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Perfect Way to Wind Down
by Perfectdark
Citation:   Perfectdark. "Perfect Way to Wind Down: An Experience with Pyrazolam (exp103734)". Jan 8, 2015.

0.5 mg oral Pyrazolam (pill / tablet)


I will give you an outline of how I used Pyrazolam, its effect and a good way to beat the grogginess the next morning (The first paragraph is just about me if you like, you can skip it, and the cure for grogginess is at the bottom of the page).

Firstly, I would like to tell you the reason why I took Pyrazolam. At night, I tend to have racing thoughts some nights literally hundreds of thoughts about plans for the distant future, plans for the day or week ahead, reliving recent memories, regrets, etc. etc. Most nights, it takes me over an hour to get to sleep. Alcohol has been one solution in the past, but I cant stand the hangover the next day. When I eventually do get to sleep (normally between 00:30 and 01:00), I stay asleep all through the night and wake up naturally at 08:00 every morning with or without an alarm clock.

As I understand it, Pyrazolam is an anxiolytic twelve times stronger than Diazepam. I acquired this substance in tablet form from a reputable online retailer, from whom I have ordered many substances in the past.
Pyrazolam comes in 0.5mg and 1mg tablets. I ordered ten of the 1mg, and split one of the very small tablets in half with a pill cutter.

22:30 I take 0.5mg orally with water.

23:00 I feel calm, and the background chatter and constant flow of ideas in my head ceases. I just feel relaxed and stress-free. I am not excited or anxious, I am just relieved that I can switch off at the end of a long and productive day.

23:15 I go to bed. I feel peaceful. My breathing and heart rate are slower.

23:20 I am asleep. This is a miracle for me to be asleep so quickly!

05:45 I wake up. This is extremely unusual for me. I almost always wake up at 08:00 even without an alarmclock. I have a VERY dry mouth. I get up, brush my teeth and drink some water.

06:00 I fall back to sleep.

08:30 I wake up feeling a bit groggy.



200mg Phenylethylamine HCL (PEA), 50g mixed nuts,1 ripe banana, 200g strawberries, 1g organic green tea leaves (contains caffeine), 5g barley wheatgrass, large slice of watermelon (including the rind for the citrulline), 250ml water.

Drink slowly.

09:00 After the smoothie, Im ready for work and feel mentally alert and very focused.


I have no idea about the long-term use of Pyrazolam. I understand it can become addictive, so please bear that in mind. I also do not know the effects of taking more than 0.5mg. Although the drug did not make me feel terribly drowsy, it did calm my thoughts. I am not sure if this would be appropriate in a social setting, as I would likely just sit there in peace and quiet. Please also note that this is a benzodiazepine and should never be mixed with alcohol, opioids (or many other drugs).

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 103734
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 28 
Published: Jan 8, 2015Views: 17,094
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