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Aeriform Comprehension
Nitrous Oxide
by Dysentry
Citation:   Dysentry. "Aeriform Comprehension: An Experience with Nitrous Oxide (exp10411)". Mar 15, 2006.

  repeated inhaled Nitrous Oxide


It all started off while at work and talking to a friends girlfriend about our drug experiences. I had decided to ease the weed because I had spent a semester smoking it and it had made me lazy which meant I wasnt applying myself to studying. She suggested trying nitrous oxide, and assured me that it wouldnt effect me for more than a few moments, and wasn't a hard drug where I could get addicted to it.

We left work and borrowed a whipped cream maker and purchased a box of canisters each. She cracked open the first one and offered it to me, but passed to see how she reacts to it first. She inhaled it fast, 2 breaths with no 'recycling of the gas' that happens when using balloons. A second later her face was of total ecstasy. Next was my turn, and we put on some cranking music on the stereo. I breathed in slowly the first time and held it for a while. I could feel it building up inside me, a feeling of total relaxation and lack of care for anything happening around me. Second breath took me higher, my hearing started to falter and I could only hear this one small segment of music. I waited and could feel the effect getting intense and slowly start tapering off. I took the 3rd breath (this didnt consist of much) and started to feel good again but not as high as before.

I waited and could feel it wearing off, my hands where shaking.

She suggested on the next round we try 2 canisters in a row. The first canister I cleaned off in two very quick breaths, I started feeling extremely happy. Second canister I took quickly, the first breath made my mind sore, I could feel the music pulsing through my body. I attempted to grab inhale the second breath, my hands where numb and I couldnt coordinate them to release the gas, a couple seconds lately they where working again and I took it, deep and long, holding in the gas for as long as possible, trying to get every atom of gas into my system and making this experience last for as long as possible.

This time I felt the feeling of overwhelming happiness build up, peak and slowly disappear. Amazing, feeling the transition from normal -> good -> awesome -> mind blowing is superb being in such a small time because it can be so clearly felt.

We cleaned off the boxes, and I ached for more. We drove back to the shop (about 20km) and picked up 2 more boxes each. We drove to a local park and prepared for this dose.

This time we decided to do 4 whippets at a time like this, breath in gas, breath out, get fresh breath of gas, breath out, and while Iím doing this she will be loading them up.

First canister went OK, I could feel my self becoming relaxed, second canister my hearing started to turn weird, 3rd canister I started to feel like I was thinking on two planes, the feeling was still boosting. I started to think on 10 planes of thought. 4th canister, I tried to ask her to pass it too me but she was laughing at me. I couldnt make out the words to say. Somehow I managed to signal another hit and I was off. I took the breaths fast this time.

This is when I started feeling normal, I knew i still hadnt peaked but could feel my essence pulling out of my body and floating maybe 3 inches above my head. I was watching myself trying to change the track being played. I could feel it wearing off, but my essence hadnít moved back into my body. I then watched myself signal for a 5th canister, take the breaths and drop the machine. This scared me, it felt I had lost all control in my life - but was happy and didnít really care.

Tingling in my legs began, I couldnít move them, it was like pins and needles except it felt really really good.

I floated back into my body and tried to explain what I had just felt. Everything I said felt like a quote from a movie. Everything I said felt copied and fake, and that was I was doing was only a copy of what I had seen someone else do, nothing I had ever done in my entire life felt like it was my 'own doing' - only a mimic of someone else. No matter how hard I tried to explain this the nitrous was still in effect, and more 'movie quotes' spilled out of my mouth. After a few moments of what felt like total loss of control of my life, I was back to normal.

I explained how I felt to her, and she said that I hadnít been quoting movies and she understood what I had been saying when I was high. Whew!

My second hit of 5 straight canisters, made my mind explode into thought. I was considering everything I had ever done, what it had done to lead me to this point in my life, and what I should do from this moment on. I was considering everything at once and everything fell into place making me feel whole and that my being did have substance that was not just copies of what others had done.

I felt great. Never before have I ever smiled so much from a 5 minute buzz, never! It gave me focus and I never regret having the lost feeling I did on the first hit of 5 canisters.

My experiences with nitrous have always been great, I have introduced it to my friends and they all love it except they never do more than 2 canisters at once.

Another experience I had was when I did 4 canisters. I felt numb, but very calm. I tried explaining it to my freinds around me, but my mouth was so numb everything came out as mumbles. The harder I tried the more I mumbled - a good laugh for them.

Since then I have brought a cracker that uses a balloon, but this does not compare to the whip cream machine. The cracker cannot load the canisters fast enough to let me breath in and get the best buzz.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10411
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 15, 2006Views: 9,771
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Nitrous Oxide (40) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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