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It CAN Be Beautiful
by Ickis
Citation:   Ickis. "It CAN Be Beautiful: An Experience with DPT (exp103884)". Oct 31, 2019.

  insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)


This was an amazing experience. This compound is something to be respected and used responsibly; it CAN be beautiful, it CAN be life changing, it CAN be eye-opening.

I have experimented with DPT at low doses (20 mgs smoked and 50 mgs insufflated) and got exactly where I wanted (mild OEV and great CEV, along with a head change). I settled at approx. 100 mgs insufflated as to really understand what this compound was 'capable' of. GREAT IDEA ;)

START: I snorted the DPT at around 11:00pm
Effects start at around 11:25-11:30

I came up VERY quickly, I recall sitting on my couch and thinking 'damn I should hit it again' and suddenly I notice the pattern in my rug starting to separate. The graphic started to become 3D with the background sinking into the floor. I chuckle and lay down, popcorn ceiling looks RIDICULOUS! I laughed so hard, it was as though each little 'popcorn' particle began swimming in a synchronized pattern. POPCORN CEILING SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING! I couldn't stop laughing at the idea. At that point I realized I was somewhere else, the popcorn ceiling was all that remained so I attempted to stand, still unsure if I had or not. I recognized the sounds from the television show that was on, but couldn't see it, although I didn't try to focus on it. This was becoming overwhelming so I tried to look at my phone to bring me out.

REALIZATION: I found myself snapping into my 'normal' world, checking my phone (being such a routine in the 'normal' world) allowed me to almost transport my consciousness back. After that I become comfortable vanishing again. I lied down and closed my eyes.

I saw myself there, not literally saw but became introspective. I pondered on mistakes made, regrets, life decisions, uncertainties and realized a lot about who I had become these past 21 years. It worried me, I was by no means content with myself. That turned to fear and loathing in a strange world on the couch of my living room. ;P Strange segments of space broke into hexagonal eyes, angry eyes blinking and turning very frantically, melting and molding into a face that was not frightening but changed frequently. I realized how I had acted in my life. Acting in front of friends and family, my boss, my classmates. I was only 'real' by myself. It rattled my core, but I am grateful for that experience.

As the negativity seemed to peak, it became unbearable. I re-visioned some horrible memories from my past, I felt fear that I was not ready for this experience. Then I saw this static sort of energy, no color to it, just the form. It looked as if a Pikachu was using a Thunderbolt attack in front of my face. (strange comparison sorry) As I focused on this image I realized it was the SOUND of my fan blowing. I loved how my senses were seemingly blending and felt the energy in the room change. The 'Cleansing Spirit' for lack of a better title, visited me in a mist, a white veil draped over my body and expanded through my mind. I could literally feel this being removing the doubt and discomfort. As it vanished I remember reaching for it (physically jerking into a sitting position from laying) and when I touched it a chill went through my whole body and the being stayed for a moment, comforting me into a HUGE grin.

The room began to appear in fractals and patterns, they turned over and blended into each other similar to taffy being stretched. I closed my eyes to see an explosion of colors and polygons I can not describe. I was fascinated with this, I felt them pinging with my brain and understood them without meaning it. I knew what they were without comprehending them. I was a paradox.

I felt my Spirit and found something to believe in, something I had struggled with since I was 16 years old.

END: I slowly slipped back into my 'normal' world. I felt rejuvenated and fresh, no harsh headache or bodyload, no gross feelings. Although my living room had reappeared I still saw the 'worms' wiggling about, the 3D effect in my rug and mild tracers. I checked my phone and it was 1:00am I had a hard time falling asleep, mostly from the excitement of this new experience and partially from the cramping and stiffness in my legs, I assume I had them tensed up through the journey. I had no desire to dose again and haven't felt an urge to use it again this week at all, although I will definitely get into the bag at a later date.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103884
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Oct 31, 2019Views: 293
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DPT (21) : Entities / Beings (37), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), General (1), Alone (16)

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