorry for this next part but I figured I would discuss my entire trip. Later that evening I had sexual intercourse and it was by far one of the most intense feelings of my life. When I closed my eyes whatever I thought I was feeling, became a real visual on the back of my eyelids, anywhere from imaging me genitalia resembling a sword being sharpened, all the way to being struck by lightning.

Overall it was a very amazing experience from start to finish. It can tell it could have easily been a very unpleasant time. I remember at one point in my trip I was worried I was dying, I truly believed that I was dying, but I remembered that I am a decently intelligent individual, and I wouldn’t do anything that would kill me (assuming that what I did was legitimate DMT) Which without a doubt, it was. I remembered that I had done numerous amounts of research on the matter, and knew whatever I had done, would eventually end and I would go back to normal. Had I not done research prior to trying this, I could have had a very rough time coping with what I like to believe was my concept of “Ego-death.” I definitely would not recommend blasting off frequently, although it may be safe to blast off, I can undeniably see how frequent blasts off could cause a human to literally go insane.

It was a very interesting time, and I definitely plan on trying it again, but not in the near future. Complete detachment from reality, some soul searching, an OBE, Ego-death.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104339
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Feb 25, 2018Views: 1,623
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DMT (18) : Combinations (3), First Times (2), Large Group (10+) (19)

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