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Lambda and The Eternals
Citation:   SilentRoller. "Lambda and The Eternals: An Experience with LSZ (exp103198)". Feb 8, 2017.

4 hits   LSZ (blotter / tab)
This trip report marks my second experience with LSZ (my previous experience being 225ug a few weeks prior). Whilst I have various experience with AL-LAD (ranging up to 600ug), I can safely say that this will rank as one of the most intense and life-changing psychedelic experiences of my life.

The story is this. After taking a trip to my university town, I decided to bust out my stash of LSZ one glorious sunny morning. The intention was to have a 1.5 tab trip out in the sunshine, much like my AL-LAD trip report. However, after spending the first half of the morning watching the Skinner and Pickard VICE documentary about their LSD operation & 'orange sunshine' acid, it put me in a 'yay for psyches mood'. Under normal circumstances, nothing would of come of this, but then a mate of mine popped round, and informed me he had eaten some AL-LAD. I decided that my LSZ trip was going ahead, and decided to cut off a strip of 4 from the sheet. I picked up the 4 tabs, and I was suddenly overcome with a sense of 'courage' (or foolishness), and as if on auto-pilot, I placed all 4 in my mouth and swallowed them.

I apologise in advance for the hazy time estimates.

11am: Head out the front door with my mate who I shall refer to as 'E' Feeling a strange sense of 'bring it' and 'what I have just done' at the same time. Before anyone asks, this was not some attempt to 'fuck myself up' or anything of the sort, but rather my desire to experience the higher-levels of tripping, even if it just once. My friend E and I are both in joyous moods, and we decide to make the most of this lovely weather.

11:30am: Definitely starting to feel a little 'off', a a sense of nervous energy starts to ebb over my body, almost like a faint electric current. Oddly, this feels quite pleasurable as I walk briskly along the pavement towards the seafront with E. I notice immediately that a slight 'mind-fuck' is starting to creep into my headspace, as my thoughts begin to become occasionally scattered as I struggle to maintain an internal monologue with myself. I realise that I haven't actually conversed with E in the last 10 minutes as I become lost in my own thoughts, and I suddenly snap out of it, and try to converse with E.

11:45am: Come-up is starting to smash me in the face, as I start to feel slightly disassociated whilst walking and I tell E I have to sit down. By now, the AL has begun to effect E, and we decide to rest on a bench overlooking the sea as E starts to get a major fit of the giggles. I notice a slight body-load start to creep in as the form of slight neck tension together with some underlying nausea. I decide to listen to a few songs on my Ipod (Santana - Smooth) to try and distract myself from the hard come-up. It is here I realise that music is enhanced to the point of almost being orgasmic, as I start to hear notes and beats that I never thought possible within the song; the vocals begun to merge into one, long, continuous whine. I jumped up from the bench as wave of electric stimulation encapsulated my body - struggling to sit still, I decided to pace up and down the road! Sensing that I was coming up alarmingly hard, E decided to move us to a more private spot on the seafront.

Midday: By now, the electric sensation was washing over me at regular intervals, as a sense of extreme euphoria started to build. Staring out to sea, I burst out laughing (almost hysterically) as the sea took on a red hue. I found this highly amusing, as I attempted to explain to E that the world was covered in tomato sauce. Looking back, I was already on my way to oblivion at this point, as OEV's had begun to invade my visual field. The rays of sunshine arced into rainbow coloured bands across the sky as everything around my started to disintegrate into jello. I looked at E, who appeared to have a spiral forming upon his forehead that radiated with the light from the sun. As I stared at this amazing spectacle, the euphoric whines of Santana's album sent pulses of energy through my limbs as the euphoria reached a new level. I grinned the biggest 'I'm fucked grin' ever, as I was filled with both extreme fear and extreme euphoria. I knew I hadn't even begun to hit the peak of my experience yet, but I was already starting to lose sense of my self, surroundings and reality. Whilst the option of valium was available, I decided to take a good friends advice once more (thanks Si!), and work through my fear and to let go to the experience

12:30ish:My vision had started to violently twist and turn as my sense of orientation faded; I begun to lose the concept of time and place
I begun to lose the concept of time and place
as I remained glued to the bench with E. My vision started to fragment like a smashed mirror as layer upon layer of OEV's started to swarm my vision. At this point, I decided to close my eyes, where I was greeted by a spectacular CEV of 'The Grateful Dead' bears dancing to the guitar solo that was radiating through my headphones. The euphoria was now extreme, with a sense of inner peace that surpasses that of MDMA. I let go to this sense of peace as I felt a tremor pass through my body. I felt myself get higher & higher during this time, but I had lost all capacity to fear or be anxious. Right now I was simply existing.

1-3pm?: The trip reached a new level as I felt my ego and body dissolve into nothingness. I had become part of the universe, a molecule in which my only purpose was to be. I can't be sure if this was some kind of CEV, but I descended into what could be seen as 'another dimension', where I was greeted by these mysterious beings (they appeared more like silhouettes) that spoke in a language I couldn't comprehend. Despite this, I somehow understood that I needed to be less hard on myself, and make time for myself outside of work commitments. I also gained the realization that the universe is far deeper that I once imagined, and perhaps there is another layer/dimension with some kind of higher being (God, I sound like a right acid-head now!). However, for those brief moments, I felt what it must be like to be God - a person with no ego, no anxiety, but to simply exist in perfect calm.

I couldn't tell by now if my eyes were open or closed, but I do remember looking at E, and hearing his voice within my head. This creeped me the fuck out at first, and strangely, E looked equally as spooked. I suddenly realised that I could communicate with E (or so I thought) without opening my mouth. We entered into fragmented discussions about what we were experiencing, and how this was possible. I saw a rainbow form from the fingertips of E as he waved his hands about in the air, as the wind then swept up the rainbow tracers and scattered them into tiny diamonds that fell from the sky. I closed my eyes once more, was saw thousands of letters (in a mysterious language) scattered throughout my vision (much like the Matrix code). I noticed that 'deep forest' had started playing on my Ipod, and those weird little voices throughout the track seemed to influence the CEV, as many un-recognizable terms started forming from the letters. It is worth noting that the neck tension had increased slightly at this point, and the body load became slightly noticeable in the form of slight tremors and muscle tension. Whilst it wasn't anything significant, I felt that it was noticeable throughout the peak of the trip. However, I feel that moving about could of solved this issue.

4-6pm?: Throughout this time, I still experienced intense and detailed OEV's (and some CEV's) that I will never forget. Me and E were still on the same bench, and I remember watching the waves of the sea fragment into small fractals, that would then spread their own small rays of light through the air. This was a beautiful sight, which amused me for quite a while. I then felt as if I was on a ship, simply sailing towards the horizon that was awash with a bright yellow light, although I suddenly snapped back to reality as I realised I was becoming lost in my own head. I found the mindfuck pretty bad at this point, as I was unable to form a sentence in my own head, let alone speak out loud. I would start thinking of a sentence, and then it would fragment into a million pieces as I struggled to understand the meaning of the words I was trying to say. After a while, we managed to gain enough lucidity to begin our voyage back home. In hindsight, this was probably a stupid idea, as the word was still swirling fairly violently, so how I didn't get run over I will never know. E however, appeared to be on the downslope of his AL experience, so obviously was a bit more together than myself.

6-8pm-ish: The visuals were beginning to wane at this point, as I started to regain composure of myself and reality. The bodyload was almost non-existent at this point, although my legs and back felt slightly sore from being sat in one place all day. There was still significant patterning and thought-fuckery at this point, but it was nothing that was so severe that it kept me from functioning. I decided to spend the rest of the trip sitting in the back garden watching the sun in the sky, whilst conversing with E. As we sat talking, I was overcome with a sense of beauty regarding nature and the world
I was overcome with a sense of beauty regarding nature and the world
, as I saw all the minuscule details on individual flower petals - a sight that was truly stunning. I decided to put on a homemade music track by our very Si Ingwe, and it literally blew me away, as I heard each beat and note in a clarity which sent euphoric pulses throughout my body, and caused the OEV's to resonate to the soundtrack. I stuck the track on repeat, and just laid back and enjoyed the contentment.

9-10pm:The show was now coming to a close, as I sat in the garden (spliff in hand), trying to come to terms with what I had experienced today. I felt enriched, enlightened and rejuvenated, as I felt I had not only worked through some problems, but been reborn in a rather strange sense, as I had left my old ego behind. A few OEV's remained in the form of patterning on walls, which was intensified when smoking a joint, but I managed to fall asleep relatively soundly at around 1am.

The next day, I felt joy and happiness unlike any I have before. My outlook was extremely positive, and I awoke with a new outlook and view of the world. I got what I came for - a psychedelic experience that will not only stay with me for the rest of my life, but shine a new light on how I view the world. This (in my eyes) makes LSZ one of the finest Ergoloid's I have ever tried (better than AL in my opinion). It is beautifully intense, incredible introspective and wonderfully visual. Whilst I am incredibly happy that I bought a massive sheet of this, I would be unlikely to take this dosage again, as I feel it is far too heavy to be considered as a recommended dosage for regular use.



Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103198
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Feb 8, 2017Views: 6,668
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LSZ (609) : Mystical Experiences (9), Nature / Outdoors (23), Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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