I Was Reborn
by roi
Citation:   roi. "I Was Reborn: An Experience with LSD (exp104155)". Erowid.org. Oct 14, 2015. erowid.org/exp/104155

500 ug   LSD


I've had quite a few experiences with LSD at a 0.5mg dosage that I want to share.

There are two kinds of trips at that dosage - either I 'break through' or not. A break through trip includes a out-of-body experience. Extremely intense, sometimes frightening, confusing. What follows is the 'interesting' part, a description of a break through experience.

I remember 'seeing' the machine language of my mind. Cogwheels, connections everywhere, I saw how my mind works. Is is very hard to describe, if you have never experienced it yourself.

During this time I was no longer aware of my body, who I am, where I was. I was unable to move or talk, I only experienced. This lasted maybe 2 or 3 hours. Then I 'woke up', I was reborn. Everything was completely overwhelming. I was afraid of the background noise of my computer, a very 'alien' sound. It felt like I was a little baby again, that experiences the world for the first time, unfiltered, everything is new. Extremely confusing.

Around 6 or 7 hours into the trip I was able to properly stand up and trying to collect my thoughts (extremely hard, everything was still very overwhelming to me).

I managed to write a friend on IRC, which helped me a lot. I felt very 'numb' during this time, as if I had no emotions. Then suddenly I was able to recall memories from my childhood, my family, and everything returned to me at once, emotions were intensified to a unimaginable degree. I must have spent a few hours crying ;)

The world is a beautiful place. The existence of life is magical. Love is the most important part in it.

9 or 10 hours after I took the LSD (it was around midnight by now), I went for a long walk. A dark night, it was raining, yet I was 'calm', I nearly felt invincible, filled with wisdom, I knew what to do and how to do it. I saw patterns everywhere. I learned about the potential of the human brain, I could access it all. I was not afraid, there was a 'map' in my mind. However, my steps felt very 'mechanic', they were all identical, like my abilities were reduced to the most basic, machine-like level.

That must have been my most introspective experience on a psychedelic drug so far. That trip pulled me out of a nasty depression, like a spark of life planted inside of me. I certainly plan on repeating to take high doses of LSD, if I feel the need for it.

Oh, I didn't mention visuals at all so far. After I was 'reborn', the visuals were not very intense, at least compared to higher doses of 2C-B and other very visual substances. Maybe I didn't notice them because I was barely able trying to collect my thoughts.

Although, on my walk (remember, it was night), when I came across a silvan area, I looked at the ground, and suddenly it started moving and shaking. I saw snakes, millions of them, moving towards me. I'm a little afraid of sneaking reptiles, so this experience caused a little panic attack, which lasted only a few seconds until I realized that it was just the hallucinations. In this moment however, I felt like my whole brain was activated at once, and I had only a single thought: RUN. Well, I did. Intense!

Now the 'boring' part, what happens when I take 500μg LSD and don't break through?

Well, I'm much more in control of the trip. The visuals are just as intense as if I break through, but there is way less 'mindfuck' in general. It's pretty much like a 200μg trip on steroids, but not on a whole different mind-shattering level. Of course it is still very intense and not something one should spontaneously do for fun, but a experienced tripper can handle this level of intensity without freaking out. It's possible to hold a conversation if needed (although I wouldn't recommend it), play games, just listen to music etc.

As always I find it's lots of fun to smoke Cannabis on LSD (they have such a insanely good synergy), on any dose really, even a high dose one.

It always helps me with 'filtering' out some nonsense thoughts, enhances the euphoria by a lot and makes the trip more easy going - probably not for others unless you're a frequent smoker though ;)

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104155
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Oct 14, 2015Views: 3,619
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