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Shotgun of Chaotic Rampancy and Satisfaction
by Slingshot
Citation:   Slingshot. "Shotgun of Chaotic Rampancy and Satisfaction: An Experience with 5-APDB (exp104209)". Oct 15, 2015.

5 mg insufflated 5-APDB (powder / crystals)
  100 mg oral 5-APDB (powder / crystals)


Not much preparation, just got off a busy busy day of work, last meal eaten was about four hours prior, a flatbread sandwich and some cholesterol free chips, nothing heavy.

After an insufflated 5 milligrams for allergy testing, I weighed out 100 milligrams of 5-APDB and parachuted it in some tissue paper. My girlfriend did the exact same. The time was about 8pm. Let me just begin by stating that I did NOT expect it to be this intense, and was VERY impressed with the quality of this damn chem. Amazing.

T - 0:00 Parachute my 5-APDB and start to clean a little, turn some Wave Racer on.

T - 0:15 literally feeling it already? Placebo? Very very excited and music sounds overly beautiful, I almost teared up.

T - 0:30 Aforementioned friend in my Kratom post returns to take his canister home, but sees my eyes and sits down, laughing hysterically. I look like a wild animal even though I haven't moved much.

T - 0:40 - Girlfriend (J) goes upstairs and starts throwing up in the toilet? I note no nausea in reports nor in myself.

T - 0:50 - OH shit I can't see ANYTHING AT ALL. SO insanely warped and shaken, just epitome of dizzy, but I'm laughing my ass off in wonder. My friend is jealous of the time I'm having but must return home and says he'll try next time. And OHHHHH....I see the nausea now. But I'm not puking for some reason, even with fingers down throat, so I just say who cares and ride the nausea.

T- 1:00-2:00 - CHAOS. Like LSD chaos, the humor is there, laughing ridiculously at social gestures. I ransack my wallet. 'Just need to make sure the things are here. All the things. Maybe one of my wallet things fell out. I need to know early so I can get the thing and return it with my things.' Laughing into my couch, time is seriously ripping apart a little. I am SO hopped up too. It's overwhelming and I actually have to close my eyes and lower my head around this time because it was too spiritually demanding, in such a nonchalant way. My whole body is an orgasm. I don't think people are very educated with this chem? Because when I researched this people just kept regurgitating 'Mild empathy mild euphoria no dopamine qualities, lacks stimulation ' but they must have never done it? I was WRITHING.

Mass confusion, how did I end up at this table? I was just upstairs, like I can't even follow what happened for 40 minutes. My eyes are rolling into my head, I'm zoning so insanely hard, I feel like ten people are here when it's now JUST my girlfriend upstairs. I once again am stuck in a work loop (I've been given a lot of responsibility lately, associate manager at a Panera, and it's really seeping into my hallucinations ahaha). My ticket times are 20 minutes, everyone is ditching me, etc. I fade in an out to the point that I realize I am just on the couch, and become fearful for almost an hour that a customer can place a to-go order, and it will show at my house. How will I make it with no ingredients? I didn't catch their name...where is everyone going? I need help. I can't find anything...oh but yes I am nodding, non stop movement in my legs that I should win out over. In this hour, J kind of relaxed downstairs with me. I've never been so heavily stimulated AND sedated at once...I was quite literally blacking out from the pleasure and sedation, yet bruxism is off the wall and I'm shaking real bad.

T - 3:00 I turn on Dead Space again, hoping it isn't a disaster like the Kratom experience. The calamity is everywhere, tiny alien seedlings jumping on me, 8 foot charred necromorph, oh god this is impossible (spamming ripper non stop). However I can only stomach so much of the animation (not even the gore, just the graphics were too good to be in, it was so difficult) before shutting it off.

T - 4:00 - Brings us to right NOW. I am feeling quite strung out, but HAPPY as can be. Sweating a bit, peeing every ten minutes, drinking water and sprite, just clenching and biting my mouth and tongue and lips, feels very tingly and NUMB all over my mouth now. Listening to Death Grips and letting it string me along a bit with my eyes closed. Realize how horny I am out of nowhere, and masturbate. It is kinda hard to reach climax, but persistence leads me to a HEAVENLY exploding finish. Pardon my flourish. Tactile is DEFINITELY. THERE. I'm now just sitting down here and time is kind of happening pretty quickly now. I turn the lights off and climb in bed, eating a banana easily on my stomach, and just let myself drift off. Not sleeping, to wired. But sympathetically wired to little receptors of understanding. It might be skeezy but since I have ordered my package (the last month or so) I've been very irritable. Mostly at my post office for returning all of my HELD mail back to sender, ultimately costing me 200 dollars on my package of treats.

And after doing 5-APDB I feel very thankful for my life and all in it, all its circumstances. I miss being up late all tweaked just writing in my journals or playing guitar. I haven't felt myself lately, and this compound really helped breach a gap I think (and I didn't even go into this experience needing anything really...) Next day at work I was cramping up a bit but my attitude was just glowing haha.

Anyway I LOVE this chemical, it's the best roll I've EVER had....I mean EVER. And I grew up with like 30 pills of ecstasy in my shoes at all times hahah. Very fun, very chaotic, very emotionally satisfying.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104209
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Oct 15, 2015Views: 2,496
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5-APDB (715) : First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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