Out-of-Body and Paralyzing
25B-NBOMe, Methamphetamine & MDMA
Citation:   The Black Pearl. "Out-of-Body and Paralyzing: An Experience with 25B-NBOMe, Methamphetamine & MDMA (exp102960)". Erowid.org. Aug 19, 2016. erowid.org/exp/102960

T+ 0:00
4 hits buccal 25B-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:40 100 mg oral Methamphetamine (capsule)
  T+ 0:40 100 mg oral MDMA (capsule)
Substances: 4 tabs of 170ug 25-B NBOME, 0.1g methampethamine, 0.1g MDMA (cut with some MDA)

background: I have been experimenting with psychedelics off and on for just over a decade. In the past I had used them only for purely spiritual purposes along with mental exploration with my closest of friends. Recently I started using them to enhance live entertainment and electronic shows and although this may be considered abuse of these powerful substances, few can deny that it is a ton of fun.

I'll try to keep this fairly brief as it is more of a warning message than a beautiful tale of a glorious trip. If nothing else I want people to understand that when people say that you should NOT mix a full agonist like an NBOME with any amphetamine it's for a REASON. I love to candyflip but I won't be doing it with NBOMEs ever again. What I experienced was out-of-body and paralyzing. Although it was overwhelming it could have been a fully enjoyable experience if I was at home and not in public.

T 0:00 I was going to a dubstep show with my gf and we were on our third test of these NBOMEs. I had taken them independently and had fairly underwhelming experiences in the 500 ug range and wanted to ratchet it up a notch, not to mention excision was coming into town and I wanted to be blown away.

T 0:45 We get to the show early and I drop 4 tabs by holding it against my gum line and wait for the numbness to overtake my entire jaw. The come up seemed fairly standard, some jitters, slight euphoria, but overall I'm feeling like this is going to be another amazing night so after holding the tabs on our mouth for 40 min. we proceed to the bathroom and take our molly/amp caps that I had brought along.

T 1:45 The DJ was playing some seriously bass heavy shit and mixing live on his drum pad. I noticed my mind wandering as I danced, and time seemed to travel in a stop and go fashion like I was in one moment and then things would fast forward many moments in the future without me even realizing it. I'm sure my facial expressions also reflected this, I can only imagine my face contorting to different expressions randomly as I was grooving to the music. Things were getting weird for sure, but that's pretty much what I signed up for and I've certainly been much more disoriented for sure. I went to the bar and grabbed a couple bottles of water $4 each, those bastards.

T 2:15 I return to the big bass where we had an excellent viewing area hanging over a balcony and this is when things start to blast off out of this world. The DJ's projector images were cool as hell, basically time lapses of all sorts of different plant growing and consequently dying off along with some weird anime spliced in, I liked it. I was dancing and grooving when I noticed my peripherals becoming extremely pixelated and then that part of my vision is transformed into a more geometric world where everything is made of extremely small triangles and straight lines. I was find with this until I noticed that yet further into my peripheral my vision was engaged in a very slow motion burn as my entire world began to simply smolder. This smokeless smoldering effect began to happen when of the dj was playing one of my favorite bassnectar song and I just got lost in the vibrations. I closed my eyes and let them pulsate through my body and soul.

T 2:45 I tried dancing but my moves seemed mechanical and not so fluid, one of the last things I remember was my gf looking at me and asking me if I was ok before I partially blacked out. In the physical realm I was identified and escorted out of the club where I apparently was incapable of speech and had authorities brought over. In my mind I had basically entered a dream state where I experienced what has started to become a re-occurring theme in my more hardcore trips. Basically, I envision myself in my absolute prime. A physical specimen, with a high paying job, beautiful gf, and in this case I was transported to a place that was a paradise. I stood atop a cliff in front of a mansion with my girl at my side, our house was situated on an enormous spiral rocky peak that overlooked a bay, perhaps the proper term would be a peninsula. I have had similar trips before where I enter a mind space thinking that I embody everything that the 'system' hates and everything that they're afraid of. A free thinker willing to open his mind and live a double life while still in hiding as an extremely productive member of society. These thoughts are frightening when I think about what they'd do to me, they being the institutions, the law, the CIA, basically anything that forces our world to remain the way it is. These thoughts also bring me great joy as I feel like I am a pioneer, not someone with all the answers but someone willing to branch out and try things well outside the norm.

T 3:15 Once I realized I wasn't in the club I became scared, I realized I was no longer surrounded by people who cared about me, I started to get a grip on reality, and the reality was that I was being interrogated by cops while under the influence of powerful psychedelics. This threw me into a VERY VERY dark place. All the beautiful images of where I was at my peak were replaced with images of me being stripped of my job, my gf, and being incarcerated. Me realizing that these authority figures could very well take from me, everything I had worked for my whole life. I remained mostly silent and just kept thinking of where this path might lead. The paranoia was overwhelming and I saw myself many years in the future, busted again and again for drug use living on the streets. Then the images got worse when I realized that the cops let me go, but only to put me in an ambulance. It got to the point where although I knew i was finally coming down from the drugs (most of them) I was bombarded with one final image, and that was of me as a rotting, infectious, disease ridden, corpse just melting into the very table on which I layed. Finally when this thought had passed from my mind I just popped right back into full on reality, there was no gradual transition. All the sudden I just sat up cross legged and pondered much more coherent thoughts about the events that had unfolded.

T 4:00 As I started to realize what I had done to my gf and friends I sunk into a severe state of regret and depression, this was supposed to be a night about fun and good times, instead I went overboard and ruined it for everybody else. I felt selfish and foolish. Ultimately I was fairly lucky that I ended up in the hospital and not dealing with the cops for the whole night. I'm fairly certain if I wasn't taken out by security and if I kept drinking water and maybe some alcohol to reduce the vasoconstriction I would have been able to tolerate the peak of the trip sitting down somewhere at the club. Instead when they removed me, they deprived me of essential hydration for multiple hours and put me into a headspace I would prefer never to explore again. Sadly the memories have been burned in my mind and that is a night I will never get back.

I could have lost everything, I could have been stripped of my job, my freedom, my gf, and most importantly my life. I learned some important lessons, things I had already known but had been too arrogant to respect and understand. The most important lesson being, never overestimate yourself and never experiment with substances in public until you have taken at least that much at home first. Although I had taken LOTS more of all the drugs independently I had never done them in combination before.
Although I had taken LOTS more of all the drugs independently I had never done them in combination before.
Second, out-of-body experiences should not be had in public unless you have someone willing to absolutely babysit and support you (and your body weight) 100%. Doing such a thing in the presence of my smaller less experienced gf was absolutely retarded. I don't intend to stop my mental and psychedelic experimentation, but my approach has changed significantly.

This is a snippet of the experience but I believe I have covered most of the important parts.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102960
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Aug 19, 2016Views: 3,252
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