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Living Music and a Stroll
by medlr
Citation:   medlr. "Living Music and a Stroll: An Experience with LSD (exp103191)". Nov 21, 2022.

200 ug oral LSD


This one trip, I think I'll always remember it. I experienced music like never before. The way music should be experienced. I live in a town. Neither big nor small, just a town. I like it here, I have a lot of nature but still the convenience of pubs, shops and super markets. I live in a apartment with a bunch of people. I've only had experience with illegal drugs for a couple of months and I've only ever taken LSD. I was lured in by the stories and of course, I was still blown away my first time. I've taken LSD 4 times since then and had both good and bad experiences. Most of them I don't want to miss, even the bad ones. I'll accept and try to learn from bad and good experiences alike. That said, I still aim for positive experiences.

The day I had this particular trip was a Tuesday in early April. I had taken a day off because I went to a concert with two friends beforehand. The band was Franz Ferdinand. Not especially my cup of tea; but nonetheless, I went to have a good time. And good times were had. Exceptionally good times. Good music, everyone around me was happy and most people danced and let themselves guide by music. Even the opener, Teleman, was great. I recommend checking them out. Anyway, I also danced away, spend some fun time in the moshpit, listened to the fine music, which was mixed well, sometimes closed my eyes to take it all in. So, I was contemplating dropping some acid on this fine evening, but it wasn't set in stone yet.

Arriving home after the concert I was in exceptionally high spirits and even though I was mightily exhausted, I still decided to go for it. I took the trip. It was around 1 o'clock and the other people in the apartment were already sleeping since it was a week day. So I decided to stay quiet. I turned on my laptop instead of my desktop because I don't want to make too much noise. I put on the headphones. I was coming home from a concert but I haven't had enough music. While waiting for the trip I started drinking cola since a) I heard caffeine mixes well LSD and b) I was pretty tired. I was fully prepared when the trip started. It started fast and strong, earlier than I was used to. My media player blasted some Plini into my head, great, energetic instrumental rock music.

And when I finally hit the peak I knew. I knew this was awesome. Sitting on the bed, I closed my eyes, shredded my air guitar like some kid and was having a great time. I wasn't just listening to music. I was experiencing it. It was flowing into me and I was flowing into it. We kind of became one, but we both were more like two different liquids, not quite mixing, but there was no real hard border between us. My mind did the visualization with me rocking around to the music while light from a lamp dropped through my eyelids, feeding the visualization. To say it was a visualization would be lying. It was connected to all senses. I didn't just see the music, I wholly experienced it. Moving my feet mixed with the experience the music created, I could even see it mix visually, like moving my foot would create a ripple in the visualization. The whole music was truly 3D, every sound had it's own place in space, not just left and right as would be expected with stereo headphones, listening to stereo music.

And the music ceased to be just music. Every song became a whole story of a world. Every note was an event, some action, in this story. Every note was as meaningful as the stories of our own history books. It felt like... LSD and music belonged together. Like two magnets having a plus and minus pole, there was LSD and music. They can exist alone but fit so well together. They snap together and fit.
Every note was as meaningful as the stories of our own history books. It felt like... LSD and music belonged together. Like two magnets having a plus and minus pole, there was LSD and music. They can exist alone but fit so well together. They snap together and fit.
After some time I wanted to experience another band (and with it another world) and spontaneously decided to listen to The Dark Side of The Moon. Same as before, different stories. Every note had a tremendous impact on my mood. Just one 'sad note' and I was really sad. One happy part and I was really happy. One time I even realized I was pretty sad and asked myself: Why am I so sad? And I realized it just was the music. Oh I'm tripping!

After 6 hours the album came to an end and 3/4 of an hour had passed. Grinning like a bastard, I closed my eyes again, rocked around, playing my air guitar. I spend about 3 hours like this. I was euphoric. I was in such a good mood that I though I dared to go out even though I know it could turn the trip around.

I've never been outside on acid before. Not on the peak at least. Or at night. I still had about an hour on the peak. So I tried to be as quiet as possible leaving the apartment. Of course, it felt like I was making all the noise in the world. Somehow, it still worked. I closed the front door behind me, exhaled. Then I put on my shoes and jacket. I didn't want to do it inside because of the noise. The outside was glorious. It was a bit cloudy but the few stars I could see looked like whole galaxies somehow. I didn't know why they were so big. It kinda was a bummer though that the rest of the clear black was filled with red and green lines. Can't have everything on LSD.

Like a kid I enjoyed seeing the scenery and walked down the street. On the corner I spent a lot of time putting in my earphones from my mp3 player. It took me ages to untangle the mess of the cables. I managed to do it and put on some music. Then I strolled around experiencing the town by night. It was around 4 o'clock. The plants looked awesome. The houses looked cool. A long street with its orange street lamps expanded into infinity. Vine growing on houses was exceptionally interesting. Their shadows were 3d. When I passed a school I realized the gate was open, so I entered. A bit reluctantly though. After walking down the way for some 30 meters I realized the shadows on an object to my left looked kinda strange. Shadows on LSD are pretty crazy, they change the depths of an object. I knew this, but this still looked a bit different.

I couldn't really make sense of it. Then I realized the shadow was more complex than normally. After realizing this the whole shadow 'manifested' itself in 3d over the object, kinda like a spider web, but not as symmetrically, more tangled. It was really, really big and long. It stretched all the way back to where I was coming from. Only then I realized it was created by light of a street lamp passing through a net of a soccer goal. The shadow was pretty crazy to look at. It was a black 3d thingy floating in the air. Anyway, I didn't like spending more time then necessary on the school grounds, so I left. Shorty after I left, someone walked past me and got into a car and drove off. I felt a bit of paranoia rising but managed to calm myself quickly. Still, who got into a car at 4 o'clock? On a weekday? In a town like this?

I spent more time walking around seeing other thing. Tried to enter the woods, but the shadows on the ground kinda made me stumble around so I deemed it a bad idea. So I continued walking the streets. When I started feeling exhausted I decided to turn around and close a loop to my home. After that I though about how great an experience this was. I looked over the rim of the tea cup. Again. It would change me. Again. And that was when I argued that if this were to happen again and again I would turn crazy. Because how many times can one look over the rim of the tea cup? How often can one be changed by LSD? I was going crazy. Somehow, I couldn't find a counter argument to this. However, I was able to drop it after a little while and began to relax more.

Still, my mood wasn't as good as before. It's good that I am already on my way home, I thought. My mind went reeling again and I became stuck in a small though loop which then somehow popped after I though it through logically. It popped like a bubble, became untangled like a bow on a shoe. Not even 5 seconds after this, I didn't even know what I was going on about. Kinda funny, I still don't know. It was time I got home. To make matters worse a car came around the corner, the driver looked critically at me ('Look at this guy, he's on LSD, I'll call his parents and the police'-critically, of course) and after some 30 meters the car parked on the side of the road. I knew it was just coincidence.

But seriously! At 4 o'clock? On a weekday? In a town like this? I walked faster. I went a little paranoid, heard things everywhere, needed to check corners for people watching me. However, this time, I was still quite sane and could see through it soberly. I could think through it logically and knew I was just on LSD and this situation was making me a bit paranoid. But that's OK, it will pass, I knew. Still, I was relived when I arrived home. I stayed quite again, somehow as I sneaked into my room. I lied down on the bed and turned on some music again. The relaxation was washing over me. It was good to be at home, safe.

I was really exhausted this time and tried to relax more. Sleeping wasn't an option. It just doesn't work for me on LSD. But I tried. And as always as I try when on LSD, I had grotesque and horrible hallucinations / dreams. After a few hours enough was enough, it was morning, 7 or 8 o'clock, I got up and took a shower. The rest of the day went normally, but I was severely exhausted, staying up about 37 hours in total.

All in all a really enjoyable trip with a bad end I could have avoided. Hopefully, I can manage the next time and have a 100% positive trip.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103191
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Nov 21, 2022Views: 242
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LSD (2) : Various (28), Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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