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Words Fail Me
by Mobius
Citation:   Mobius. "Words Fail Me: An Experience with 4-HO-MIPT (exp102975)". Aug 2, 2014.

2 mg oral Etizolam  
  30 mg oral 4-HO-MiPT (powder / crystals)



After many many years of scrolling through the vast library of experience reports here on Erowid, I thought that it was this experience with 4-ho-MIPT Fumarate that I had recently which was the most deserving of my experiences with psychedelics to type up a report for. I consider myself to have a decent amount of experience with various substances [ Psilocybes, MDMA, DMT, 2C-I, Ketamine], though as to why I've decided to make this my first voyage to document is probably due to it being the first time I've experimented with a new substance NOT out of a purely recreational circumstance. I had previously done a fair amount of research on Miprocin, or as much as I could gather from the internet. I decided to undergo this voyage with the company of two other friends who I will address henceforth as D & S.

Both of these individuals I would consider to have vastly more experience with more common psychedelics and mind altering substances than myself, however they had never heard of Miprocin prior to a few days before, yet I feel my explanation of what it is, its structural similarity to the active compound in Psilocybe mushrooms, and a brief listing of possible effects was sufficient enough for them both to make an adult decision to undertake this voyage into the unknown with me.

Ideally I would of liked to of had a sober sitter for the experience but this unfortunately was not to be, however, in retrospect I don't think [at least for myself] it was necessary. I don't feel that I was at all over-ambitious with my dosage [in fact I feel 30mg was ideal, maybe even a little low considering it was the Fumarate salt]. I do regret giving S a dosage of 25mg as she was tripping rather hard [perhaps next time 12-15mg would be sufficient] but, as the trip came to a close she expressed her thanks that I decided to give her 5mg less than myself and D and also that she felt it was more enjoyable than her experiences with LSD and mushrooms [which was a relief for me to hear] even though it was a little bit on the crazy side. D on the other hand felt that 30mg really wasn't enough for him and did not report any of the typical Tryptamine style visuals that myself and S were experiencing. He did report [and was quite obvious] a significantly pleasurable surge of energy for the 2-3 hours of the come-up and plateau and subsequently was pacing back and forth, sitting down, standing up and performed a very amusing dance/impersonation of a stereotypical early nineties raver.

As to the why I decided to take 2mg of Etizolam before the trip was for two reasons.
Firstly and most obviously was to help eliminate any anxiety present [and it was indeed present] before the trip took hold. Secondly, I have read somewhere and I can't remember where, that by taking an anxiolytic [particularly Diazepine based ones], it can have an enhancing / lubricating effect on a psychedelic experience especially when in regards to visuals. I personally feel that this may indeed be true given the knowledge that myself and S did take a Diazepine [ S taking actual Valium] yet D did not.

Perhaps it could be hypothesised that had D taken Valium prior to his experience that he may well of experienced less stimulation and more psychedelia / visuals. Maybe next time I will not take Etizolam and see whether this is true in my case.

I'd like to make it known that five days before on the 13th of March I ingested 10mg of Miprocin as a way to get a feel for the character of the substance. This was rather uneventful but was enjoyable as I noticed a strong lift in my mood and very much appreciated walking around a nature reserve that I'm very familiar with. The timing did coincide with the sun setting and although visually nothing occurred, I did very much enjoy watching this happen over a few cigarettes and some tropical fruit juice.

[As this is my first report, I am taking example from Morninggloryseeds' reports as I have always enjoyed his/her style of documenting experiences. I hope he/she does not mind me admitting this and hopefully sees it for the compliment it is meant to be. It should also be known that this is entirely written from memory and thus, exact times cannot be given]

On with the reportů

March 18th, 2014

30mg of 4-ho-MIPT fumarate was ingested orally in a roll-up paper and washed down with ginger tea that I suggested to use as a preventative measure against nausea and stomach discomfort should it manifest and because it was enjoyed by all three of us.

I first became aware of a familiar feeling I had just below my navel and the back of my neck about 15-20 minutes after ingestion. This was also noticed at about the same time by D, though he said it was felt more around his centreline and chest.

We both remarked at how nice it felt and around this time I saw that S started to giggle, a lot [something that persisted for the rest of the trip]. I noticed how conversation was being spoken more easily and appeared to roll off the tongue faster. This effect diminished later on into the trip.

I decided to lie down on the couch and observe the ever building plushness being exhibited by the various objects in the room. Everything appearing softer, warmer and the room generally having a pinkish hue. I suppose its fair for me to say that once this was observed, most of my fears over what was to come disappeared though my timing of when this happened maybe a little off.

I did start to get a rather familiar feeling of tactile stimulation, somewhat akin to MDMA, though not as intensely pleasurable though pleasurable it most certainly was. For example, I most enjoyed the feeling in my legs, especially if I squeezed them together also finding that my toes would curl up almost to the point of cramp but finding this most enjoyable.

I must admit that this feeling was also observed in my groin area but was by no means sexual in nature and wasn't actually felt in the genitals [quite the opposite was later observed whilst taking a leak, hehe, were the hell did it go?], more so in the muscles and tendons around the groin and hip joint. Considerable jaw clenching was also noticed. Basically I was a writhing mess.

OEV's were starting to increase in intensity and beauty, I really liked the peacock feathers in the corner of the room which periodically multiplied tenfold and was the most fantastic pink/crimson I have ever seen [even more so than with the colours often observed with smoked DMT] accompanied by a model giraffe with a spring for a neck [which was actually there] that would nod its head often, something that does not happen in reality without someone making it happen.

By now S is laughing so uncontrollably that it becomes infectious and subsequently has me in pieces simply watching her laugh. As amusing as I find this, I don't feel that I have to laugh, I simply laugh harder than usual because it is actually hilarious, often though to the point of tears. I think its around this time that I realise that I do indeed feel a lot more emotionally in control and a lot less confused than what is felt by me with Psilocybes. I often feel that the sinister is but a stones throw away when taking Psilocybes and has once or twice actually manifested into something rather dark and very unenjoyable. Quite the opposite seemed to be true with Miprocin. I'm not suggesting that Miprocin is inherently 'good natured' but I do get the feeling that this may be true for myself when taking this substance. I do realise that this is not advisable for me to assume to always be the case, I'm sure if I were stupid with dosage, set and setting, that a bad trip would inevitably occur.

The effect of being clear headed was something I've noticed being expressed in quite a number of trip reports regarding Miprocin. I don't think this was merely a suggestion becoming manifest in myself because I read it to be so, I actually believe and feel it to be a defining property of Miprocin. This has become a major reason why I now personally place it in higher regard than my experiences with Psilocybes.

I suppose by now an hour has passed, maybe only 45 minutes. I'm still finding myself astonished at the intensely friendly nature of what I'm feeling. Though I feel that D's choice of music, though fine, is not for me at this time. The eclectic mix of House music was appreciated but I'm a drum n bass head and had previously created a playlist of favourite tunes to listen to. Most of these tracks were positive in nature and are what are referred to as 'Liquid' DNB though there were a good few gut-wrenchingly bass heavy jump-up tracks that were greatly enjoyed a brought a rather sinister grin to my face had someone witness me doing so whilst tripping. The music definitely influenced what I was seeing, both open and close eyed. The Wooden beams above my laid down head were an absolute marvel to watch, liquifying into a wooden, mercury-esque 'oil on water' hybrid, shifting and swimming to the beat and baseline I was listening to [ I can't remember the exact track ]. It was about this time that the lovely muscle tremors decided to subside a little [though I wasn't saddened by this] and I remembered reading that Miprocin is considered by some to be more visual with eyes closed than open.

Even though I had at times briefly shut my eyes and it was indeed glorious, I now decided to close my eyes, change the track [refreshing my visuals] and actually try and work with this material as best as it would let me. I felt that if any dark themes bubbled up then I could simply open my eyes again.

Amongst the typical Tryptamine style geometrics was also a fair amount of Renaissance-oil painting like landscapes opening up and spreading out towards a most serene horizon. Here I stayed, eyes closed, laid down, totally blissed out for the remainder of the most visual section of the trip. Although remarkably clear headed, I did find it difficult [to quote T. McKenna] not to simply be in awe of the beauty of what I was experiencing. It is here that the most memorable part of my voyage took place, mainly because of a small but personally significant coincidence occurred. Once I realised that I needed to let Miprocin direct me instead of the reverse and I allowed all visuals and emotions to manifest, that the music changed track to my second favourite DNB tune of all time [if anyone reading this is interested or into DNB it was Artificial Intelligence - Desperado]. This occurred whilst I was visualising walking down an old cobbled road approaching a bridge. The sky in the distance had changed from a lovely summery sky to a really dark, dense, malevolent storm [the kind that you often see depicted in storm chaser documentaries]. Upon the left hand side of the small stone bridge under which a small stream flowed quite normally, sat a tree that looked rather old, decayed and almost blackish.

I remember recognising this tree as representing everything ill natured about myself, my bad habits, my toxic behaviours, my attitude toward others that I should have more compassion and love for. It was a disgusting tree, but I didn't feel much fear over it, more intrigue and observational interest. Even though I did feel somewhat concerned that it was there, it wasn't blocking my path. I remember feeling a sense of needing to do something about this tree, that it didn't belong in this most beautiful landscape i was present in, that it was quite insidious and unnatural. Out of nowhere, whilst I was still approaching this tree, I noticed from the right of my vision and beyond the bridge was an old cottage [or perhaps a pub] out of which four or five goblinesque humanoids exited [ I suppose you could call them entities].

I initially felt a sense of fear, like a 'Oh shit what do these guys want, are they going to mug me, or worse, cast a spell on me'? Then they shouted to me, I think in english, maybe psychedelic-english.

' Wanna hand with that tree bud'!!!?

Moments after noticing them with piddly little axes in hand I discovered that I to had an axe in my right hand [i'm left handed], except mine was much bigger, more my size of axe. I don't recall the axe being anything special, not divinely blessed or any such thing. Upon this discovery I quickly shouted back [though not vocally]

' Yes please ' !!!!!

I took the first big swing at the base of the tree, half expecting blood to start pouring out, only to be ashamed at the minimal amount of damage I had done to it. Taking another big swing, whilst the guys were still approaching [ I did have a sense of familiarity and comradeship towards these beings by now] the resulting cut was double that of the first.

I laughed at this and of the impending embarrassment of being shown how to really chop down such a tree by tiny goblins with tiny axes. When they started to swing at the tree I noticed how every cut they delivered was considerably more powerful than my own attempts. I mean these guys were no more than knee height. I remember laughing more at the ridiculousness of my strength, to which these guys started to laugh with me, all the while merrily chopping. Chopiddy chop chop chop!!!!
I felt a profound sense of gratitude for these guys coming to help me and when the tree was almost cut through we all pushed [heave-ho style] and sent the tree toppling over the side of the bridge to be washed away by the now torrent of water that was once a stream. As soon as the tree hit the water, this incredible euphoria washed over me, my heart in my throat [ I remember my teeth feeling electric, something I get when I smoke DMT ]. I dropped my axe and peered over the bridge watching the tree bob in the flow of the water. Reminding myself to give thanks to these guys, one spoke out,

' Your gonna need a shovel to get at them roots y'know'?

Looking down at where the tree once stood was indeed its roots trembling in pain.

'We'll do that next time' I said to them

Giving thanks to them and waving a deep goodbye for now they left and went back into the cottage/pub. The storm cleared but a little remained yet the euphoria was still quite present. Still clear headed and knowing that I'm in a psychedelic headspace I decided to remove the earphones and open my eyes again. I wonder what was beyond the bridge? Maybe next time when I get at those roots. The room was still shifting and swimming, S was still finding it hard to stop laughing, which once again put me into tears.

I had been periodically snacking on a bowl of berries I had bought purposefully for this experience which was being enjoyed all around. I remember taste being significantly enhanced, especially the red grapes, they were so bloody sweet, MARVELLOUS! D remarked on a raspberry and as to why it appeared hairy. S misunderstood him as saying.

' Why is this raspberry so pervy '?

Well that was it, I erupted into profound laughter, my cheeks ached, my eyes watered, I was laughing so hard I wasn't making a sound, I was trying to breath more than anything. I really love that feeling, even when sober. Real deep laughter is an incredible feeling.

We chatted for a bit, I sat on the other side of the room next to S, snacking on more fruit, I had a couple of cigarettes, though the fruit was far more satisfying. This is when D did his raver dance which got more giggles especially from S who had to duck under a blanket her laughing was so hard. D then related to me his disappointment that he wasn't getting much visually, but he was very much enjoying whatever he was feeling. S commented on me turning into a friendly, chatty T-Rex with dinky arms and a blue hat [ I was wearing a blue hat ] provoking more good feelings. At some point [and I guess by now at least two hours had passed] I decided to go back to my original couch, lie down, replug my earphones and ponder on my current relationship with my boyfriend.

He came to vision rather swiftly, I guess because the trip was starting to wind down, though he looked sad, really sad. He's fully Chinese in his ethnicity though British by birth, but his face took on the appearance of the sad side of those two masks associated with theatre, one happy one sad. This troubled me a little and even though I knew the trip was coming to a close and I couldn't do as much work as I had done on the tree [with the help from the guys of course] I decided to just project as much love and kindness as I could possibly muster. We've had a rather long distance relationship for almost seven years now, only meeting with each other once every two months, yet texting and chatting every night. I came to the realisation that he was just as dissatisfied with the situation as I am. Not that I ever want to part with him and I shall not go into details but I wish circumstances were different and I'm sure he feels the same.

Eventually his features changed for the better though he still didn't look entirely like how I know him.
I remember thinking that had he of been here with me It would of been a possibly +4 experience [ I don't want to use the shulgin scale here, although I fully appreciate its value, I just find it hard to quantify my own experiences sometimes, though I suppose in retrospect I would of graded my experience as a mid level +3].

I feel now is a good time to say that I kind of timed this trip rather well as the next day my boyfriend was due to pop down for a day & night. It was a lovely day, and what happened behind closed doors was particularly good. A lot more intimate than usual. I have only Miprocin and goblins to thank for that. Heheheheh.

The next few hours were very graceful, lots of tea, grapes and pervy raspberries. A lot of good feelings being thrown about the place. We started to chat a lot more freely and well understood now, relaying our experiences, S still making me and D laugh. I expressed my amazement at how friendly and generous the Miprocin felt. After a few more hours, and after watching 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' with a friend 'B' who decided to pop round [whom I smoked a couple of spliffs with], I decided it was time to venture off to the other side of town and catch a bus home, and get some sleep. Sleep was very easy but cannot be directly attributed to the Miprocin as it was most likely the MJ in combination with lingering effects. I awoke refreshed, and couldn't wait to meet my boyfriend for breakfast. I love him dearly.

I will definitely be using Miprocin again. Still in a optimal set and setting. I like to consider myself a lot more responsible lately in that regard than I use to be. Probably due to gaining a much more serious interest in the science and value of psychedelics. Like Graham Hancock has said,

'Psychedelics are no laughing matter'

I'd have to adjust that by saying,

'Psychedelics are no laughing matter, but are great fun when done properly'

Miprocin, at least for me was Wonderful

I hope this hasn't been too long winded to read and serves [if only a few] people well.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102975
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28 
Published: Aug 2, 2014Views: 17,240
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4-HO-MiPT (342) : Relationships (44), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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