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Two Sets of Siblings Visit Mushy Space
Methoxphenidine & Alcohol
by G__E
Citation:   G__E. "Two Sets of Siblings Visit Mushy Space: An Experience with Methoxphenidine & Alcohol (exp103242)". Sep 10, 2015.

T+ 0:00
  repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 80 mg oral Methoxphenidine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:00 40 mg oral Methoxphenidine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:00   repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  T+ 7:30 40 mg oral Methoxphenidine (powder / crystals)
Present are E, G, H and J.
H is 26 year old, male, average height and slim build. Has taken this substance before in similar doses as well as more other substances than I care to count, including LSZ, NBOMe's, AL-LAD, some uppers, downers and side to sides. It may be worth noting he suffers from Bipolar disorder and says that this substance has put him in a better, longer lasting mood than even most things he has been prescribed.

H's brother G (myself), male, 23, moderate experience with drugs. Lots of cannabis, Ketamine, AL-LAD, LSZ, LSD, 25B-NBOMe, mushrooms, MDMA, MKAT, dabblings with cocaine (very sparse), a whole spectrum of the recent 'legal-high' stimulants and smokables found in the UK. On average I have an experience like this every few months, on something different each time. I am about 5'11'', average build.

The lovely E, my female SO, 24, has very similar drug experience to myself, although in lower amounts over time (especially viz ketamine & MDMA). E is about 5'4'', average build.

E's brother J, 25, very little experience with anything other than cannabis, plenty of alcohol. Open mind, wasn't planning on embarking with us. J is about 5'11'' and similar build to myself.

H and I met in a pub on a friday afternoon, we have a few pints of lager and retire to my house where E and J are waiting. We spend the evening in the living room with music playing. We're all close friends and generally have a lot of fun with each other. The mood of the evening is very light, we're all in a happy relaxed and similar mindset.


By the time we turn to the MXP we have all drunk a fair amount. H and I have each had 3 pints of lager and 4 or 5 additional cans by this point. E has had half a bottle of red wine and about 4 double Jameson's and ginger ale. J has had about 8 doubles of the same. J and E had both had a pizza in the mid afternoon, I don't know whether H had eaten, and I had had only a yoghurt and some pork scratchings.

T = 0
11:00pm: E, H and I decide to break out the drugs. We split the 500mg into three piles, each of which is then split in half, and one of these piles each is split into two. We each therefore have around 160mg each; one pile of around 80mg, and two 40mg piles for later on. We wrap the larger piles in Rizla and swallow with some beer.

Over the next hour we chat more and wait for the effects. We are slightly drunk, but not really noticably. Over this period of time we start to feel slightly dizzy (possibly an alert) but otherwise pretty normal.

The effects start as a mild dissociative. None of the silly headedness or flailing and lolling that I associate with ketamine, but a similar bodily effect. The limbs seem further away and less responsive than normal. The room closes in slightly and seems more cluttered. Feeling slightly disconnected from our bodies and words; as though you are present and viewing thoughts develop and turn into sentences which are delivered to the mouth, but this is not done with any of your own input, this is all as expected and causes no concern. We are thinking clearly (if slowly and ramblingly) and have pleasant conversations all round. Music sounds accentuated, and we listen to a variety of mostly electronic tunes, all with a fairly slow, laid back vibe. At one point some Nu:tone is introduced, but feels to fast and staccato for anyone to get into, which is unusual as it was E's favourite song. Mid 90's Aphex Twin and Squarepusher seems to be the order of the night, and we all enjoy it greatly. J continues drinking Whiskey and getting to his normal innebriated self (loud, slightly belligerent, but ultimately harmless).

~1:30 AM
The peak of the first dose. Since the last paragraph all the effects described above have risen in magnitude, and additionally, we are now all quite spaced out. Lots of cuddles and empathetic conversations are had. Stretching out on sofas and floor feels wonderful. The 'ketaminey' feeling of being composed of soggy crystals moving round in a sauce takes over. Everyone enjoys talking about melting into carpets and sofas. E repeats the word 'chewy' whilst grinning like a maniac. I roil around on the rug like a seal, enjoying, for example sitting with my head under the coffee table looking at the small surroundings under there; I'm still in this world, but it's nice to be in what I think of as a tiny little ecosystem which I am surveying, looking round at the balls of fluff on the rug, smiling. Disassociation is very strong. Moving takes time and is a great, sweeping experience, movement is accentuated and vision blurs slightly. Every thing is very fun and we have no trobule engaging with each other or the world. Dexterity is diminished. Controlling the laptop or rolling cigarettes is an interesting challenge to embark upon which takes much longer than usual. We keep listening to music and chatting, but conversation is more transient and nonsensical. Body load is low, a moderate feeling of fuzziness in the head distracts me when I'm on my own in the toilet. At this point I would describe the drug as like ketamine but cleaner. The world is very much the world, and we are clearly inhabiting it, as opposed to some soup of odd perspectives and gravity shifts.

~2 AM
E, H and I feel the effects are tailing off. The disassociation has reduced and we are sitting fairly still, wondering what to do with ourselves. We decide to take the first of our smaller hits with some more beer. At this point each of us has had at least 6/7 cans each. J has nearly finished a bottle of whiskey. I would say that drinking did have some effect, but that it felt like there was a larger reservoir to fill before actual drunkenness set in than usual. Body effects are barely there any more, the fuzziness is also gone. We take 40mg each.

T+3:30 to T+4:30
2-3:30 AM
The mad times. Everything round this time is hazy, but not a complete blank. The second come-up is quicker than the first, and takes us further than before. Most of this time is spent in fragmented conversation about how we felt. (I came up with the analogy that I was an increasing set of open brackets in some source code, new scopes opening up within the old with every passing thought). Time seemed for a while as though it was passing in discrete chunks, movement seemed jerky and discontinuous. Images seemed skewed and blurry, but no serious distortion. E has nothing to report from this section of the night, except for a vague memory of well being, almost a total blackout. I can confirm that she seemed the same as the rest of us. Cogent, engaging, mobile and not insensible. Some time around this section it is (somehow) mooted that J would take one of the remaining 40mg bombs. No-one remembers how this happened; E thinks it has something to do with his watching us in this state (come on, that'd pique anyone's curiosity). Despite knowing his complete inexperience, E somehow consents, and J takes the package with beer. We continue in the same vain, myself sliding round the rug making different textures of noise to please myself. H says the usual silly nonsense of his trips; theories of consciousness, how to live life, etc, etc (he is rather intense on drugs, this will come back later). The mood is very spaced out and trippy. Everything is good, physically still feeling fine and cogent, but all though was of silliness and wooshing noises. If we close our eyes, there isn't darkness, but a field of pin-prick lights, both static and flowing, and a sense of smooth, fast movement. This doesn't get too much and E, H and I each spend time, eyes closed, enjoying this novelty.

4:00 AM
J begins loudly talking about how it's having no effect on him whatsoever. The rest of us are out of the forest, but not back in our boxes yet, and J is peeving us slightly. I believe he possibly experienced threshold effects, but could not tell it apart from the bottle of whiskey; this seems in line with the response curve we experienced. He just seems drunk as ever. We tell him to be quiet and wait, or at least just be quiet and 'stop harshing our mellow, dood'. We are starting to feel a bit tired and listless. More dizzy than anything else, now. It is still possible to enter the spiralling thought trains of the drug, but it comes less naturally, and we mostly just talk listlessly. E reports that at this point her memories start to come back. We keep drinking beer and almost go on a walk to lift the tedium of sitting here without much drug left. We don't though as we agree we are too drunk and tired to deal with the possibility of running into someone.

T:+7:30 ish
6:30 AM
E and G take the final two bumps. J is pretty much fast asleep on the sofa, adamant to the last that he had felt nothing. He seemed slightly more slurred and unbalanced than usual, but nothing more than that to signal he had had anything other than booze. Things have calmed down by now, but we're definitely still feeling the previous bump. We no longer want to be in the untidy living room, and so agree to take J to a bedroom; we supported him up to the room, him muttering all the way about the stupid drugs. He wanted to keep drinking to make up for his perceived loss, but was still quite content to fall asleep the moment he touched the bed. He stayed in exactly the same position, asleep until we checked on him 7 hours later. E, H and I went to my room to watch a film and generally settle down. H decides that what we really need to watch right now is The Seventh Seal, a Swedish art house film with terrible subtitles and a plot as obscure as.. well, as obscure as they come. It made no sense and was packed to the gills with disturbing imagery. Everything about how it was shot seemed to put E and I on edge. I tried to settle into it and just get a buzz from how freaky the whole thing was.

T+ 8:30
7:30 AM
E and I are back up on the drug, nowhere near where we previously were, but reading the subtitles is difficult, and we are becoming more and more freaked out by the current situation. H is acting strangely, talking about high concepts and how life must be taken to the edge. E and I are trying to block this out or take him back to more pleasant conversation, but he almost seems to enjoy scaring us. About an hour and a half into the film I have had enough. I gently tell him that this is the worst bloody film to watch in our delicate states, and ask him to leave us alone for a while. It's worth noting at this point, both E and I felt our faces looked contorted and dark when we looked in the mirror or at each other. E notes she felt particularly freaked out because she looked like an old crone with a long hooked nose and a twisted face. I felt similar distortions, I suspect this was us having stared for so long at the stark cinematography and bleak faces of the obscene film. It subsided after a while. H goes downstairs for a cup of tea, E and I try to settle down for some rest, but start talking about how weird the situation felt.

8 AM
Our conversation continues and we worry ourselves more and more, H's actions start to seem almost malevolent, cruel. We reflect on the conversations with him and reflect that he really did seem to be gleeful at recounting his eccentricity and intenseness. I resolve to go downstairs and quiz him about this drug some more. We feel concerned for J, having drunk more than us and taken the substance with no prior experience.

8:30 AM
At this point I should expound more about H. He is a psychonaut as I have mentioned, and since first trying a dissociative, has been chasing the feelings of stability and calm they give him. He told me before this experience that MXP had put him in a lasting state of calm focus. Emotionally connected and free of frustration, like he had not been for a very long time.

E and I feel that we are worringly far from baseline, and ask him about the lasting effects of the drug. He talks in a rather obfuscatory tone, but generally convinces us we have just been strung up by watching the film whilst still so high. He continues to say contradictory things like “You'll be back to normal by midday... but think of this as the first day of the rest of your life”. E becomes briefly tearful and checks on J who is sleeping but responsive. I ask H to leave after he finishes his tea, saying we need to relax and get back to baseline. We apologise for getting so tense, but he leaves happily.

E and I retire to bed much calmer and happier. The rest of the drug subsides slowly and sedately. We are not at baseline for a good while, but are feeling normal, just hungover at this point.

10 AM – 12 AM
We lie in bed recovering. By now feel pretty much back to baseline. A bit of residual dizziness but mostly tiredness by now. We order Peri Peri chicken and it is immense to eat again. J arises, completely fine (albeit very hungover). He says in bed until 2 PM, and afterwards walks round like a zombie (this is completely normal, even when he is not hungover).

12- 7 PM
We lie in bed more. Not feeling the empty headedness of other types of come down, but still feeling tired. Lots of low-energy fun is had and we giggle at comedy on the laptop. Some low-key sex is had, we both enjoy it, I have no trouble performing (albeit briefly). Around 4PM, J leaves. We are on our own, feeling no compulsion to get out of bed.

~8 PM
E and G get some cannabis (on a stupid gallavant where we end up walking round the block twice and almost panicking at a police car). We each have a small joint with ~0.3g of medium strength cannabis. Within ten minutes the joint has hit both of us much harder than usual (we smoke a 3g bag maybe once a week over a few days. We're inveterate stoners, so are surprised when we feel more zonked than usual from the joints, with mild tachycardia, fidgeting and sweaty palms. We don't get too worried and return to being pleasantly stoned after another 10-20 minutes.

E and I go to sleep. We sleep for about 12 hours. Waking up refreshed, thoroughly baseline, with slightly sore backs. No ill effects felt at this point, we write this at 5PM that same day.

Closing remarks:

I really enjoyed this substance, it was just as H had described. Very strong dissociative, but with minimal body tension and a very clear head throughout. I very much liked the slightly trippy headspace I spent most of the night in, babbling like a baby (as on K) but more internally lucid. E notes that we underestimated the effect of outside influences, and watched that silly bloody film way longer than we would or should have done, E hated the panic induced by worrying about J, and says she would not have consented to him having his dose had she been in a right state at the time. Overall though, we agree the panic was caused by the film and H's odd behaviour. Overall nothing negative really happened, and we all feel fine :)

8/10, might try again.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103242
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Sep 10, 2015Views: 6,563
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Methoxphenidine (629), Alcohol - Beer/Wine (199) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2), General (1)

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