Introspective Gold
by S.B.
Citation:   S.B.. "Introspective Gold: An Experience with 25C-NBOH (exp102984)". Jan 14, 2017.

1 mg sublingual 25C-NBOH (blotter / tab)


I have had a reasonable experience with psychedelics over the two years prior to dosing 25-c NBOH. These included: DMT, Psilocybin, Muscimol, LSD, 25-i NBOH and MDA.

I consumed no drugs of any kind for 2 weeks prior to dosing.

[0:00] - Dose of 1000ug administered sub-lingually via a blotter on an empty stomach.
[0:20] - Blotter chewed, swished and swallowed.
[1:00] - Initial effects taking hold. Meditative head-space, easy to focus, easy to think. Pupils dilated.
2:30] - Effects seemed to have plateaued. Head-space still easily navigable, thoughts are easily followed rationally but still yield strong insight. Conversation comes easily, language becomes fun to play with. Music sounds especially good, even of tastes which I had not previously enjoyed. Objects look as though they are being viewed through a distorted lens, colour seems more vivid. I look at my hands around this time and am joyed to see them growing and swirling together.

[5:00] - Effects beginning to wear off. Very slight tension in the jaw becomes noticeable. Back also becomes a little tense but feels really good to stretch.
[7:00] - Effects no longer felt, still some tension in jaw.
[8:00] - After a solid meal and shower I no longer feel any immediate effect of the dose. Pupils very slightly dilated.

Summary: I took a lot away from this experiment, much time during the trip was spent contemplating life, and the choices that have to be made in it and was very enlightening. A pleasant afterglow was felt for several days following, I was more social and did as much as he could to be productive through out the day.

I my opinion 25-c NBOH makes for a wonderful and versatile psychedelic tool but probably doesn't yield much potential for only recreation purposes.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102984
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jan 14, 2017Views: 1,786
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25C-NBOH (763) : Unknown Context (20), General (1)

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