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An Evening with Heavenly Blue
Morning Glories (Heavenly Blue)
by DoctorStrange
Citation:   DoctorStrange. "An Evening with Heavenly Blue: An Experience with Morning Glories (Heavenly Blue) (exp10375)". Erowid.org. Jan 6, 2007. erowid.org/exp/10375

1.0 g oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
  6.0 g oral Morning Glory (extract)
  10 g oral Morning Glory (extract)


Years ago I read on a BBS (prior to the WWW) that you could extract LSD from Morning Glory seeds. For all of two weeks I made it my mission to perform this extraction, but my efforts fizzled out for one reason or another, and I never actually went through with it.

Fast forward to the present. Knowing a lot more about how all this works, I now know that it's LSA (or amides of LSA) that Morning Glories contain. However, since LSA is supposed to be similar to LSD when taken in higher doses, I decided, hey, why not, let's give it a go. So I ordered some seeds of the Heavenly Blue variety, and they arrived some weeks ago.

My first attempt was simple: Grind up 3g of seeds (100 seeds), put the powder in a shot glass, top up with vodka, let it sit for a while, then swallow. Well, I actually held it in my mouth for as long as I could, then swallowed - the theory being that the LSA would be absorbed by the mucous membranes in my mouth, and bring on the effect faster.

Well... it sorta worked. Within minutes my face was flushed, and I felt like I'd had a few drinks, but this was almost certainly due to the vodka. However, an hour later, my face was still warm, and I felt lethargic, my limbs were heavy. One ounce of vodka would never have that strong an effect for that long, it had to be the LSA. No visuals, no real mind effects, perhaps some subtle changes in attitude. These effects, mostly body load, lasted for about four hours, peaking half-way through. Mild nausea that passed after the first hour. Some cramping in my thighs towards the end, but that didn't last long either.

My second attempt was more ambitious. I ground up 6g (250) of seeds, and performed an extraction on them (stripping the oils by soaking in toluene, filtering, drying, then soaking the oil-free seed powder in methanol, filtering, and evaporating the filtrate). The end result was a small lump of light-brown oily resin (the whole process took about a week). I put the lump in a shot glass, added vodka, let it dissolve, then held the liquid in my mouth for as long as possible just like last time, then swallowed.

And again, mixed results. I felt sedated. In fact, I was reminded of GHB to an extent. But my face was warm, my exposed skin was tingling. This time it lasted for about six hours, peaking half-way through. My mood was subdued, very lethargic. No visuals, but not unpleasant. The sedating effect is interesting in and of itself. Never any nausea, but again with the leg cramps towards the end (not severe).

And today, my third attempt. I haven't eaten for 24 hours. Ground up 10g (400) of seeds, and just swallowed them with some orange juice. That was 90 minutes ago. I feel very sedated. Difficulty moving limbs, but my mind is still as sharp as a tack (or so it seems). Difficulty typing. Medium nausea that I can ignore most of the time has turned into a weird sort of hunger/nausea, which I'm satisfying with some dry toast (by dry I mean no butter). Wow... a few bites of toast later, and I suddenly feel quite hungry. I'm going to resist the urge to gorge, and just stick to a few slices of toast. Some soup would would be nice right now, though... no! resist!

The muscles in my legs are cramping up worse than the previous two times, such that it is uncomfortable to do anything but sit or lie down (and even when lying down putting my legs in the wrong position can really aggravate the cramping).

My skin is really doing weird things... hot/cold, tingly sensations, touch seems amplified, electrified. I can't figure out which direction the nausea is going, but it's getting harder to ignore (or is it hunger? I can't tell the difference right now). Lethargy increasing, typing is really difficult. My mind, as I said earlier, seems unaffected. And, for the first time, some mild visuals have begun (tracers mainly).

It's been two hours now. Leg cramps are quite bad (mainly inner thighs). If I move, I notice it. If I stretch, it's bad. If I stand up and walk, very uncomfortable.

Wow. It's been three hours now. The last hour just flew by, I never noticed it. Shortly after writing the previous paragraph the leg cramps started to diminish, and are hardly noticable now. Mild nausea comes and goes, never really serious though. Alternates with hunger. Food tastes pretty good, but I'm careful not to overindulge.

Four hours. I think I've peaked, but it's hard to tell. My mind is wandering a lot, lots of random thoughts. Difficult focusing on my task of reporting this. I find myself getting caught in loops, repeating the same motion over and over, thinking the same thought over and over, alternating with periods of rapid thought and motion (this last paragraph is a completely uninterrupted stream of characters leaving my fingertips, one of these bursts of activity).

Extremities are slightly numb (I've had that for about two hours now). My mind still feels unaffected, but an interaction with my roommate 30 minutes ago left me in no doubt that my perception and reality are miles apart. For some reason my jaw is clenching a lot, I find that I'm pinching myself. Feels like all this nervous energy trying to break through the sedative effect, and I think it's starting to. It feels good to find any excuse to flex, stretch and stress a muscle, just exert myself! I can actually see the black time between the frames as I stare at my computer monitor, it looks like it's strobing (and it's set at 100Hz! No human should be able to see that!)

Time dilation is a strange, bizarre thing... 5 minutes can feel like an hour, and vice versa.

Five hours. My mind is really drifting, I'd forgotten for a while that I was writing this. Experienced first CEVs (closed-eye-visuals), strange repeating patterns, mosaic like, blues, purples and greens predominate. Patterns and colours seem synched to the music. Finally, something other than body load! Simple, normal, everyday occurrences and activities seem alien. Difficulty believing I would participate in them, can't quite figure out how, why. Staring at this screen, I have to make an effort to get these words to appear, mentally, the basics are there, grammar is not an effort. Easily distracted, I'm all over the place, intermixed with voids of thoughtless staring into space.

Six hours. Feeling a weird mixture of alert, jittery, and tired, indifferent. Visuals weaker, back to just mild tracers.

Seven hours, and on my way to baseline. I think I still have an hour or two left, but I can see the end.

LSA and LSD are not all that similar. LSA has a strong sedating effect, which although not unpleasant for me, could be unwanted for some. Visuals were weak, but present. Some interesting mind games, unusally good recall of old memories, lots of idle thought processes that could lead in unknown but rewarding directions.

Perhaps I didn't eat enough seeds, but 400+ seeds should be enough, I don't think I'd want to gulp down more pulp than that. And, there's the body load to consider... fortunately I didn't experience the severe nausea that's possible with this many seeds, but the leg cramps brought up worries of ergotism that I didn't need during the peak. Overall... yeah, I'd say there is value with Heavenly Blue, possibly more to be explored. My next attempt is going to be a lengthy extraction to isolate the alkaloids themselves in as pure a form as possible, and see where those take me. Won't be easy, as LSAs are vulnerable to heat and light, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Until next time.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10375
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 6, 2007Views: 18,707
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