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Doesn't Last Long
Wormwood (fresh)
by myhigh
Citation:   myhigh. "Doesn't Last Long: An Experience with Wormwood (fresh) (exp103525)". Sep 21, 2019.

3 leaves buccal Wormwood (fresh)


Wormwood Experience

I was looking for a substitute for THC, this I would have to say was pretty close, I have read reviews online which state that either they didn't get high at all or it was very slight. I don't know what type of quality these people were buying but I know enough to know I would pick some fresh soft leaves from the tops of the plants, they would be most potent.

I washed them and chewed them, yes they are very bitter and also have a nut flavor, I am somewhat used to it because I do brew beer and taste my hops when I get them so it doesn't bother me, anyhow. After about a minute of chewing and swallowing the juice I did notice that my head felt lighter and I was not in a sober state of mind, I can only compare it to how I felt when I smoke a cigarette or nicotine.
I can only compare it to how I felt when I smoke a cigarette or nicotine.
The high didn't last very long 10-15 minutes and I did enjoy the high yet my mouth was left dry and fuzzy.

I dried the rest in my dehydrator for the next day I packed some of the fine leaves in my bowl and proceeded to smoke them, the smoke was not very harsh as I expected, it was bitter and I was able to draw a lot of smoke in without a cough. I did feel the lightheadedness and by the 3rd hit I was definitely stoned, I took one more hit and got up, I was very light, at one point I think I saw my arm trail, I was almost disassociated with my body for a few minutes. But quickly regained my thoughts and composure. I sat and had a beer which made the experience even better. I was light and high but I did notice it was fading rather quickly and within 15 minutes the psychedelic had worn away and I was left with a relaxed head and slight high.

I went for a second round 15 minutes later for about 6 hits, this time I didn't get as high but it felt really great. I didn't want to kill my lungs too bad so I will try some with weed mix. I would say its very enjoyable and somewhat addicting since it doesn't last long.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103525
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 38 
Published: Sep 21, 2019Views: 906
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Wormwood (50) : Preparation / Recipes (30), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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