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Forceful Healing, Distinct Synergy
5-Methoxy-Tryptamine & Cannabis
by ianneman
Citation:   ianneman. "Forceful Healing, Distinct Synergy: An Experience with 5-Methoxy-Tryptamine & Cannabis (exp103580)". Nov 6, 2015.

  oral Cannabis
    oral 5-Methoxy-Tryptamine


I have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and use cannabis regularly as self-therapy. It relieves anxiety, makes me experience blissful existence (as opposed to an overcontemplation of my life) and helps me be more socially able.

I work in fitness and I regularly use a workout supplement called [deleted], while it's meant for energy, one of the substances is 5-Methoxytryptamine, 5-MT, mexamine. It's psychoactive and serotonergic.

The individual effects of 5-MT on me are euphoria, a mood lift, feeling of energy flowing through the body, increased heart rate, attention to detail, focus, intensification of thoughts (to a level where I'm thinking faster than my conscious mind can keep up with) and introspective thinking. On the downside there is rising anxiety whenever I am inactive, rash decision-making and often speech becomes too fast for others to always comprehend. The effects last 5-6 hours.

Combined with cannabis, in the form of an edible, there is distinct synergy for me. Media becomes vastly immersive, colours are enhanced, on cannabis I often hear sounds and effects in music that one normally doesn't hear, with 5-MT this effect is even more pronounced and enhanced. Tasks and chores are neither amusing, nor trivial, nor burdensome. I am constantly in the moment, content with what I am doing. However, if I do one specific thing for too long, I get lost in thought really easily. I feel the same 'healing' effect on my anxious mind, but in a different way.

My ability to play music was greatly enhanced, and especially traditional music. I was able to freely improvise around the notes in songs, something which I ordinarily am not able to do. Taste was GREATLY enhanced, but hunger was not, which was a bit uncomfortable. I wanted to eat very badly but couldn't.

Also, my ability to interact socially was even more enhanced, and during my experiences I have re-established contact with several friends I had been out of touch with for a while. On this mix I am both comfortable being alone or spending time with others, I am just comfortable wherever.

The negative side would be that the mental experience, the rush when the two combine is very reminiscent of how LSD rushes over me when I peak. At first my instinct is to fight this alternate state of mind, it's very different and foreign. My heart started racing and when I remembered to let go like on LSD I was able to immerse myself in various media and enjoy the experience.

Also, I usually make a LOT of typing errors while typing anything, especially large amounts of text, this is not the case on this mix, my typing is immaculate. Other things, for instance writing Arabic which I am not good at, flow easily, and the text itself looks more genuine.

I am looking forward to microdosing both and seeing how it would affect my day.

[Reported Dose: 'cannabis 015g in edible 1g of [supplement] containing 5-MT']

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103580
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Nov 6, 2015Views: 3,261
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5-Methoxy-Tryptamine (606) : Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Combinations (3), Not Applicable (38)

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