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V-Tek 3.0
Mimosa tenuiflora
Citation:   Veritus. "V-Tek 3.0: An Experience with Mimosa tenuiflora (exp103044)". Dec 8, 2021.

    Mimosa tenuiflora (extract)
[Erowid Note: One should not attempt to perform alkaloid extractions or other home chemistry without first having an understanding of safe handling, risks associated with different solvents, procedures, and equipment. Risks include burns, cancer, lung damage, flammability, and explosion.]
V-Tek 3.0 (STB/FullSpectrum/Mimosa Hostilis)

The Full Spectrum Tek

Hello and welcome to V-Tek 3.0, the custom full spectrum yield tek. This tek will provide not just one yield of DMT, but three different grades of yield through a custom alkaloid extraction from Mimosa Hostilis Rootbark. The colors of the 3 different groups of yield/crystals will be red, yellow, and white... given that one follows the procedures correctly. Outcome can also be reflective of the quality of Mimosa Hostilis used. The Mimosa Hostilis used in this tek came from Peru and in powder form. It has worked for me many times. This tek has a very high yield, about 3 grams of target product per 120 grams of MHRB. This tek is for the somewhat experienced but is not necessarily so advanced. I have made this very easy for anyone with the means and motive to understand and do. This is a custom tek and is a straight to base/freeze precipitation version of an alkaloid extraction from mimosa hostilis rootbark. I am Veritus.

This is the quick formula: (9 steps)

1. (600ml water + 60g of MHRB) x 2 = Mixture A (x2)
2. (Mixture A + 60g NaOH) x 2 = Mixture B (x2)
3. Mixture B + 60ml of Naphtha (x2) = Mixture C (x2)
4. Shake and mix both Mixtures of C. Leave overnight.
5. In the morning shake Mixture C and let separate again.
6. Subtract the top clear layer from Mixture C (x2) and place in glass baking dish.
7. Cover glass baking dish and place in a very cold freezer.
8. After 12-24 hours take baking dish out of freezer and pour out remaining liquid through a filter and dry glass baking dish completely.
9. Scrape and collect residue left behind on glass baking dish with razor blade.

1st pull = >1 gram of Red crystals
2nd pull = >1 gram of Yellow crystals
3rd pull = <1 gram White crystals

What you'll need:

Two .75L-1L glass bottles with cork or screw on top (I am using two .75L Pierre glass water bottles)
1 large measuring cup or jug (2 is even better)
1Turkey Baster or Pipette (or some kind of controllable suction device)
1 Glass Baking Dish
1 Funnel
1 Scale

1200ml water (tap water is fine)
120 grams of NaOH (sodium hydroxide/lye/caustic soda)
120 grams of MHRB powder (I bought mine powdered)
120 ml of Naphtha (I am using zippo lighter fuel)

Note: I understand that I could in theory not use 2 mixing apparatuses and only use one larger one, but I discovered this tek while experimenting with 2 bottles labeled A and B. So after I yielded so much by accident, as well as 3 different colors for each pull including red and white, I decided to replicate and refine the procedure using two bottles. I have only ever used 2 bottles and it has worked for me. So I can't say for certain if reactions are the same within 1 larger mixing apparatus.

Secondary Note: Start with crystal clear Naphtha. Do not use yellow or used Naphtha for this tek.

Materials, Measuring, and Mixing:

1) Take your both of your glass bottles and fill them both with 600ml of water. Tap water is fine. Better water is generally better.

2) Measure out and add 60 grams of powdered MHRB to each bottle. Mix it well by shaking hard. It is a lot of powder per ml of water than usual so be sure to mix both bottles very well.

3) Then measure out and add 60 grams of NaOH to each bottle. Mix it well by shaking hard and every few shakes release any pressure building up. This is also a heavy addition to the mix and it will get fairly hot. The color of the mixture will become blackish red and the bottle will begin to heat at this point. You should be able to see exactly how much shit is floating around in there. It will begin to get very hot. Don't be alarmed, just shake both bottles very well a few times to get it going, release the pressure on both, and let them both sit for about an hour.


1) Add 60ml of Naphtha to each bottle and shake vigorously. The idea is to get the Naphtha as saturated as possible with all the alkaloids in the MHRB. You might have noticed that the Mimosa mix has clumped up on the bottom. If so just keep shaking. Be sure to shake until all is mixed very well. Let both bottles sit over night. (12-24hrs)

2) In the morning you will notice that hardly any of the Naphtha has come to the top of the mix and that it is going much slower than what you're used to. This is ok, this is good. This means you are doing it correctly. Give both bottles one more good shaking and then let them both sit for about an hour or two, or however long it takes for a very clear and distinct layer separation.

3) After sometime the mixture will separate into two very distinct layers. Make sure that the Naphtha mix on top is a nice burgundy clear red color. If it is, you are on the right track and go ahead and begin to separate the Naphtha from the Mimosa mix. If not, you are doing something wrong. Try shaking again, let separate and check color.


1) Separate the saturated Naphtha from both bottles of the the Mimosa mix using a turkey baster or pipette or something to suck it up and put it into the glass baking dish. Obviously don't get any of the Mimosa mix into the glass baking dish. Use another glass container if you have to. If you have freeze precipitated before then you already know that your Naphtha is going to come out yellow, and just by knowing that you should be able to see that this freeze precipitation is going to yield a shit load of of red stuff. And yes it will, 1 plus grams.

2) Cover glass baking dish (to keep stuff from falling into it) and place in freezer for 12-24 hours. You can check on it throughout this time but try not to disturb the forming of the layers that will settle. Over the next 12-24 hours a red layer will form on the bottom first. Then a seemingly yellow layer. Finally a patchy white layer. They will all blend into each other as it settles, as well as in the draining and drying process.

3) Drain off Naphtha from baking dish through a coffee filter into a glass container. Save the drained off Naphtha solution. It will be cloudy and cold. Set it aside. Completely empty out baking dish from any Naphtha. Drain it all as best as you can. Blow on certain spots where you can see the left over Naphtha in the baking dish. What will be left will be generally red in color with some noticeable lighter spots. Place baking dish upside down and propped up on some kind of spacer on both sides to let it be upside down but lifted or elevated. You will see a noticeable change in color as it dries and will become a bit lighter when it is fully dried, even orange or light brown in some spots. Do not scrape until fully and completely dry and all Naphtha has evaporated out of your product. Allow to fully dry.

(At this point, it is a good idea to go ahead and begin 'Naphtha pull 2' below while you are waiting for the residue on the baking dish to dry. Move to step four when baking dish is fully dry.

4) Use a razor blade to scrap up all the dried residue on the glass baking dish. Depending on how well you did, you should end up with more than a gram of reddish brown dirt earthy looking product. This is amazing stuff, you are welcome. Treat it well.

Naphtha pull 2:

1) Using the Naphtha that you drained off from the freeze precipitation (which actually still contains some properties from the MHRB such as oils, fats, and other alkaloids including DMT... which is why it's yellow) replace back into the glass bottles of Mimosa mix in equal parts.

2) Shake both bottles very vigorously again. This time really try to mix it even better than before. Let both bottles sit and separate and then shake again. Do this a few times over the course of the day.

3) At night, and after shaking and settling a few times, separate the saturated Naphtha from the glass bottles and place in baking dish. Cover and place in freezer over night.

4) In the morning drain off the cold Naphtha through a coffee filter and set it aside as we will continue to do more pulls with the same Naphtha. Repeat draining procedure as described above and leave baking dish upside down to dry and evaporate off all residual Naphtha.

(Skip to Naphtha pull 3 while waiting to dry)

5) When baking dish is completely dry and free of all Naphtha, scrape all residue with razor blade. This yield should be more than a gram of fluffy yellow and off-white crystals. This stuff is also awesome, but very different than the red. Much less alkaloids and much more DMT isolated.

Naphtha pull 3:

1) Place the used Naphtha back into the glass bottles of Mimosa mix in equal parts.

2) Shake again very vigorously many times over the course of the day.

3) At night separate the saturated Naphtha from the glass bottles to the baking dish. Cover and place in freezer over night.

4) In the morning drain off remaining Naphtha into glass container. Leave baking dish upside down to fully dry.

5) Scrape dried residue off of the baking dish. This will be less than a gram of pure white crystals. This is the most DMT isolated yield so far and is either off-white or pure white.

Technical Note: You may continue to do more additional pulls. I do about 4 or 5 yielding in total more than 3 grams of end target product out of only 120 grams of MHRB. You can also evaporate the remaining Naphtha if you want to retrieve additional products still saturated in the Naphtha. It might take a while, but it is absolutely worth it.

Personal Notes and Observations: To me, this method completely saps the hell out of all or most of the alkaloids in the rootbark and for this reason the yield in this tek is much greater than in other DMT extractions or teks as we are extracting many alkaloids by this procedure as well, not just the DMT molecule. Many of these alkaloids of are also psychoactive and affect the other active molecules facilitating your experience.
Many of these alkaloids of are also psychoactive and affect the other active molecules facilitating your experience.
Their effect mixed in with the experience ultimately means each color has it's own unique characteristics in terms of experience. Each one is differs and they will in fact be quite different substance facilitating experiences. From my own personal experience with my own product developed from this method I will say this:

Red = Nurturing, warm and soothing, slower to come on and nice as it does, very euphoric, patterns emerge and you follow the patterns to your personal trip, dimension flip, guides, others...
Yellow = Fast onset, less body more mind, very visual, hyper-vision break thru, overwhelming realization of 3D, somewhat euphoric, not so much the sense of guides or others...
White = Ultra hyper-vision, very fast coming on, overwhelmingly experiencing of true 3D, everything in it's perfect place and plastic, sharp edges of everything, feeling of godliness or master of this plane or dimension, mind blowing exactness, no patterns, no sense of others...
They all have left me with a feeling of great understanding both during and after.

This has all been my own personal account and I am looking for confirmation of my experiments and experiences through my peers. I imagine things can and will differ from person to person, but it am assuming the generality of everything should stay somewhat the same through all who try this tek. Please try this tek and try the products of this tek. Please share what you have found. Please feel free to take this tek and make it better. I will be reading. Thank you.

Disclaimer: Everything said above is hypothetical and is for educational purposes only and author can not be held responsible for anyone's actions other than his own.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103044
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 8, 2021Views: 2,415
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