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A Convenient Escape
Etizolam & Kratom
Citation:   Starbreaker. "A Convenient Escape: An Experience with Etizolam & Kratom (exp104040)". Sep 25, 2019.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral Etizolam (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:05 2 Tbsp oral Kratom (liquid)
As of this writing, I have been using and experimenting with psychoactive substances for roughly a year and a half. While the only things I like to use regularly are booze, pot, psychedelics, and MDMA, I also like to branch out and experiment with other, riskier substances from time to time.

Earlier this week, one of my friends obtained a decent amount of the substance known as etizolam, and me and another friend had come over to his place to try it out. I had previously heard that it was a benzodiazepine analogue, active in very small amounts, which was unscheduled and relatively new.

Naturally, I was inclined to try it out and see how well it held up. Because it is active in very small amounts, the etizolam came on a colorful blotter sheet, with pre-made cutting grooves, similar to LSD (I made a remark to my friends about how you could rip someone off by selling it as such). We each took a single 'hit' (probably around 1 mg dosage) and swallowed.

After about five minutes, I felt the drug's first effects - a small, but noticeable increase in my sense of comfort. Because I was still coming up, and wasn't expecting this dose to be particularly strong, I asked my friend if I could have some kratom that he had also obtained - like with etizolam, I had never tried kratom before. I told him I wanted enough to get the reportedly opiate-like feel, and he told me that two teaspoons should be enough to get there, while also informing me that I should mix it with orange juice to mask the horrible taste of the powder itself. He also warned me not to put in too much, or it would make me nauseous.

I put two large spoonfuls into a cup, filled it up with orange juice and drank. While the orange juice helped somewhat, the mixture still tasted bitter and rather unpleasant. More than once, after drinking a bit, diluted the remaining mixture with more orange juice to make it more tolerable, and I'm not even sure that I finished the whole thing. Afterwards, the inside of the cup was lined with a nasty-looking green sludge.

Once I was done, though, things started to get laid back. By this time, the etizolam had fully kicked in, and I had the sensations of a decent alcohol buzz: relaxed, euphoric, and talkative. I started talking with my other friend about various subjects - mostly movies and drugs. Shortly after, the kratom kicked in as well, and boy did these two things mix well. I felt sociable and active, while at the same time, nicely at peace and relaxed
I felt sociable and active, while at the same time, nicely at peace and relaxed
, with an excellent body high. I enjoyed this feeling a lot.

For a big part of the rest of the evening, my friend on the phone with his ISP, trying to get his internet connection up. He took a second etizolam hit to provide some stress relief. Me and my other friend kept talking about how shitty customer service could be in the meantime. I patiently waited for the ordeal to be over-with so I could have my buddy to talk to again, but until then, I killed time by relaxing on the couch. I must have sat there for an hour. It was like the couch lock I get from smoking lots of weed, only instead of paranoia, I was content. I tried walking at points, but I was noticeably off-balance, and I felt a bit dizzy when I tried.

Admittedly, at this point, there isn't much left to say. After roughly three and a half hours, I basically came down. I felt a bit groggy with my body being a bit more tired, but that was it. After picking up another friend, I went home.

Overall, I had a good introduction to both drugs. These two substances went together quite well, and provided a convenient means for me to relax, especially considering both substances are currently unregulated. I also liked how it was shorter and had less of a hangover than alcohol.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104040
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Sep 25, 2019Views: 2,768
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