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A Rush in My Head
by Dan76102
Citation:   Dan76102. "A Rush in My Head: An Experience with Calamus (exp103853)". Sep 4, 2019.

  buccal Calamus (roots)
    oral Hops (tea)
    oral Black Cohosh (tea)


First-Time Experience With Calamus

T+0 I chew a few nuggets of calamus root I got from the store.

T+5s Suddenly, I feel a rush in my head as I am chewing this rush gets more intense; almost a little bit overwhelming, but am able to keep control, even though not knowing what to expect when trying a new, possibly hallucinogenic substance, I am able to consciously remain aware of what is happening around me; not wanting to lose that ability, I spit out the calamus nuggets I was chewing in order to avoid any more feeling of anticipation which might bring on anxiety that I don't need. I succeed, and the feeling remains in my head, now a slight feeling of victory takes over that comes with the success of my prediction that the stimulating effect would not get any more intense
a slight feeling of victory takes over that comes with the success of my prediction that the stimulating effect would not get any more intense

At this time, around T+20s, I begin to feel a very slight hallucinogenic buzz that promotes the color light blue, with very mild CEVs that are tiny flashes of bright blue light, accompanied by a slight analgesic buzz very similar to kratom, especially on the stimulating side (comparing kratom to [other] opiates). Perhaps that is all what I was feeling, and the endorphin release was natural, or self-induced - but it was definitely there and not a full 100% placebo effect. This buzz only lasted about ten seconds, then gradually faded away. I had consumed a cup of tea made of hops leaves (about a quarter ounce of fresh flowers). I had previously read that hops is a GABA modulator, and I decided to try it.

T+4min, the mild stimulating effect is there, so I boil a quarter ounce of black cohosh and an eighth of plantain leaves.

T+6min. I drank the tea that I made to add on to the experience, and so I can try chewing a few more nugs. The plantain provides me an instant anxiolytic, sedating buzz, while the black cohosh takes a little longer to kick in.

T+9min. I chew a couple more nugs, (this time a little more) and as the bitter taste hits my tongue I notice the same rush, as I spit it out; this time the buzz is not as intense and more mellow, easier to handle, due to the tea. The buzz fades into the background as the black cohosh kicks in a little more. I decide to go and get something to eat, as the hunger and the lack of protein will interfere with the experience. I ride my bike to subway, and order a sandwich, with the happy mindset that I am tripping on a substance that very few know about; I notice a girl turn her head towards me; this was very interesting, I don't usually get looks from girls, especially decent ones; but she had this look like she was interested, in something, and perhaps unwillingly was turning her head towards me. No smile, just a look of curiousity, as a look a child gives to an adult, except this look was coming from a full grown adult, and therefore had a whole new meaning, perception-wise, and it boggled with my mind a little bit. It is though my sub-conscious mind was laughing, at this new perception. And my feeling of (slightly egoistic) joy had trapped her mind into the matrix of curiousity; as I ride my bike back I feel the very mellow buzz from the hops - the sandwich helped a lot, and gave the calamus buzz more stamina.

T+2h, the buzz is subsiding, leaving me in a feeling of enhanced mental clarity.

[Reported Dose: "About 1/12th Oz of Calamus root 1/4th Oz. Of Hops 1/4th Oz. Of Black Cohosh 1/8th Oz. Of Plantain Leaves"]

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103853
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Sep 4, 2019Views: 1,491
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Calamus (106), Hops (252) : Combinations (3), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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