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A Handheld Time-Machine
Citation:   Stellium. "A Handheld Time-Machine: An Experience with 5-MeO-DMT (exp103379)". Aug 3, 2016.

  vaporized 5-MeO-DMT
Ecigs and 5-MeO-DMT

Spoiler---> SUCCESS!

I am quite new to the consumption of tryptamines. I have had numerous experiences with psychedelics, though it was nearly two decades ago (lsd, mushrooms, mescaline, mdma). Some of these experiences were with high doses, and though I have never experienced 'ego-death', I wouldn't exactly consider myself a psychedelic novice (though I am definitely out of practice!)

After hearing from a close friend about his experiences with 5-meo-dmt, I decided to read Oroc's Tryptamine Palace, and became very interested in having the experience myself. After much curiosity, reading and research, I finally got my hands on a small amount of the substance. I studied various methods of consumption, and decided to go with vaporization, though I was concerned from the onset about wasting the precious crystals I had, having read stories of wasted spice and disappointment.

I have had experience with the Magic Flight vaporizer when consuming marijuana, and have been extremely pleased with the results. Frankly, I haven't gone back to combustion, and on the rare occasion that I have smoked it in recent times, I have found it to be very harsh on the throat and lungs, and the experience to be less pleasurable in general. After perusing experience reports I heard similar reports with 5meo, and came to the conclusion that vaporizing was probably the best method of consumption.

I purchased a couple of torches, and constructed a few different homemade vaporizers. I did not, however, try 'The Machine' which many people swear by. After several attempts, I found the use of a vaporizer to be fraught with difficulty. The torches were less than reliable, cutting out multiple times in the middle of the heating process. The hot glass, the risk of overheating the substance, the uncertainty about when to begin the inhale, the uncertainty about how long to continue with the flame, all led to a general anxiety surrounding the moment. At a time when I needed to be most calm and centered, I was instead stressed to high heaven with the details of administration! My heart rate was already up, and I hadn't yet begun to inhale!

To make matter worse, the pipes I constructed BURST on two occasions. I was not expecting this, and I was lucky my eyes were not damaged. This is most surely because I heated the glass too quickly, or with too powerful a flame. I suppose there could also have been flaws in the glass, as the containers I purchased were clearly not designed for this purpose.

I read lengthy threads online of people attempting to use ecigs for this purpose. Some had reported success, but the general consensus was that it was difficult to reach breakthrough due to the large amount of DMT that needed to be consumed (+/- 40mg), and the overall slow speed of vaporization of the liquid. Many experienced technical difficulties, and there seemed to be no clear consensus about the best approach.

It occurred to me as I read of their troubles, that since 5meo is active in much smaller quantities (+/- 1/4), that the speed of administration would be less of a problem. And I knew that the convenience the ecigs would offer would, of course, be unsurpassed.

I finally got my hands on a bit more of the spice, and decided to do an experiment of my own. After careful consideration I purchased the following items:

[device to deliver e-liquid in a vapor form]
Electric element included with the [device]
900mah adjustable battery (3.0-5.5 volts)
ecig liquid, fruit flavor, 0% nicotine, peg/pg mix
small plastic mixing tube with spout to fill chamber

I chose the [device] because the quality is known to be high, but more importantly because the element sits below the fluid. This means that the device works perfectly even when there are very small amounts of fluid left in the chamber (which is exactly what I would be starting with).

I began by mixing 80mg spice (measured with scale accurate to 1mg) with approx. 1.5ml efluid. I placed them both in the plastic container, then ran it under hot water for about a minute to assist with the mixing process. After one minute, nearly all of the powder had dissolved into the liquid. There were still a few specs of undissolved powder visible, so I decided to let it sit for an hour. When I returned there was no longer any sign of the powder.

I poured the fluid into the chamber. The small amount I had mixed only reached to between 3-5 millimeters in height in the [device]. I set the battery to half-strength (half of the total possible rotation). Exact voltage I do not know.

I fired up the device, and inhaled once. As I began the second draw, I could already feel the bodily effects of the first inhalation. By the end of the second toke, I was experiencing mild fractalization of my visual field, and could feel the pulsation of the spice through my entire body. I took a very small and cautious third toke and laid back to experience a somewhat intense sub-threshold high.

I think it is important to note that I have yet to have a breakthrough experience with 5meo. I am, quite honestly, still working up the courage. But I have no doubt that it would be more than easy with this method, and that this way of consuming the substance is IDEAL not only for its convenience and safety, but flavor as well! Some do not like the flavor of 5meo, but combined with the fruity eliquid it was actually tasty.

This may even be the healthiest way to consume it (depending on the quality of the eliquid of course). Insufflation seems to be painful to a lot of people, combustion seems to change the high, and may even result in toxic byproducts. So after my first few experiences with this method, I am convinced it is the way to go.

The device I purchased is entirely silver, except for the glass chamber holding the clear liquid. I held it in my hands after the trip, and marveled at it. It definitely looks, and functions, like something from the future. The fact that I can push a button, inhale a few times, and be transported to another dimension, puts it (in my opinion) in the same category as say, a handheld time-machine. If such a thing exists I do not know, but I do know that THIS exists.

I am certain that with a more concentrated mixture, it will be possible to reach breakthrough on a single toke, but be cautious! As far as the consumption goes, after my trip I could hardly make out that I had used anything in the tank! I am guessing there is probably enough there for an additional 5-10 trips of equal intensity.

Some have theorized that this is a more efficient method of consumption... no loss of vapor, no combustion, no residue left in the pipe, and perhaps even less of the substance required to reach the same places reached with other methods. Makes sense to me based on my experiences thus far. Enjoy!

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103379
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 46
Published: Aug 3, 2016Views: 4,061
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