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The Coup De Grace
by Teddy
Citation:   Teddy. "The Coup De Grace: An Experience with Calamus (exp103174)". Sep 15, 2016.

  oral Calamus (tea)

The True Effect of Acorus Calamus

I have had been using the aforementioned root, on a daily basis. Chewing, sometimes steeping it in hot water. Little bits, at a time. I had tried seeing how much I could chew, to achieve some of the 'extra' effects.

It worked.

I had boiled in water an ounce, for 12 hours.
In total about half a gallon.
Not recommended to consume at once.

It was so long ago this is what I clearly remember happening.

I was taking the first few cups slow. The usual feelings came. Then my vision became enhanced. Those who have had a serious brain injury, and have recovered, very few wake up a savant, a few do.

That experience is very similar to this one. As if seeing with my eyes for the first time, I was also able to perceive the underlying forces that move around us unseen everyday.

It felt like all of a sudden I became a part of the conspiracy, I would read something on a page, and certain words would 'illuminate', and connecting these illuminating words, provided a message.

A strange dual experience, as if I was the one leading the experience, but also the one partaking in it. The focus and severity of ones goals because almost autistic.

A few more cups, in and the cats in the apartment are talking to me. The cats are talking to me.
The cats are talking to me!

Then comes the Coup Degrace!
With the last cup, came the experience that would lead me to wonder who mixed DMT with LSD, in this tea.

My eyes closed I leaned back waiting for the experience. And BAM!
The energy inside me exploded outward, and was launched into a an omnipresence a mile wide, surrounding me. I was still in the true physical world, just not even without a body, more like if we didn't have bodies. Like a hawk, it hooked onto my subconscious desire for a cigarette. Immediately I zoomed non-physically, through the streets around my neighborhood, and instantly found whole cigarettes, lost to the ground. I knew where anyone smoking was, I knew where a dropped cigarette was.

When I snapped back, I took off out of the apartment and in 5 mins, I had picked up half a pack. Came running back to the apt, my friends bewildered wondering what had happened.

It doesn't end here, but this is where I end it.

A strange mass hysteria swept through the degenerate that day, I had pushed my thoughts and imprinted my 'false' hysteria onto countless numbers, easily influenced, homeless/mentally ill.

It felt as if my mind was reflecting off other minds, and these schizo's would repeat things I had done or said earlier in the day during the initial experience.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 103174
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Sep 15, 2016Views: 2,781
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Calamus (106) : General (1), Alone (16)

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