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More More More--Yet a Relaxing Stimulant
Citation:   Mia_Min. "More More More--Yet a Relaxing Stimulant: An Experience with Methiopropamine (exp103207)". Apr 1, 2017.

  repeated vaporized Methiopropamine (powder / crystals)
Some user details have been slightly modified for privacy, but all of the following information is completely true and carefully recorded.

Background on me: mildly bipolar, longtime chronic mild anxiety sufferer, access to benzos both “rc” and prescribed. Not a huge psychedelic person, I don’t even enjoy pot much, and generally tend to enjoy mild stimulants, opiates and the occasional roll.

My experience over several weeks’ use:

MPA is a very funny stimulant, because out of the better-known of families of uppers (speed, cocaine, caffeine), it is absolutely the most relaxed. Exaggeration, of course, but if I even look sideways at a cup of espresso my heart starts pounding. Decaf is known to give me elevated heartrates and anxiety due to residual caffeine. Cocaine is enjoyable to me but I have to stop after a bit because it becomes “too much” and leads to irritability, paranoia, loss of rational thought. Adderall comes my way once in a while but that, too, needs to be dosed in tiny nibbles because even 5mg instant release will send me into manic spirals of cleaning. I love the Adderall euphoria but have never appreciated the pounding heart, dry mouth and pressured speech. Makes me feel like I’m manic without the natural all-body high.

So, as you can see, I am pretty susceptible to uppers even at low doses.

Other users who reviewed MPA used three descriptors that I thought fit well:

FIRSTLY, it’s very “more”ish. For me, a person who generally has low tolerance for almost every chemical, I never hit a point with MPA where I felt––too much! You’ve gotta stop for a bit! I had a very productive day working at home (freelance photography) smoking this stuff every 10-15 minutes, just a hit at a time (just a few chunks laid out), for over four hours. Then picked it up again at night and just kept going without any feelings of paranoia and feeling like I could go to bed within a reasonable time frame whenever I chose to stop.

SECONDLY, it’s fairly sober. It’s not a megalomanic high; I don’t feel invincible or maniacally brilliant on it. I don’t want to tell the person next to me about my latest project until my jaw hurts the way I would on coke. It blunts empathy, sure, but not as much as coke or speed. It’s subtle, and doesn’t peak or crash hugely––I hover over baseline, enjoyably, all day if I can maintain it. I would say it has the ever-so-slightest distancing/dissociative effect (NOWHERE near anything like ketamine) where conversations with others seem stilted or delayed because I'm in a slightly different place, just a taaaaad bit to the left of where I would normally be. The same distance applies to watching t.v./movies––watching a talk show, it takes me a second to get the jokes and they don’t seem funny but rather neutral, but I feel no irritation or animosity, just––Hmm. Okay. Disinterest and media turning into background noise. Flattened affect, if you will. I think I could “pass” while using non-recreationally in the workplace, if it weren't for my third and last main point.

THIRDLY, the drug does NOT enhance mental acuity or cognitive sharpness. It actually made me feel a little fuzzy and attention-deficit while working on some stuff on the busted old computer, forgetting tasks, having to tab back and forth between projects to remind myself of something I had JUST read. However, not to my complete detriment––the effect was slight and if I gritted my teeth (figuratively) I could focus better. What it DID do was sort of put me on “auto Roomba clean mode” where I spent the day enjoying myself vacuuming, wiping, doing virtual work, petting the two housecats, maintaining the house.

Time and people, of course, feel a bit slower. This is normal on most stimulants, since I'm moving twice as fast as everyone else. There is little 'guerning,' bruxism, teeth-grinding, jaw-clenching but I DO end up with terrible breath all day––a sort of chemical and underfed stench.

Bonus: half-hour naps on it are insane––might’ve been my tiredness, but I strongly believe the MPA contributed to the vivid hypnogogic imagery as I not-quite-slept for 30 minutes, accompanied by a nice comfy body high from MPA + an etizolam I took. I woke up feeling rested and less high.

I’ve done MPA with and without the help of light-to-medium benzo usage (~.25mg Klonopin, 1-2 mg etizolam, spaced out throughout the day), and I do prefer it with the benzos though of course the benzos will very likely contribute to short-term memory issues and bring down productivity somewhat.

The two have a good synergy, continuous mild body high, and benzos take the edge off while MPA keeps me awake, moving, and the two in sync give me a little mini confidence boost and reduce questioning/second-guessing of decisions, WITHOUT the megalomanic cocaine high I mentioned earlier or the balls-to-the-wall loss of inhibition when chowing Xanax.

The ONE negative physical reaction I had was several hours after a few smoked hits, when I went to the gym bootcamp a few miles down the road, started my vigorous cardio, and immediately saw my heartrate SKYROCKET at least 20 bpm higher than normal at that pace, reaching the VO2 Max Danger Zone or whatever it's called. I cut my cardio short, worked on lifting, and felt a little afraid and a little sick for the next 2 hours.

WARNING not to be an idiot like me: I’d been smoking mine off of a piece of tinfoil, which is DANGEROUS and has been linked to Alzheimer’s according to an informal online search I invested in a “meth pipe” that gives a much cleaner smoke, which is what I am doing now.

And also a reminder that I've only ever used one clearnet vendor to purchase the chemical; my product may be synthesized differently from your stuff and my experience may not apply much at all. So stay safe, use inert smoking materials/pipes, and start with very small doses. Invest in a mg scale if you can but if not stick to tiny bumps. Invest in a reagent kit that applies if you can. Enjoy!

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103207
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Apr 1, 2017Views: 5,318
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