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Entactogenic Synergy
Citation:   Mindspelunker. "Entactogenic Synergy: An Experience with 5-APB & MDMA (exp104165)". Jun 27, 2016.

100 mg oral 5-APB
  50 mg oral 5-APB
  180 mg insufflated MDMA
Iím writing this to share some interesting findings that I and some friends have discovered combining MDMA and 5-APB. I have extensive experience in the realm of entactogens including MDMA, methylone, flephedrone, MDE, mephedrone, and 6-APB (see experience report ĎExtended Blissí). The only prescription medication I currently take is zolpidem a few nights a week for insomnia, which I had not taken the night of or the night prior to either of the below experiences.

I have now had two experiences combining MDMA and 5-ABP. The first involved a group of friends staying at a cabin in a wilderness area of the Pacific Northwest. I had received what was thought to be 5-APB from an online vendor from whom I had not purchased previously. A group of six of us each took 100mg by mouth, waited for about an hour, feeling as though something was happening but nothing too pronounced, so we took an additional 50mg. After another 20mins we became inpatient and decided to insufflate between 150-180mg MDMA. Several bioassays had been done on this batch of MDMA previously so we knew we could expect good results if the 5-APB turned out to be a dud.

Shortly thereafter we were all rolling hard. The part that makes this worth writing about is that we continued to roll hard for around a total of 6-7 hours, whereas when insufflating MDMA in the past it typically lasts around 3-4 hours. The come down was very smooth, we all easily fell asleep around 8 hours after ingesting the 5-APB, and the next day felt generally well, much better than my normal day-after hangover.

A few months later, also while staying in a remote cabin, this same group of friends and I ingested 200mg 5-APB and 180mg MDMA simultaneously. I felt the first alerts around 20mins after ingestion and had an incredible day exploring the outdoors with friends. Again, the peak lasted almost twice as long as MDMA alone and the comedown was quite gentle.

Some caveats to these experiences are: first, the actual chemical ingested was unknown as we did not have access to the sort of laboratory equipment required to verify this. We were initially concerned that the 5-APB may have been inert as it seemed to have little effect alone, whereas Iíve had some very strong effects with 6-APB when taken in similar doses. However, the APBís are known for their prolonged entactogenic effects which would be consistent with the synergy we experienced with these two compounds. Additionally, we probably did not wait long enough to allow the 5-APB alone to show itself prior to taking the MDMA, so its difficult to speculate on what the effects of the 5-APB alone would be. Future experiments are in order.

In summary, 5-APB and MDMA combined have resulted in a prolonged entactogenic experience, with a softer comedown than with MDMA alone. I hope to see others document this combination in order to verify or refute these findings. Good luck fellow psychonauts!

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104165
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Jun 27, 2016Views: 3,137
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5-APB (561), MDMA (3) : Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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