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An Enjoyable Buzz
by Leiste
Citation:   Leiste. "An Enjoyable Buzz: An Experience with BZP (exp103652)". Oct 24, 2018.

180 mg oral BZP


Setting: Mostly in my room, listening to music. No prescription meds. I live in the countryside and have a beautiful forest to stare into when looking out of my window.

I am however extremely thin due to my metabolism. My body simply does not absorb as many nutrients as others. (I eat normal and healthy and I also keep myself somewhat fit yet I only weigh about 50kg while I'm 175cm tall, BMI: 16.3. I actually have trouble staying above 50kg. Despite that I am completely healthy. I inherited that 'condition' from my father and everyone from his side of the family is the same.)

This means on one hand that I generally need only about half of the dose if I smoke a compound compared to others, but I need about twice as much if I eat a compound since my body won't absorb as much.

approx. 8:45-8:50am: intake of 180mg on an empty stomach.

9:07am: Onset. Not certain though. Feels sort of like pressure in my head. Not uncomfortable but not a pleasant feeling either.

9:18am: Not sure but everything including all the colors appear to be darker. Sort of.

9:20am: when looking at something it sort of blurs at first as if I've been staring into the sun for too long. The pressure in my head has also decreased. Feeling sort of light-headed and heavy at the same time.

9:23am: Colors definitely look different. Light colors appear 'washed out' and dark colors appear stronger. Feels like there's more contrast.

9:32am: It's getting hard to breathe through my nose. Apart from that no effects so far apart from the ones described above. Neither negative nor positive.

9:54am: Can breathe through my nose freely now though my mouth is completely dried out. Pressure in head completely gone now though I still feel light-headed. There's sort of a buzz but not much more.

10:50am: There is a slight buzz that's been getting just a little bit stronger throughout the last hour. I can appreciate music a bit better. A general feeling of well-being and peace. Not much more than that though. It can be easily ignored. It's quite a comfortable state. It's also hard not to get turned on. I could masturbate constantly.

12:57am: Been coming down for the last half hour or so. There's still a noticeable buzz but it's getting slightly weaker.

13:40am: I'm pretty much back to baseline. All in all a nice high though if I come across it again I'd try a higher dose.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103652
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Oct 24, 2018Views: 296
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BZP (101) : General (1), Alone (16)

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